Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I finally feel like everything is starting to fall in to place. Even though I go into a really dark place a couple times a year I'm now in a place that's full of sunshine. I'll try to give a couple of examples.
As with most people money has been a little low lately. I have no idea how at one point we were spending almost $250 at the grocery store each week. Finally I put my foot down considering 1/2 of my paycheck was disappearing after we left there especially by week 2. I went to the grocery store yesterday and only spent $103! That is just amazing to me. John and I have always gone to the grocery store not really looking at prices and would just put items in our cart. Well, not anymore!!!!! I'm beyond aware of prices and I'm constantly asking myself "do we really need that"? So the last couple of weeks we've saved a lot of money and I'm really happy about that. Unfortunately I made the decision to go to the Orthodontist and get my teeth redone which will cost us a could of old trips to the grocery store but looking at the big picture this will be well worth it and will cost me less money to get my teeth done now rather than later. Yes, I know what most of you are thinking "your teeth are already straight". Well, the last couple of months I've noticed a gap in between my teeth so I decided to go see an orthodontist. October 20th I will be starting my 1st round of clear braces (not really braces) its kind of like that Invosoline out there but less expensive version. I will have 3 different trays to wear and then once my teeth are back to perfect I will get a silver wire cemented on the top so then my teeth won't move again. I'm actually super excited and can't wait. The whole process is actually not terribly expensive (like when my parents had to pay for the real thing) and luckily John has been completely supportive even though secretly I know he's thinking I'm insane.
Another thing that is making me extremely happy is the fact that we've been really active lately. As you probably saw from my blog before we've joined The Little Gym where Addison can play and be crazy while learning too. The class now has 8 children in it and she's having such a great time. We love seeing her play and she's constantly learning new things. I finally got my butt back to the gym on Friday and I felt really good about it. Due to The Little Gym on Saturday, visiting with the Giebels-Haggert family on Sunday and dinner with a friend from my old office Monday, today will be my follow up to my new workout routine. There's a girl at my gym who works in the daycare that I LOVE! Her name is Chris and she's been helping with Addison since we started taking her. She's pregnant right now but not due until January 5th, she works there Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so this for sure is a huge motivation to at least go on these days, she's so good with the kids and I know Addi is safe when she's working. Also, I haven't decided yet but there's a Mommy and Toddler Yoga class taking place tomorrow that I might start doing, I think it will be fun and interesting for my Wednesday routine. Anyway staying active has really put me in the best mood and for sure has helped build my confidence which is exactly what I need to stay out of this dark place. ;o)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I love this picture and I'm really happy that I captured this moment. Addison is trying to catch the bubble from her Little Gym class.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I took Addi to the park yesterday since it was a beautiful late afternoon 80 degrees and a nice breeze. I love taking her to the park but I will tell you I'm still so nervous about her falling and cracking her head open. I swear where ever we go there's always these psycho kids that run around like they just had a tub of sugar and their parent's are just waiting from them to crash and burn. It sucks because my little 19lb 6oz baby really wants to play with them but they just want to run into her. Needless to say I think I'm more exhausted when we get home from the park than Addison due to my anxiety. Anyway we went to the park yesterday and luckily there's this section for smaller kids that's away from all the slides and rusty metal. We found this little car that Addison just loved and begged me to sit in with her. I will tell you I could fit but not comfortably! A little boy walked up and started climbing all over the car and rocking it super hard, which of course Addison loved it. She asked him to sit next to her which he proceeded to do. He informed us that he was 3, I didn't quite catch his name. Anyway I was talking to his mom and then I look over and Addison's trying to have a conversation in which we still can't completely understand. The little boy looks over at her and says "What? I can't understand what your saying!" So, Addison tries again and he says "I just don't know what your saying...WHAT?!" We were cracking up and continued talking. So, finally I hear the little boy say "Ohh I know what you mean"! It was hilarious! I wish I had my camera but it was the cutest thing ever. Addison already gets frustrated by trying to express herself but to have someone close to her age trying to have a conversation with her was just priceless. Addison was laughing the whole time and enjoyed every minute of this little boy getting frustrated with her. Anyway we had a great evening at the park and it for sure wore her out and she was beyond ready for bed.

We are super excited because we have a play date with my friend Mindy and her two boys on Sunday (Carson & Braden) can't wait to share those stories! I tell ya Addi sure does have a lot of boyfriends to choose from when she gets older don't tell Carson though! ;o)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm so excited! I got Addi's Halloween costume in the mail today. It's official she's going to be the cutest little bunny ever, we'll see if she'll actually wear it she seems to be the boss these days! Here's a picture of what she'll be wearing!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Carson Lucas has Arrived!!!

My very good friend Melissa gave birth to Carson this morning - 6lbs 6oz and according to the text I received she only had to push once!! I'm soo excited for her and Nathan and of course big brother Dylan. I can't wait to see them in October!!! Isn't he sooo cute?!

Family Fun Time!

John and I have found a new activity for us to do as a family. As you remember several weeks ago I was freaking out about the fact that we were super lazy during Labor Day weekend. Well, I got my butt on the Internet and found some fun stuff for us to do. I'm super excited because I was thinking about rejoining Gymboree but luckily I found this new place that I think fits our personality a little better. We joined The Little Gym in South Tampa last weekend, its seriously the best thing ever. This past Saturday was our second session and I'm still sitting here thinking to myself "that was so much fun"! For those of you who haven't heard of it or been there your totally missing out. Since Addison is still so young she can only do the Little Beast/Beast class which is a beginning class that is teaching her how to build on her motor skills along with social skills such as sharing and playing with other kids. I do wish the class was a little bigger but I LOVE the instructor who is a little younger than I am is is from Ohio!!! I knew from the minute we were talking she was from the Midwest and sure enough good ol' Ohio. Anyway she's been doing this for a long time and I love how she teaches the class she just seems so comfortable and knows what she's doing. I'll try to take some pictures this weekend but Addison is doing so amazing and as always has everyone cracking up. Its kind of nice because she's the youngest in the class and she gets to learn from the 2 year olds. You can see her watching them and then she tries to imitate what they are doing, so basically exactly what the class is all about. Once Addison gets a little older they have several other classes that they offer such as Karate, Cheerleading, Gymnastics and so much more. I don't know about the whole gymnastics thing right now, its kind of funny watching her try to hang from the bar, we really need to work on that. Well, I hope to have some pictures up next week so you can see all the fun we are having! ;o)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Love for Miss Addison


I had no idea being a mom would have soo much impact on my life don't get me wrong I knew it would be a huge responsibility but the amount of love I have for this little person is just mind blowing. I mean I just watch her play and be cute and I find myself wiping tears from my eyes. I thank God everyday for blessing me with her and pray that our family will always be safe. We had a great weekend and obviously I am just so happy to be a mom to Addison Marie. Thanks for listening! ;o)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Sad Season for Michigan

Well, I just don't know what to say. It was quite embarrassing watching U of M get their butts kicked by Notre Dame this afternoon. My feelings at this point is to burn all the U of M items I have because once again I think this season is going to suck. Its just so sad, my excitement for college football has for sure gone down a notch and I think if I watch Michigan lose another game I'm going to freak out. Addison has begun catching on to yelling at the TV with me. I may need to take after my dad at this point and be a fair weather fan, if they lose next week I for sure hate them but if they win I will once again be one of their biggest fans. I'm just not use to going through this and I thought last year was bad! Well, perhaps next year will be better, now I have to figure out who can take Michigan's place in my heart, I do still have over 3 months left of football to watch.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Race for the Cure 2008

This has been a very special fundraiser that I've been part of for a long time. Luckily I haven't had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer but the cause touches my heart. There was a promise between two sisters – Nancy Brinker to her sister, Susan G. Komen, who died from breast cancer at the age of 36 that she would find a cure for breast cancer. Having 3 sisters myself I want to be part of this movement to help all woman who suffer from this terrible disease. Its a time for people to get together and forget that one in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime. I think the best walk I've ever done had to of been the one last year. We were lucky enough for MGA Research to sponsor us (THANKS Mike Miller) and several of their employees wanted to be part of it too, not just my family. This was Addison's first Race for the Cure experience and I even got her a onesie that said "Save the Boobies" it was a hit. It was great to have my nieces there, April, Natalee, Mom and many more. My ultimate goal is to actually run it one year, its not going to happen this year but perhaps next year. This year John, Addison and I will be doing it by ourselves since we had to miss the one in Michigan this year. It will be a new experience walking along the water and "Saving the Boobies" as a family. Wish us luck! If you are interested in donating to the Vranich's please click on the following link:

(Laura & I at the 2006 walk)
Addison's 1st walk 2007

After the 2007 walk Te Te and Grandma enjoying Addison resting!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Michigan Tradition

(2005 Cider Mill w/Natalee, April, Arielle, Cameron, Autumn)

The one thing I truly do miss about Michigan is going to the Cider Mill in the Fall. I have the best memories as a kid going there to pick out my pumpkin, eating donuts and drinking cider. Of course if I was still hungry I would get a carmel apple. My love for the Cider Mill goes far beyond the delicious food. This amazing time would consist of several family members meeting up and spending time together. We were all happy and everyone was getting along. We would catch up and spend most of the day together. I have to thank my mom for the special place this experience holds in my heart, she was the one who really made this a fun time and made sure we would do it at least once a year. John never really understood my appreciation for the Cider Mill but I really hope as Addison gets older she shares the same feelings as I do. We took Addison back to Michigan last year in October so she got to see first hand what this was all about. She was surrounded by several family members she rarely gets to see and it was just as I remember as a kid. I'm soooo excited because yet again we are going back to Michigan this year just so I/we can go to the Cider Mill. This is not an obsession this is a tradition!

Mom and Natalee having some Cider Mill fun

Addison & Erin @ Yates Cider Mill

Addison & Brayden Sharing a Pumpkin

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

70s Would be Nice!

I never thought I would hear myself say this but seriously can it start cooling off already! I'm so sick of this darn hot weather. Not that I want it to snow but I'm ready to start doing some fall clothes shopping (not that its really fall in Florida anyway) and maybe take Addi to the zoo for the first time. Doesn't mother nature know I have plans! Its kind of funny now that I look back to when I was younger dealing with the snow and cold winters I would do anything to live in a sunny and hot state now I have it and I'm complaining. As I said before I'm a grass is always greener on the other side type of girl. Well its not like I want it to snow and be 20 below...geez! Here are some pictures of us snowboarding in Canada at Blue Mountain these are for sure cooling me off and helping me appreciate what I have!

Me and Natalee @ Blue Mountain 2005

Me and John @ Blue Mountain 2006

John and a Giant Snowball! I for sure don't miss this!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yup my 18 month old is now counting! Can you believe it? I don't know where the heck this comes from but all the sudden while we're playing she starts doing the 1 2 3. John and I just look at each other in shock and pure joy. We were also watching her favorite show Yo Gaba Gaba and they were singing about being happy so of course what does she do...well, she joins in. I'm so happy, lalala. This was a great way to end our day since it was a little rough after I picked her up from daycare. When I arrived at daycare at 4:30ish Addison and Chris were sitting out on the front porch waiting for me. When I went to pick Addison up I noticed she was on fire, seriously she was so hot and just didn't feel right. After I talked to Chris for a couple of minutes and we got in the car and my poor baby just looked completely out of it. Luckily we only live about 5 minutes away but when I pulled up to our driveway Addison started vomiting. I was in shock and my mind was running a million miles per second on what I needed to do. As I was trying to get her out of her car seat she vomited again and then when I got her out of the car it happened again. I was doing everything possible to not cry, I just hate seeing her like this. I called John right away asking for him to come home, I had no idea what was in store. After I got her in the house and cooled down she seemed to be getting back to normal especially after she drank some juice and had some crackers. So, of course the first thing John sees when he comes through the door is Addison sitting in her high chair eating some crackers and muffins as if nothing happened. I felt so bad for scaring him like that but we've only had to go through Addison throwing up 1 other time and that lead us to going to the hospital. Well, we have no idea what the heck it was, possibly from her nose draining and it caused her to be sick but after she had some food and juice in her belly she was running around the house and yelling NO as if nothing happened. This whole being a parent thing really keeps you on your toes.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lazy Vranich's!

Ever since we got back from Washington I feel like we’ve done absolutely nothing! Labor Day weekend we rested from the long day of travelling with Miss Addison. It was a lot more work than we thought. I tip my hat to John’s sister Jen who has made several trips by herself with now 2 kids to Michigan. When John’s mom asked us if we would come back for Christmas this year I thought she was insane. Perhaps the travelling is worse on me because I have so many anxiety issues with the possibility of Addison not behaving and just screaming the whole time (like on the way back). Anyway apparently John and I needed to lock ourselves in the house that weekend when we returned. We only left to go grocery shopping and get coffee. Now this past weekend unfortunately Addison came down with a runny nose on Friday and you know how I am with her rubbing snot all over her face, it makes me made and I can’t stand it. I’m always right there waiting for that little drip to come down her nose so I can hurry up and remove it with a Kleenex. Well, once again John and I only left to go to the grocery store and get coffee on Saturday. I will tell you though by Sunday I thought I was going to go insane so I insisted we leave the house and do something…anything! I decided we should go to the park, well an 18 month old, 90 degree weather and black leather swings don’t really mix. This was when John and I said we miss our 70 degree Michigan weather and what we really miss is the house we first lived in when we moved here that had a beautiful pool for us to swim in. We went back home to get a blanket, Roxy and some food and headed back downtown towards the water. We thought it would be a great idea to sit under a shady tree by the water and let Addison run around. She had a great time but it was still sooo hot, with her fair skin I was freaking out about her getting burnt and then she was getting red dots all over her legs from the grass. Well, I tried but we should have just stayed home. I ended up falling in a hole on the way back to the car and then stepped in dog poop, it was just a disaster. I will begin to brainstorm things to do next weekend because I refuse to be stuck in the house for another weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Little Peanut

Addison was officially 18 months old on the 28th which means she had to have her 18 month checkup. John and I were convinced she had to be 20lbs by now. We were wrong, Addison still isn't 20lbs in fact she's not even 19 1/2 lbs yet. Our little peanut is 19lbs 7 ozs and 31 1/4 inches long. John and I are always so excited when it comes time to take Addison to the doctor we try to guess how much she weighs and are always shocked when we find out she's still so tiny (below 5th percentile in weight). We know she's healthy and gaining consistent weight but I always ask her pediatrician if she's OK? He reassures me she is doing great and the graph of weight gain is going in the correct direction. He's actually happy to see her be so tiny since he has to deal with the issue of obese children almost daily. Its funny when we go to the grocery store or out doing errands and people are just amazed at how old she is they even sometimes have the nerve to ask if its OK that she's so tiny, I just tell them she's just petite and very healthy.

So, Addison has been keeping us very active these days. Seriously I have no idea how my daycare lady keeps up with her almost 50 hours a week. She loves to run and lay all over Roxy ohh I mean Soxy. She repeats almost everything we do and she now knows what milk, juice, water, crackers, diaper, shoes, socks, pants, shirt and holy crap so much more. I just realized as I've started to list these there's no way I can list it all. I just can't tell you in a matter of weeks how much she's changed. This seems to happen all the time. I can't keep up with writing down all of the stuff she does. John and I love it and feel like we are doing a good job and are moving in the right direction. My newest obstacle is trying to stay calm with her when she is whining. I'm trying to ask her to tell me what she wants rather than getting frustrated with her. Its hard at times but I think I'm getting through to her. Its going to be quite interesting when the "terrible 2's" really do hit!

FYI - Even though U of M lost on Saturday we want everyone to know that we will still be supporting our Wolverines each week, we know its going to be a rough year but I bought Addison too many oneies and t-shirts to give up on them. ;o) GO BLUE!