Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I must say I'm quite excited to be leaving for Michigan this afternoon. Apparently Florida wanted to get us ready for the cold weather because its been freezing here the last couple of days. I'm not kidding my car said 48 degrees this morning! Anyway I'm most excited to see family members that I haven't seen in a VERY long time.

Thursday my Aunt Michele (dads younger sister) is driving down from Grand Rapids to spend some time with me and Addi. After I talked to my Aunt Michele I then talked to my Aunt Donna (my dads younger brother's wife). She's going out of town for the weekend so we didn't think we would be able to connect but now that she knows I'll be available Thursday she might come by too with little Brayden who's 3 weeks older than Addison. I'm still trying to figure out how to squeeze in my friend Melissa after they leave but I'm very doubtful that will happen. April is coming to visit us around 5 before she has to go to work and then John and I are meeting up with my Mom & Al and Tom & Michele at our favorite restaurant Bravo for dinner!

Friday my dad and I are going to hang out all day. I'm so excited to just relax and do nothing. I told my dad that we have to go to J Alexanders for lunch and I may need to squeeze in a couple of stores at Somerset but that's about it. Then we are having the other Grandparents over to go Trick-or-Treating with my little Hop Hop! She's going to be so darn cute and I can't wait to take a million pictures of her with the family.

Saturday will start out with going to the cemetery to do the grave blanket for my Nana. Addison's never been there and I'm hoping to find some Nana decorations to put around her area. I'm praying its not too cold. After that its off to the Cider Mill for some family pictures with Claudette and then visiting family and friends with cider and donuts. Once again I hope its not freezing! After that we will go back to my dads to let Addi take a nap and then once she wakes up we're off to Auntie April's to celebrate Arielle's 17th birthday with Coney Dogs!!!!

We leave Sunday morning at 11:35, luckily Daylight Savings Time ends so we won't miss out on an hour.

I know this is going to go so fast so I'm going to try and enjoy every second of it. I don't think we'll be going back there until Addison's 2nd birthday (that sounds weird)!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


However, when it comes time for playoffs or getting a front row seat to a game I'm in!!! As most of you know the Tampa Bay Rays are in the World Series and its been a crazy adventure. For someone who doesn't really like baseball I've been yelling at the TV quite a bit. John laughs and gets a little nervous that I'm turning into my father. My dad also gets quite upset and likes to yell at the TV when one of his favorite teams are losing or doing stupid things. Anyway I'm super tired this morning and still have a little hope that Tampa can bounce back and finish this off with a huge win!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Punta Cana Here We Come!!!

1st Trip to Punta Cana (soo much fun)!!

I am soooo excited! We have officially booked our trip for February. We've decided to go back to the Dominican Republic due to their beautiful resorts and reasonable price. This trip is going to be so much fun even though I'm going to miss Addi like crazy! My mom is super excited to come stay with her though and luckily its only 4 nights 5 days. This trip will also be a little different because my sister Natalee and her boyfriend are joining us. We were finally able to plan a trip together and I can't wait to relax in the sun and have some refreshing cocktails. So, we leave February 4th better work even hard to fit my booty into a bathing suit.

John and I in Punta Cana April 2006 (John had hair then)

Friday, October 24, 2008


So, I've decided to just put all the birthday's I missed into one blog since I'm so behind and running out of energy to do these each night. I'm motivated to get back on track!

Happy Belated Birthday Melissa!!! While at least I didn't forget you since I sent you a card on time but I do want to pay tribute to you on my blog. Melissa and I met at Oakland University. We were both Psychology majors and struggled with getting through the last couple of classes together. Lucky her she busted butt and graduated a semester before me so we didn't get to do the walk together. We became especially close the last couple of classes and became true friends. She was one of the first people I told when I found out I was moving away to Florida and then found out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant. She was so excited for me hoping the same thing would happen for her and Nathan soon too. Well, the week before I moved I got to hear the news first that her and Nathan were in fact expecting!!! I was so happy for them but so bummed because we wouldn't be able to go through it physically together. There were lots of emails and Myspace comments, Dylan was born 5 weeks after Addison. I'm still really sad that we can't hang out and have play dates as much as I would like to but we are constantly in touch and keeping each other updated with pictures. Especially ones of her new little one Carson. Yup! Melissa informed me a couple days after Addison's 1st birthday that they were expecting again. I'm so happy for her she deserves all the happiness in the world. I love you Melissa and I feel so lucky to have you in my life and as my friend!

Our Babies Meet for the First Time

Me and Melissa @ Addi's 1st Birthday

Happy belated Birthday Aunt Tamie!!! If you recall my fireworks story from the 4th of July, this is my Aunt who's house we would do the fireworks at in the field behind her house. I'll never forget the theme parties you would have in the summer. The year I moved away to Washington Mom sent me a video of the one I missed so I will always have some sort of documentation of your crazy parties. Then the year we did Race for the Cure together...I just loved the drive to the race, I was so nervous to tell you and Melissa that I was moving to Florida and when I said "I have something to tell you guys" you said "Your Pregnant" while that wasn't it you were in fact right since I found out 2 weeks later I was indeed pregnant! I love you very much Aunt Tamie and miss you very much I wish you had email/internet so we could keep in touch more often!

Holding Addi 6 Weeks Old

My Cousin Melissa & Aunt Tamie Race for the Cure

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY PAPA/DAD!!!! It was John's dads birthday on Monday. I swear he looks younger every time I see him. I'm so proud of him and everything he's been doing with his life. Tom worked for Ford Motor for 34 years and just retired a couple of years ago. When he retired he decided to go to school to become a personal trainer. Well, he's doing awesome and is now actually working out of his house training people. Tom's always been into working out and staying fit and I'm just so happy that he gets to do something that he loves for a living. We love you very much!!!

Tom & Michele

Papa Holding Yet ANOTHER Granddaughter

Happy belated Birthday Baby Brother!!! I seriously can't believe that my little brother, the baby of the family is 26! Seriously it seems like yesterday that he couldn't pronounce is R's and he looked like a little car salesman in the suit my mom had him wear for x-mas. Now I'm starting to really feel old. Greg is a spitting image of my dad. He looks like him, he talks like him and they both have the same sense of humor. He's the sweetest guy who just wants to be a pro golfer, seriously is that too much to ask for! ;o) Anyway I love him dearly and I can't say it enough...I CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR 26!

Greg Playing With the Turtle @ the Pier

Greg & Addi @ the Cider Mill Last Year

Happy belated Birthday Sarah!!!! Sarah is John's little sister and is also the baby of John's side of the family. I'm also going to have to say I can't believe she's 17 this year! I've known Sarah since she was very young. I first got to meet Sarah when John took me to Washington to visit his family. I think I was 17 and John was 19, when you look at it that way its weird Sarah could possibly meet the man of her dreams and end up marrying him 5 years later!

Sarah & Addi Last Year Visiting

Happy belated Birthday Aunt Carrie!!! My Aunt Carrie is the youngest out of my mom's siblings. I have sooo many memories of her taking such great care of me when I was younger. The most memorable time I had with my Aunt Carrie had to of been when I was super young and my parents were having a party at our Detroit house. It was the summer and I ate way too many strawberries and ended up getting really sick. She took great care of me by giving me a bath and rubbing my belly afterwards. Well, to this day she thinks that I'm allergic to strawberries. People try to tell her that it was probably due to me eating too many strawberries rather than being allergic, she doesn't think so. Hey, I let her think what she wants especially since I was lucky enough to have her there to make me feel better. I love my Aunt Carrie very much and always will!

Uncle Deano, Aunt Tamie and Aunt Carrie @ Addi's Christening

Arielle turned 17 on Friday! Ohh my goodness this for sure makes me feel old. While I already blogged about my little Arielle (1st niece) I for sure need to express how proud I am of her and just can't believe what a little lady she's turned out to be. She's a Senior in High School now and plan on going to college next week (possibly Oakland University). I just want her to know she can do whatever she wants with her life as long as she stays determined and remembers if she needs anything I'm always there for her. I love you very much and I couldn't be prouder to be your aunt!

Cameron, Me, Arielle and Autumn @ Natalee's Graduation

Arielle & Addi @ Breakfast in July
Happy Birthday Kari!!! Hope you had a great day and I hope to see you and the girls next week at the Cider Mill.

Kari & Michael @ Dinner 2005

Ok, so I think I'm caught up. See I wasn't kidding when I said I had alot of birthdays in October!! Love you all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

KinderCare Here We Come

The last couple of days have been a little crazy! As most people know I like things organized and consistent. This involves the routine I like to stick to especially during the week. Well, starting Sunday I wasn't feeling so great. My throat was starting to bother me and then my nose had to be blown every 2 minutes. Instead of getting better throughout the day I proceeded to get worse!!! I was determined to be completely back to normal by Monday morning however, my body had a different plan. I never miss work due to being sick or I at least go into work get some things done and then leave. Monday I had to miss work due to my body being so achy I could barely blink. It was kind of nice not having to run around after Addi and just laying in bed all day, even if I had to take medicine every 4 hours. Tuesday I was a little better but still not a 100%, today I can officially say I'm about 96% back to my old self. I hate being sick it just flips my life upside down and of course all I can think about is "when can I get back to the gym". Seriously I'm beyond determined to get back into shape before we have our next baby!
Another thing that has been making life a little crazy is the fact that John and I have decided its time to change our daycare situation. Right now Addison is in a home daycare with a woman that cares deeply for her but isn't exactly the setting I envisioned her being in. There is only 1 other child in the daycare along with 10 cats and a couple of dogs. As I said above I am a very organized and a neat freak who doesn't even let Addison have a runny nose without wiping her nose every 2 seconds so it doesn't get all over her face. Anyway I really wanted to find a place that was more like a school where she can start preparing for the real thing in a couple of years. I'm pretty psycho about the whole school thing because I really don't want her to struggle like I did while in school. Luckily I have an extremely intelligent husband and I'm not terrible duh but I think the sooner we can get her into a school setting the better she'll do. I'm so excited, November 10th will be her first day at KinderCare!!! While its not across the street from our house its really not that bad of a drive either. I think its going to add about 15 - 20 minutes and its ALOT more expensive but overall its just soo worth it. Once again being a parent is teaching me the value of what really matters. While I need to look over our budget and adjust accordingly I keep telling myself "this can be done". After John and I were talking about it more perhaps that REALY expensive private school we wanted to put Addi in for elementary school isn't so bad after all! ;o) Well, wish us luck we have to give our 2 weeks on Monday, I think our current daycare lady is going to be crushed. ;o(

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jen, Happy Belated Birthday

(Wine tasting in Oregon, found out I was 5 weeks pregnant)

No, I didn't forget that it was Jen's birthday. In fact we were good this year and actually called her on her actual birthday. While we didn't talk to her we were for sure thinking of her.

Jen, is my sister in-law, John's older sister. I love her like crazy and feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives. I have the best memories with Jen and honestly she was one of the main reasons I decided to leave everything in Michigan and move to Washington in 2000 (besides the love of my life). Its nice because her and I go way back and have known each other as long as John and I have known each other. We got along right from the beginning and became closer as the years have passed. Right now I can't remember if the first time I met her was when John and I went to Washington to visit his family or if it was when she came back to Michigan to visit. Either way both times were within the first year that John and I were together or not together (whole other story). John always had the best stories about them hanging out and how they loved hanging out together. Its such a blessing that John had her in his life and vice versa while they are very different they are just amazing together. We always have so much fun together and she has taught me so much about being a mom. She's always so calm and it seems like she always knows what to do. She was the one I called the day I got home from the hospital crying because I couldn't figure out why Addi wouldn't stop crying. It sucks since she lives in Washington and we are here but every time we get together its always a good time.

Jen, I love you like a sister and I hope you had a beautiful birthday. I miss you everyday and love every moment we can spend time together. Muah!

(Auntie Jen w/Addi 2 Months Old)

(Auntie Jen, Addi and John in WA)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Gym is My 3rd Home

Life has been quite busy and I'm LOVING it! My goal at this point is to get my butt to the gym 5 times a week. I've decided if I can't make that goal then I need to be doing something at home that still makes me feel like I'm doing something that helps me get back into shape. I'm on a role so far we went Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I intend to go tonight and Friday. Saturday is The Little Gym day and I'm so excited because we are going to do a little shopping too this week!!! I know I sound like a broken record but seriously I need to be psycho about this so I can proudly wear a bikini in Feburary!! With that being said its been a little hard to keep up with the blogging so I will try my hardest to keep everyone updated. This is the perfect time to pay tribute to family and friends since most of them have a birthday in October!!! ;o) Hey, at least I don't look like this guy trying work out!!

(Dad trying to get in shape too! November 2006 Visit)

Monday, October 13, 2008


Addison is doing great, if it wasn't for the visible evidence you would never know she hurt herself on Thursday!! As I said before I stayed home with Addison on Friday and nursed her back to health. You would think she would be happy to have mommy home to play with her and to give her lots of hugs and kisses, however the morning didn't end up that way. While I was home trying to baby her I was also trying to get some work done. In those situations you go to any length to give them whatever they want to buy you a few more minutes. Well, in this instance it was my cell phone that I allowed her to play with which 5 minutes later ended up in Roxy's water bowl. Ohhh, I was sooo mad. Shame on me for making fun of all those people who talk about their kids putting their cell phones in the toilet and any other place that consists of water... it has officially happened to me. To top this whole thing off it also got dropped pretty bad which lead the front of it to crack! Luckily I still have my old cell phone (which I gave to Addison but now needed it back) so I could use that. Anyway after John got that handled for me I calmed down and we went back to having a great day together except for when it was time to leave to go to the doctor's. I was getting Addison dressed and she wanted to help me close her closet door, I knew she had to be careful or else she would pinch her hand. Well, I looked away for a second and just as I was about to let her help me she did it herself and pinched the inside of her hand in the door. Ohh, my poor baby! This is when I knew its only the beginning! Its true, this time in her life she wants to explore on her own, she wants to do grownup things and more importantly she wants to show us she doesn't need our help. As long as she doesn't lose a finger or something dramatic like that I guess I should be happy with these minor cuts and bruises. After the 5 minute crying session she proceeded to tell me she needs a Popsicle in order for the pain to go away so we sat down and had a Popsicle while she smiled with happiness in her eyes again. Then John came to pick us up 15 minutes before her doctor's appointment and we were off. It wasn't bad at all! They weighed Miss Addi and with all her clothes, diaper and shoes on she was just at 20lbs, John did say it looked like she was right in between 21 and 20 so I believe they just wrote down 20lbs. I don't think the nurse understands our excitement with going to the doctor just to see how much my little peanut really weights. O'well I'll take 20lbs! The doctor checked Addison's lip and said everything looks good, she shouldn't have any scarring and it should heal with no problem. Next was the flu shot, I was so nervous to see how Addison was going to react. The nurse had me hold her on my lap, holding her leg in between mine and also holding her arms. I turned bright red because this is the first time they did it this way. Addison let out one little cry after it was done, John took her and she was completely fine. I couldn't believe it, that was so easy! We left and Addison had a great night just being Addi! We went to The Little Gym on Saturday which she was bouncing and laughing like crazy, she had a great time and we just went about our weekend as if nothing happened. This is such a learning process for me, I'm so use to the one being taken care of whether its been my parents or John I always knew someone would help me. Now that I have someone who counts on me for everything its really changed my life in so many ways. I love being a mother and Addison is constantly teaching me how to be better at it. I can now check big, fat, bloody lip off my list of Addison's 1st injuries! ;o)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My precious baby got a big fat lip today, I feel like the worst mother ever!!!! I don't know what exactly happened but I was only doing the elliptical runner for 15 minutes when one of the girls from the gym daycare came to get me. She proceeded to tell me that they don't know what happened but Addison tripped over her own feet and hit her face on the floor. She has a bloody lip and its bleeding everywhere. Its policy for them to come get the parent even if its something small so maybe if I just comfort her she'll be fine and I could continue my workout. Now, don't think negative about this because lucky for the girl who came to get me, she's my favorite. Honestly if it was anyone else I would had totally blamed them for this happening but Chris truly loves Addison and always takes great care of her so I knew it was a complete accident and not her fault. When I walk into the room and see Addison at the sink with the other girls trying to get her lip to stop bleeding it took everything I had to not lose it. Seriously, I'm not one of those strong moms that say "ohh she's fine", I freak out!! Luckily I saw John walk into the gym and tracked him down right away. I had no idea what we were going to have to deal with but all I could see was one puffy lip and occasional blood coming from Addison's mouth. My poor baby was handling it great and was so strong. We got her home, fed her some jello, gave her some Motrin and gave her 2 Popsicles.

Lucky for us the Popsicles did the trick and she was back to happy Addison, she even let us give her a bath so she didn't have to sleep with dried blood on her chest. After her bath she insisted on wearing her shoes and sunglasses. I don't know if we gave her too much Motrin or too many Popsicles but she NEVER wants to wear her sunglasses. Needless to say the night ended with a happy baby. However, I will be working from home tomorrow and taking care of my tough little girl and we will be going to see the doctor earlier than expected. Don't think I'm too crazy she had an appointment anyway to get her flu shot, now she needs to get her lip checked out too!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mommy & Toddler Yoga Class

WAS A BUST!!! I am sooo beyond irritated right now I could scream. I hate downtown St. Petersburg. I don't know why when I find out I need to go to some weird place down there I should just say NO. Anyway I was so excited that Addison and I were going to take a yoga class together and more importantly that we were going to meet some new friends. I'm thinking that is why I choose to circle around the church we were going to 4 times before giving up! There was no clear distinction as to where the hell I was suppose to park and to be honest the enormous line up of homeless people waiting to get their dinner really didn't leave parking on the street an option. I know I'm such a wussy!!! Perhaps this was a sign to just keep driving and I'll find a better place that meets my taste. O'well I'll keep looking!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time is Flying!

I was looking at the pictures we took a year ago for Addison's 1st Halloween. My mom was here when we got her costume. Look how big she's getting. ;o(

Addison & Grandma Cheryl

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cutest Bunny Ever!!

I decided to do a trial run with Addison's bunny costume, is she not the cutest bunny you've ever seen? I didn't have to bribe her or anything, all I did was pretend like I wanted to put it. She looked at me, laughed and then sat on my lap so I could now put it on her. She actually had it on for a while, I was hoping she would keep it on until John got home but she got a little too hot. I think this is going to be perfect for our Michigan Halloween!!! So, of course now I'm stressing about what I should put on her underneath the costume, I swear my job is never done. ;o)

All this talk about costumes and Halloween reminds me of the last time we got dressed up!

John and Chad

Me and Natalee

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, this weekend was amazing to say the least. My Friday night started off ok until John got home and told me he forgot the chicken and hamburger that he had bought at Sam's Club so he was going to have to go back to work to pick it up after we ate dinner. Honestly, I was really mad and would barely talk to him. I just didn't understand how he could forget it when we had just talked about him going to Sam's Club like 10 minutes before he left for work. So, I know I was a little hard on him but ugg, I was soo frustrated. John left around 7ish and I proceeded to watch The Biggest Loser that I had taped earlier in the week. I got a phone call around 7:45 from my sister Natalee's boyfriend Chad asking me to turn my web cam on, I figured he was testing it out, I don't really know how often he uses it. So, as I answer his call and I'm waiting to have his face pop up I hear him yelling to my sister. It was so weird because once it connected in the screen where I can see myself I see a woman's body behind me but the face is cut off, and then someone said "what are you doing?" OMG!!! It was my sister Natalee! At the time I had my phone in my hand so I threw my phone and just screamed. After the shock was gone I just started bawling, I couldn't believe she was standing in front of me. This was seriously the best surprise and the most amazing thing John has done for me. I guess they've been planning this for over a month. They wanted to surprise me and they for sure did an awesome job at it. I had NO clue whats so ever. I was happy to see her and couldn't stop smiling (truthfully I'm still smiling now). I've been missing her like crazy and can't believe we haven't seen each other since the beginning of May. So, its incredibly weird that on Friday I blogged about Visiting and Visitors because I didn't know that I would have a new visitor to add to my list. ;o) We had such a great time doing what we do and just hanging out. I love her so much, she is more than just my sister and more than just my best friend she means everything to me. Luckily Addison wasn't all about going to bed on time so Natalee got to spend some time with her before it was time for her to get some sleep when she first arrived. Natalee was cracking her up, it was awesome because it didn't even occur to Addison that she hadn't seen her Tete since May (except via web cam). We had an awesome weekend, I didn't want it to end but luckily we get to see her next month. Once again I'm the luckiest person in the world!!

About to go to Dinner

Addi & Tete Enjoying Cartoons

"Tete Please Don't Ever Leave Me!" ;o(

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lots of Visting!

I love it when we get to go visit family or family come to visit us. I don't think I had a minute to even miss my family since we had the opportunity to see them or they would come see us. I can't believe I haven't been back to Michigan since the beginning of May but before May its seemed like we were going there every 6 weeks or so! Well, I'm excited because once again its time for us to go to Michigan and have some people come visit us. Below, observe our visiting schedule:

October 29 - November 2: Go to Michigan

November 12 - 16: April is coming to help take care of us while John goes away on business

November 26 - 30: Visit Natalee & Chad in SC for Thanksgiving

December 6 - 13: Grandmama Mindy coming to visit

Early February: Grandma Cheryl will stay with Addi while we go on vacation

February 25 - March 1: Go to Michigan for Addison's 2nd Birthday celebration

May 27 - 31: Go to Michigan to do the Detroit Race for the Cure

As you can see I'm already up to May so who only knows what will be filled in between what is already scheduled. Some people like to make fun of how organized I am or rather how I can't sit still. I'm always planning which I don't think is a bad thing, it keeps me excited and helps me look forward to the next thing. Well, I'm super excited about going back to Michigan for the fall since its my favorite time a year and I'm even more excited because my oldest sister April is coming to visit for the first time. We are going to have so much fun and I can't wait to show her how great St. Petersburg really is. If anyone else wants to come visit let me know and I'll add you to my list! ;o)