Monday, July 20, 2009

Trainer vs No Trainer

I would basically say my current trainer and I have a love/hate relationship. Most of the time I really hate him but then the other part of the time I love him. I really don't know what the deal is but I'm thinking our personalities might clash a little too much and once again picked the wrong person to train me.
This is my 3rd trainer in 2 years!!! My first trainer George got fired, according to him its because he wasn't bring in enough clients. I didn't really like him much either because he cancelled on me a lot, wasn't very hard on me and ohh yeah he still owes me $300 (that's another story). So, I let some time go by before deciding that perhaps its time to try out a trainer again. In May I picked Ron. He's 40, very easy on the eyes and for sure seemed to know what he was doing. Well 8 weeks later he decided to quit to open up his own gym. I was so bummed since I was finally starting to get comfortable with him and really started noticing a difference. He offered me a chance to workout at his gym but honestly I love the daycare at my current place and just couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Once again I let a couple of weeks go by before I approached Josh my current trainer (who is 28) to see if he would be interested in training me. Josh actually worked John out a couple of times, when you initially sign up you have 3 free trainings. John thought I should of signed up with Josh from the beginning but I felt bad since George did my first 3. So, we've always said "hi" to each other and I've seen him work other people out, I thought it was a given that him and I would be perfect. Ohhh boy was I wrong!!!
I will honestly say that most days than none I leave basically pissed off at him because all he does is tell me how I'm doing things wrong. He doesn't think I take this seriously and blah blah. I'm totally fine with someone kicking my ass but seriously some positive reinforcement would be great! Well, today was one of those days and I think I just might be done. While I've only lost 3lbs since working out with him I know that I'm getting stronger but now I'm wondering if this stress of being upset because he's constantly yelling at me and telling me I'm doing something wrong is worth spending $188 every month. Well, its renewal time and I need to make a decision by Wednesday on what I should do.
I'm weighing my other options of just taking the bodypump classes and sticking to my crazy cardio and see where that takes me or should I suck it up and get past the fact that most days I just want to cry because I feel like I'll never get it right with him? ;o( For the 3rd time now I'm wishing I would of just picked a woman trainer!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, its taken me a little longer to talk about my fun trip out to Greenville, SC where my sister lives but I'm finally getting around to doing it.
I had so much fun and it was such a great break from being a mom for a couple of days. I think I appreciated this time since I'm home with Addi all the time so I was trying to enjoy every moment!!
I arrived last Friday night, Chad and Natalee picked me up and we went straight to dinner. I finally got to meet Natalee and Chad's friends Mitch and Carrie (who just recently got engaged). Natalee talks about them all the time so it was really nice to finally put a face with the name. After dinner we went back to the Small/Ramsden residence and I of course made everybody do a couple of shots. Seriously, I felt like I was 21 again because I was all about the shots. Luckily it didn't get too out of hand and only Natalee got a little sick. ;o)

(Mitch & Carrie)

(Soon to be related!!!)

Like I said I'm not really 21 so I must admit I was feeling a little under the weather (us 30 year olds like to call it) and it took until about 3pm to feel like I was somewhat normal. While we all got up a little early that morning we also laid back down after eating a great breakfast prepared by Natalee. After getting some more rest Natalee and I went to look at her actual wedding dress and the veil that just arrived. She looked stunning of course (unfortunately I can't post any of those pictures). We then went to lunch in downtown Greenville and got to walk around a little bit. I must admit it is the coolest down there. I love all the buildings and it was packed!!! We had a great time and were down there for quite a while.

After coming back to shower we then went back downtown for an amazing dinner and then to the bar that Natalee and Chad have claimed to be their hangout. It was really fun and once I had a couple of drinks to get over the hangover I had earlier in the day I was good to go. We had a great time and were the last ones to leave the bar (which never happens to me anymore).

Sunday, was another nice sleep in day for me. Not as hungover as Saturday morning thankfully. We got some lunch and then headed to the pool! The weather was perfect and we all got a TON of sun. Of course in order to top the day off we BBQ'd and hung out.

Monday, unfortunately was the day I was leaving. Natalee had to go into work for a while. I attempted to go to the pool but the clouds rolled in quite fast and that idea didn't work so well. Once Natalee got home we went to the mall and by then it was time for dinner and take me to the airport.

Overall the trip was amazing and I had so much fun spending time with Natalee all by myself. They live in a great area and it was nice to experience the many things they have going on there. I can't thank Chad and Natalee enough for all the hospitality and can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mommy's Little Angel

I just recently got back from spending some much needed alone time in Greenville, SC where my sister lives. I had a blast (details to follow on the next blog) but apparently Addison was a little difficult for her daddy while I was gone. Don't get me wrong things went pretty good but I guess naps were not in Addison's vocabulary while I was gone. By the time I talked to John on Sunday you could tell he was just wiped out and didn't know what to do. Addison would not take her naps which would lead to a cranky baby by the end of the night. Well, I'm so happy to say (not to rub it in his face) but since I've been back Addison's been catching up on her naps and actually taking 3 hour naps rather than 2. Looks like she knows how to press her daddy's buttons and get away with it.
Anyway I got back Monday night and I couldn't of been happier to see my beautiful baby girl who had the biggest look of shock on her face when I opened the car door and gave her the biggest kiss. Of course I had to sit in the backseat with her on the way home because we couldn't let each other go. The last two days have been great and I kind of like that she's attached to my hip right now. While I needed the break its so nice to come home and get back into our daily routine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Back!!

Geez, life has been a little crazy so I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to, but I'm back.
Anyway, we took our first trip a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! We flew in Thursday night which was a nightmare due to some weather issues in Detroit but once we finally got to our apartment around 11pm John and I could finally breathe and the excitement began.

My dad came over Friday and hung out with me and Addison while John went to work. We had so much fun grocery shopping, went to lunch and then hit the pool at the apartment. The water was a little cool for my dad but Addi loved it and showed Grandpa her skills (well kind of). The pool was fun but unfortunately my dad dropped his phone in the pool and had to get a new one. Luckily it was only $3 so overall he kind of made out! It was great though spending some alone time with him and just relaxing.

(Addison Loves Her Grandpa)

(Addison Loving the Pool)

(Just before my dad dropped his phone)

Friday night my little brother Greg, Natalee, Addison, John and I went to a nice dinner at Kruse and Muer. I think I like the thought of going there rather than their food but it was really nice to sit outside and enjoy a couple of fruity martini's! It was just great to have the 3 of us together and enjoy some sibling time.

(Greg, Natalee and I)

(Addi and Tete)

(Yummy Martini's)

Saturday I got to go and workout while Natalee took Addison to run some errands. Natalee bought Addi a little dolphin that beeps when you press a button. Its actually not that annoying but she still has not worn the battery out on this new toy which is surprising because its basically wherever she is. We went to lunch and then it was nap time for all of us. John got to go golfing with the guys and then once he got back it was time for the main reason we were in town...Arielle's Graduation party!!!

The Graduation Party was amazing. April did such a good job and it took everything in me to not cry when I saw my big sis with her cute baby bump. It brought back a lot of memories and for sure put the "I wanna have a baby" back in my head. Anyway back to the was so nice to see family that we haven't seen in a really long time and for them to actually see Addison. My cousin Melissa was there with her husband Chris. They just moved back to Michigan from California and they haven't seen Addison since she was 5 months old so that was kind of fun. Autumn my youngest niece was the best babysitter ever and for sure earned that $20 that Uncle John gave to her. So, overall the party was great I think Arielle had fun and hopefully her friends weren't to hungover from all the pop they drank while playing flip cup with the adults (of course the adults drank beer which we told them they could not do until they were 21)!

(Natalee, April and Me)

(PROUD Aunts)

(Me and Natalee w/the Graduate)

(Cousin Melissa is back from Cali)

(Me and Mom)

(Best Niece ever taking care of her cousin all day)

Sunday we went over to Greg's house kind of late due to Addison not cooperating when it came to nap time. We celebrated Cameron's 16th birthday, I just can't believe my nephew is going to be 16 tomorrow!!!

(Cameron opening his gifts)

After that we went to visit John's dad and step-mom. Tom made my favorite dinner of prime rib (the way he makes it is the only way I like it). That was a great surprise and we enjoyed hanging out on the deck blowing bubbles and just catching up.

(As always Addi working on her tan)

(Addison playing with Papa)

(Addison telling us its time to go home)

We left Monday morning with no problems and got right back into our routine. More fun updates to come!