Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time to Celebrate Baby Rylee Jones

The Vranich family is heading back to Michigan this afternoon! This trip worked out perfect because we are having a baby shower for my sister April and brother in-law Jason and then John gets to go to the annual Jackson golf outing that my dad and brother Greg go to every year. John somehow always seems to go every other year but he's determined that he will not miss it again. The guys leave around 5am on Friday morning and I get to hang out with my Aunt Carrie during the day while my mom is working. The baby shower is on Saturday and I think we are ready and prepared to throw a great shower at my Aunt Tamie's. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share when I get back. I can't believe my sister is already due in a little over a month! Seriously time is just flying. I'm looking forward to have all of September off from travelling but then October will be another busy month!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chi-Town Rocks

(The Beautiful Bachelorette)

Well, our fun in Chi-Town has come to an end. I got back from Chicago yesterday afternoon and I must say what a great time!

Friday was a little crazy...I got in super early before everyone else but it helped getting everything set up and surprise Natalee with some decorations and little things I thought would put a smile on her face. We had a little bit of a scare with the girls coming in from Detroit because their flight got cancelled. Luckily Jeena worked her magic and they were able to get on another flight and still got to the apartment by 8ish. We all went out to a pub next door to the apartments around 9:00 and then after eating we hit up a bar in the Wertz (I think that's what its called) hotel. It was soo cool because it was on top of the roof but all glassed in. Perhaps we stayed too long because walking back to the apartment caused me to have a couple bumps and bruises but not as bad as the rooftop at our apartment. There was a wooden lawn chair that a skateboarder would have loved but it kicked my ass. I don't know how I managed to cut the back of me ear pretty bad and mostly likely helped add to the other bumps and bruises I got earlier. Overall though it was a great night and I had the pleasure to spoon with Chad's sister Keri even though she didn't really ask me too. ;o)

(The group minus 2)

(Natalee's lucky we didn't make her dress like this)

Saturday, I must say I was a little hungover and didn't get out of bed until after noon. While I woke up at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:00 my butt didn't move from my comfy bed until at least 12:00. We all went to lunch at The Lutz and it was honestly one of the coolest restaurants I've ever been too. We walked around downtown for a little bit (which has made me come to the conclusion I in fact don't want to live in a big city) and then got to rest before the big night.

(He's real)

(Out of the box)

(In the box)

We all hopped into a cab and went to dinner at Carnivale! It was another really cool and bright restaurant. Just perfect for Natalee's special night. Once dinner came to a close we all surprised Natalee with a limo. While some of us had spilled the beans a couple of different times she was still very excited. We were suppose to go to another restaurant that had a cabana for us but it was actually pretty cold and windy so we decided to just drive around in the limo for over an hour. Our last destination was a really cool club called Enclave. I had decided to do it V.I.P style so we got our own table and area to drink and dance at. It was really cool and we all had a ton of fun. It must be the place for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties because there were quite a few. We had an awesome waitress and for sure felt VIP. We did lots of dancing and lots of drinking. I personally did lots of trips to the bathroom...I felt like one of those old men in those commercial that have a "growing problem". Its hard dancing and holding it after you've had a kid need to work on those exercises. ;o)

Overall it was a great time and I'm super happy that I decided to stay an extra night to recover. I wish I would of walked around the city more but luckily John travels here all the time and we can come back whenever possible. The place we stayed at was amazing and the views were breathtaking.

(The bench I'm standing on is what beat me up)

I can't thank everyone enough that came and also helped chip in for the V.I.P that I decided to do last minute. I think Natalee had a blast. I can't believe the next time I see her will be when she gets married!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's That Time!!!

I can't believe it, but its time for Natalee's Bachelorette party in Chicago!!!! It felt like it would never get here and now that I leave tomorrow morning I'm kind of freaking out. As most people know I'm a perfectionist so of course I'm stressing about getting everything absolutely perfect for when Natalee walks through the door of her apartment and she knows this is her special weekend with people who love her. We have soo many plans in store to make this a fun yet elegant party and I'm praying she walks away from it on Monday saying "this was the best weekend ever"!

I'm getting in at 10am tomorrow morning and luckily have one of John's employees picking me up from the airport. Its going to be weird being in a large city without John by my side especially since I don't know what the hell I'm doing or where I'm going. Tim and I are going to go grocery shopping for some items that will be needed for the apartment (liquor, beer and more liquor...maybe some lite snacks too). ;o) I plan on taking him to lunch since he's been so helpful throughout this whole process and then I will be spending the afternoon decorating and relaxing before everyone arrives. Everyone else get in between 6:30 and 7:00 so I'm expecting them to be at the apartment between 7:30 - 8:00. I'm sure I'll be anxiously awaiting their arrival but we are going to have a great time which I will blog about when I get back! Here I come Chicago!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Leave Me Alone...I'm Busy"

As most people know I've been trying my hardest to potty train my 2 year old!!! I'm trying everything possible, not only does she have 2 potty's now but the new one I just bought her is a princess chair which sings a song when she actually does something on it. While nothing has really gone in it except her finger to make the songs come on when she puts her finger over the sensor, I was so convinced that this would in fact do the trick...was I wrong. I've even found a couple of toys in there. I knew this whole potty training experience would be difficult but seriously is she going to be wearing diapers her whole life?!!!

Addison's newest thing to yell at us about is when she's taking a poop. When John or I come in the room and she's obviously in "taking a poop" position she yells "leave me alone, I'm busy" and she seriously makes us leave the room. Of course we ask "hey you wanna go on the potty" and she just yells at us making us leave until she's done. Now I swear I'm not a push over but if the girl doesn't want to go on the potty I'm not going to force her. She knows what she wants so I keep telling myself she will know when its time. I'll just keep asking until she says yes. John gets a little more frustrated but seriously from everything I've read the more you force it the more they won't do it and there will be problems in the future. But, does she have to yell at us...geez!

Yesterday I tried implementing my new theory of what may help this pee pee on the potty process...I put a potty training diaper on her (which seriously looks like she's wearing a large garbage bag around her waste). OMG! She was horrified that I would put this big puffy thing on her. She was so mad and I couldn't stop laughing because she looked so ridiculous. She was trying to pull it off but it wouldn't budge and you could see it in her eyes "why am I wearing a parachute"?!!! So, I took that off and then got the pull ups out that I bought a month ago to see if she would put this on...NOPE!!! She was begging me to put her diaper on her. What kid begs to have their regular diaper on. Anyway, Mom, I'm trying my hardest but as everyone knows we have a very stubborn baby and she needs to do things on her own terms. I guess my next goal is to hopefully have this all over with by the time she's 3. I laugh now b/c I thought she would totally be potty trained by 18 months...boy was I wrong!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where Has 7 Months Gone?!

I can't believe that's its almost been 7 months since I got let go from my job and have stayed home with Addison. As I think I've stated in a past entry, I never thought I could be a stay at home mom but seriously this is the best job ever!! I can't imagine my life not being this way and spending every waking moment with Addison. She makes me smile 99% of the time and most importantly she's taught me so much. I have a totally different view from before when I would hear "I'm a stay at home mom". Before I would be like "ohh god I could never do it and don't complain because at least you don't have to have a job". Well, being a stay at home mom is a lot harder than any job I could imagine. Knowing that I'm responsible for what she's learning, making sure she's eating the right food and most importantly making sure I get her out of my house to ensure she still has some sort of social life besides hanging out with me. While I'm feeling a little bit like a failure with this whole potty training thing I can pat myself on the back for several other things.

After Thursday Addison will be moving up in her swim class and will start swimming in a class by more mommy and tot classes. We started back up at Gymboree once a week where she's learning about cool new things and gets to run around like crazy, this class involves the parents so I'm happy I still get to join in on the fun. Starting in the fall she will begin Ballet classes, she loves dancing and I think she's at a perfect age to get started and maybe she'll be on "So You Think You Can Dance", and when she wins she can say my mom started me in classes when I was 2 1/2! ;o) We are still going to the gym almost everyday where she has made some very close friends and gets crazy excited to go see them. Like I said time is just flying, I just can't believe my baby is going to be 2 1/2 and I've had the opportunity to be there to witness the million new things she's doing everyday. I love my life. I tell John everyday..."please don't make me go back to work". I honestly had no idea how much I would love what I do, she has taught me how to be the mom I always dreamt I would be and so much more.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

2 Trips Have Been Added to Our Crazy Travel Life

Well, folks I must be crazy because we have now added two more trips to our agenda before the end of the year!!!

I was thinking about my soon to be new niece Rylee and how I really wanted to take advantage of spending some time with her while she's still fresh and new from coming out of April's womb. I politely asked April if it would be ok for me to come and stay with her at the end of October so I can help out and then of course love on my new niece and she delightfully said "Yes". So, Addison and I are flying in Wednesday, October, 28th and spending Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with my sister and brother in-law. Saturday we're going to Franklin Cider Mill to meet up with some family for my annual cider mill event. We will either be trick-or-treating at Grandma Cheryl's or Grandpa Dennis' this is still up in the air. Sunday we are spending the whole day with Grandma and Grandpa Ramsden and then Addison and I will be driven to the airport on Monday, November, 1st by my awesome dad who just loves driving there. ;o) So, I think it will be a fun trip and I REALLY hope I can help out my sister as much as possible and not be more of a burden. Since this will be our last trip to Michigan in 2009 I really want to take advantage of this time as much as possible. I know that it won't be until Rylee's 3 or 4 months until we see her again, so I was super excited to get the thumbs up and will be heading back to Michigan at the end of October!!!

Our final trip of 2009 will consist of going out to Washington to visit John's sister and Mom!!! We are soooo excited because not only has it almost been a year since seeing them but we are actually going to make this out to be like a real vacation. We've decided we're going to bring our snowboards and stay on the mountain for a couple of days. I booked a condo at the bottom of Timberline lodge which is located in Oregon. The condo sleeps up to 9 adults and looks sweet!!! I really want to strap a board on Addison but John thinks I'm crazy and only want it for the pictures (he's kind of right but not totally). We are so excited to see the girls (Erin and Allie and Sarah too) and just spend some chill time in the Pacific North West. We love going out there and I'm super excited for Addison to experience the mountains and hopefully a ton of snow! Luckily we decided to leave Dec. 5th and come back on the 12th so we will still have plenty of time to decorate our own house, get a tree and buy Addi lots of presents so the timing couldn't be better. We're actually REALLY excited for this getaway and will hopefully get to see lots of friends and family!

I think that's it and then I get to start planning what we have in store for 2010. I know for sure it won't be as crazy as 2009 but honestly I have loved every second of travelling (plus we're going to have a TON of miles in the end). I love getting to see family and I love putting Addison into new environments.

As far as 2009 these are the trips we have left:

- Aug. 21 - 24: Chicago Bachelorette Party

- Aug. 26 - 30: April's Babyshower

- Oct. 7 - 12: Natalee & Chad's Wedding

- Oct. 28 - Nov. 2: Visit w/Miss Rylee

- Nov. 25 - 29: Mom and Al come for Thanksgiving (hopefully Natalee & Chad too)

- Dec. 5 - 12: Go out to Washington

Friday, August 7, 2009

Showers Galore!!

Time is just flying!!! A couple of weeks ago we all came into town to attend Natalee and Chad's wedding showers. There was one on Saturday in Toledo, OH and then one on Sunday in Michigan. They both turned out great!!! I actually loved how they were both very different and honestly could never say which one was better because they both were amazing!!

The Toledo shower took place outside on a patio. It was hosted by Chad's sister Keri and his aunts. It was so nice to finally meet Chad's side of the family and put a face with a name. Chad loves his family more than anything so when I see him he constantly talking about his aunts and uncles...well I got to meet them finally and they were exactly how I pictured. The Small family is for sure a warm and happy family. I'm constantly telling Natalee how much I adore Chad's parents and especially his sister who is now my new BFF!!!

Chad arrived at the end with his Game Over t-shirt

Natalee and Keri (soon to be sisters)

Me, Natalee, April & Rylee (in April's belly)

Addison represented our table in the Wedding Dress game

By the end Addi was pooped!
After the shower we hung out in Toledo for a little bit and then proceeded to go to my moms house. We were all really excited to go out as a family to El Charros (our favorite Mexican restaurant). It was actually really nice because it was just my mom and her kids. We had a great time catching up and discussing the wedding. Natalee and I spent the night but we couldn't stay up too late because we had another shower to attend the very next day!!

Sunday, turned out great. My mom, April and I hosted this party and I don't think we could of done a better job. The Friday before, April and I were running around like crazy trying to get everything done and I think we did an amazing job. In the end Chad and Natalee got some great gifts which they luckily were able to bring most of them home with them while the others got shipped on behalf of Bed Bath and Beyond. I think they were happy with how everything went but more importantly know how much they are loved and how excited everyone is for them to become one!!

Wedding Party minus 2 people

My New BFF Keri (Chad's sister)

So, now that the showers are over its time for the Bachelorette Party planning to begin (well, continue b/c I've been working on this since February). Time is honestly flying by but I love it. I love all these events that have been planned to actually occur, seeing the end result turn out so great is just an amazing feeling. Life is good and my little sister is getting married in 2 months!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st Haircut!!!

Well, it was time for Addison to finally get her first haircut! She was wayyy overdue but I just couldn't give in due to how long it took for her to finally get any hair. John and I were a little nervous about how she would react so I made sure to find a place that was fun and would keep her distracted from a stranger touching her hair. Luckily International Mall in Tampa has a place called Shortcut which involved toy cars as the chairs to sit in and I was completely blown away by the flat screen TV's that were located in front of each station which had a cartoon playing. She did awesome and left us all in shock that she didn't even budge. She now has healthy hair and while I was nervous that she wouldn't have curls afterwards...I was completely wrong. She did awesome!!! I was almost in tears since this is yet another milestone in my little girls life!

Proud Mommy!

After her haircut we decided to go to dinner to celebrate this new experience. She was so cute and in the best mood. She loves going to "lunch" (this is what she calls it every time we go out to eat no matter what time of the day it is).

She's getting so big she has now decided its time for her baby to sit in the highchair rather than her. John and I tell her all the time what a good mama she is so she now looks at her babies and tells them "she's the mama". She's so proud of herself!! I just love watching her everyday grow into a big girl! Now if we could get this potty thing down I would be in heaven.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is This What Facebook Is All About? Not For Me!

I received this post on my Facebook page which was later deleted by the person who originally posted it:

"Hey maybe next time your in mi you could spend sometime with other family than just your own. You did marry john and he does have family maybe some he doesn't care for but we are still there. What you what addi to grow up just knowing her little friends from all the play groups you take her to maybe you just should do stuff with her. I really think your selfish. I know I've tried to make plans with you but it seems it's always about you and your family. Think about it"

This makes me think twice in regards to who do I really want access to what my life looks like on a daily basis? While this was a family member on John's side who put this on my page who I don't even really know it still hurts. NO person should EVER question what a mother does for their child!!! For this person to call me selfish because I spend every waking moment with my daughter and make sure that she has every opportunity to experience life to the fullest...calling me selfish hurts quite a bit. My life revolves around John and Addison and everything I do for them is to make our life happier. Everything I do for Addison is exactly what I would have wanted my parents to do for me. John and I find this comment to be completely out of line and inappropriate. Not only has this comment been a blow to what kind of mother this person thinks I am but it just proved even more to us why we don't talk to these people involved!