Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Vranich Family Mystery

Once again we have a medical mystery on our hands. John got home from Michigan Saturday night and once we got home he proceeded to show me his body which looked like he'd been laying out in the sun for the last couple of days and got fried, but this wasn't the case. All the sudden Saturday morning he noticed that his whole body was red and very itchy. Starting Saturday night his throat glands had begun to swell and he felt really achy with a temperature. After taking his temperature on Sunday morning and it was 102 he decided to go to the Urgent Care Clinic down the street. The doctor's there had no idea what was wrong with him so they sent him over to the emergency room at Bayfront Hospital. After waiting SEVERAL hours he finally got some blood work done which all came back normal. It was so weird that his white blood cell count was completely normal since he was running a 102 temperature. The doctor really had no idea why he had the fever and what was causing his glands to be swollen so he decided to put in him an antibiotic IV and a steroid that should take the redness away if he in fact was having an allergic reaction to something. The steroid didn't work he was still red and we guess the antibiotic worked because he was feeling pretty good after about 1/2 hour of the IV starting. They also had given him some ibuprofen though so we don't know which of the two made him feel better. Overall it was kind of a waste of a day because they couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong with him and basically told him to take Tylenol and ibuprofen. He didn't have a temp. this morning and he was feeling a little better so of course he went to work. He has an appointment with his primary doctor tomorrow to see if he needs to continue being on antibiotics or not. We are seriously done with these hospitals and are praying to not visit them again for a VERY long time.
This was another situation which leads me to be upset that we live in a state with NO family and very little friends. Luckily Lindsey the babysitter we normally use was available to come watch Addison, but if she wasn't John would of had to stay at the hospital that whole time by himself. Its such a horrible feeling to not be able to be with your husband at a time like this so luckily we were able to find somebody. It just sucks because I know if we were in Michigan we would of had like 20 different options rather than 2. O'well we made it through another obstacle with many to come I'm sure.


Auntie April said...

I wish you were in MI :(

April said...

But I am glad that he is feeling better!!!