Friday, November 13, 2009

Addi's A Big Girl Now

This is what happens when I start getting bored!!! I decide its time to update something. The something this time happens to be Addison's room. I thought since she's going to be 3 soon it was time to get her into a new bed. Luckily we bought the 4 in 1 bed which turns into a toddler bed so the front came off and we put a little safety rail up and there you have it she now is in a toddler bed. Its actually been going great probably because she can't jump out of it unless we help her. I didn't realize how much this would help with the transition. First, I made John leave her a little room to get in and out on her own but when she came out of her room when she was suppose to be napping I decided it wasn't worth it! Anyway she's been doing great and I think she loves it!!

After that I decided its time to redecorate. I still had pictures up from when she was first born until she turned 1 so those came down and she now has some cute canvas art that helps brighten up her room. We never had any kind of cute curtain hanging up so I went for a valance instead and it brings a lot of character to the room as well!

Since she has a pretty big wall where her changing table use to be I found some stencils that you just stick on the wall and for sure found something that matches our personality. I thought it still needed something so I bought these cute little butterflies to put around it that for sure made it look soo cute.

While at Pier 1 I found this cute lantern to hang above her bed where her Michigan bears use to be located. Since Michigan has been pooping it I decided those could come down and something a little more girly would go up. We moved her initials and added some butterflies.

So, overall I must say I think her room turned out amazing. I'm still hoping to get the bookshelf out of her room and replace it with something a little smaller. I want to hang the million and one
photo albums from the first 2 years on her wall with a cute bookshelf but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the other million photo albums I have in there that include family and so on. I'm happy with it so far so if I find what I'm looking for I'll get it but for right now I'm pretty wiped out with updating her room thus far. I can't tell you how exhausted I was by Wednesday with making decisions and spending lots of money to get her room to be perfect! Any additional changes will have to be seen in person! ;o)


Auntie April said...

Such a big girl now, glad the transition is going well!!! Give her a big smooch from Auntie April and Uncle Jason and all her Michigan cousins!!!