Monday, November 9, 2009

Where's the Love???

This last week has been pretty hard on me. Not only did I come down with a really nasty sinus infection that I'm still recovering from, but Addison also got diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. Luckily she pretty much bounced back from getting the flu quite quickly, however now she has a non-stop runny nose and terrible cough. Its so true "when it rains it pours"!! On top of us both being really sick last week John had to "close the books" for October which took 3 days and then Friday he had a late night event at work. This being said I was mostly on my own and had to be a real parent and try to take care of my sick baby before really taking care of myself (which has probably lead to why I'm still not 100%). While I was praying for my mom or dad to surprise me with a visit to help me get the rest that I needed, I knew it wouldn't happen especially since the last time my mom was here she got to battle the flu with Addison all by herself. I guess on the bright side of this situation we aren't travelling or have anybody coming to see us for several weeks so we have a little time to get over whatever has infested our bodies in order to be great hosts for Thanksgiving.
I just feel that life has been pretty much upside down ever since I threw out my back labor day weekend and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I want to go back to living at the gym and feeling crazy busy. I know I'll get back there eventually but I'm not a patient person so lets get this thing started already!