Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love & Sorrow

My emotions have been all over the place this week. Starting off on a good note we just got back from a great visit with John's family in the Northwest (Washington). We planned this trip around Adam and Michelle's wedding. Adam is a very good friend of John's who he went to high school with and happened to be the best man in our wedding. When we found out he was finally going to get married we just had to be there. The wedding was on Saturday and it was just gorgeous. The weather was perfect, people from all over the country attended and most importantly Adam and Michelle looked stunning! John and I were so honored to be invited and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Now we hope they start making some babies so our kids can hang out! John and I also got to hang out with our other good friends Klaudio and Sladonna (sorry I probably spelled that wrong). We ate at this amazing restaurant and got to enjoy Portland nightlife, it was so nice to have adult conversation and have fun with very close friends. Klaudio also stood up in our wedding and has been friends with John for many years. Its kind of a funny story, Klaudio came to Washington from Germany and didn't know any English. He applied to work for John at the Doubletree hotel in Portland and John decided to give him a chance. Well several years later Klaudio is now the GM of 2 very prestigious hotels (Hotel Lucia and Hotel deLuxe). We were lucky enough to stay at both of these hotels and they are amazing, we are so proud of Klaudio and can't thank him enough for taking such great care of us. While I wanted to do more while were were there it didn't quite work out that way. Overall it was a great trip and a lot of fun to see Addison playing with her cousins. Watching her play with other kids opened my eyes to how big she's really getting. Time is flying and I'm trying not to take a moment for granted. Which leads me into some very sad news. On Wednesday the day before we were suppose to leave for our trip the director of my department called me to tell me she wasn't coming in due to her daughter being very sick. She wasn't able to eat or keep anything down so her doctor was thinking about admitting her to the hospital if this continues. She sounded great no big deal but probably won't see me until after I get back from my trip. Well, I found out the next day that her daughter had lost consciousness and was declared brain dead due to a tumor that was in her brain. I am still so shocked and saddened by this. Her daughter was 18 years old and just graduated from High School. They just recently took an amazing trip to Spain to celebrate her daughter's graduation and to have a family trip just the 3 of them. Her daughter was her life, there wasn't a day that would go by she didn't have a new story about what she was up to. Its so unfair when a child's life is taken too soon. I truly believe there's a plan for each of us but it never makes sense when someones life is just about to begin. I feel terrible and wish I could take the pain away. I hope with all the positive memories my director can smile again. Thanks for listening. ;o(

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boobs & Cheesecake

I'm all about women nursing their babies in public, but I kind of have a problem with a woman nursing her baby while drinking a Pina Coloda. I swear to god! After I picked my dad up from the airport last week I took him to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I was sitting there talking to my dad, I was looking around the restaurant and noticed a woman nursing her son in the corner booth. Obviously the first time I glanced over I was like ohh that's nice, but what made me do a double take was the fact this woman had 2 Pina Coloda's sitting in front of her, one empty and one 1/2 full (because I'm a glass is 1/2 full kind of girl). I just couldn't believe it and was in shock. I know what your was probably a virgin drink but still! If it were me I would of at least asked them to put it in a regular glass rather than one of those fancy frozen alcohol drink glasses! Geez lady don't you worry about people blogging about you! Anyway I had to share this story I'll probably be the only one who thinks its funny but too bad!


Monday, August 11, 2008


Addison is getting so big, I honestly don't even know where to begin so I thought I would start with the fact that she has renamed our dog. According to Addison Roxy is now a Soxy. While I continue to repeat Roxy's name with a rrrrrr she has decided her way is correct and it should be a sssssss. As always she wins and John and I just look at her and scream how cute she is. Roxy doesn't seem to mind that her little sister is constantly calling her by the wrong name. In fact Addison will run around the house yelling sssoooxxxyyy and ask me "where go"? Then all the sudden here comes Addison's big sister ready for a belly rub (more like a ear tug and body slam, but she loves it). Yes, did you catch that my 17 month old baby is now putting words together! John was out of town this past week for a could of days, it was towards the end of the night and Addison walked in her room and said "where dada go?" it was the cutest thing. I had to explain that dada would be home tomorrow and pray that she wouldn't be up all night crying for her dada (she slept fine)! The best was when we were watching my dad cut my front lawn and Addison insisted on watching. When my dad went around the corner and we couldn't see him she yelled "where he go"? She loves asking questions and I love trying to answer them. Its so crazy how she can change so much in just a matter of days. She loves singing in the car and of course moving her head to the music of Timberland. She's starting to tell us stories (we can't really understand them but we pretend...don't tell her). My favorite is when we give her a choice if she wants this one or that one and she says "ummm...I don't know" and has the body language to go with it too. Its so exciting and yet so scary at the same time watching my little girl become a real toddler. She's already telling me no and stop it all the time, I just can't wait to see what's in store next!