Thursday, December 17, 2009


While visiting John's family in Washington my dad had to go into the hospital because all the sudden he couldn't feel his legs. While that doesn't sound scary enough they found bleeding on his spine that they think was caused by medication he was taking for his heart. Now he's off the important medication for his heart and its a wait and see game right now. The doctor's released him and told him he may not have feeling completely back for 2-3 weeks and to take it easy. Well, after talking to him several times since being back from Washington he sounds terrible and is obviously extremely upset that he's not only weak but still doesn't have the feeling back. It sounds like he's able to get around but not comfortably on top of that he explained while trying to write out x-mas cards he's finding it hard to write as well. He's refusing to call his doctor because he doesn't want to get admitted again to the hospital especially for x-mas so he's just trying to wait it out. I'm scared to death with whats going on with him and more importantly its killing me that I'm not home right now to help him get things done. Luckily after tomorrow my step-mom will be off of work for a while and my sister is coming into town as well. John keeps telling me to just go and be with him but now that I know he's going to have help and other people around I think its best that I stay home and perhaps make the trip after the holidays. I'm praying that there's not something more serious going on with him and he's making the right decision by not going back to the doctor. He hates being in the hospital just as much as I do and I know exactly how he's feeling with not wanting to be there especially around this time. However, as selfish as it sounds I want my dad to be around for a really long time and I hope he knows how much it will kill me if anything happens to him. I can't explain my love for him, but my life just won't be the same if he's not in it. I'm hoping perhaps 2009 was just a bad year for him and 2010 is going to be his year of good health.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Ross' Are Coming!!!

I am sooo excited that my Mom and Step-Dad Al will be coming to our house tonight to celebrate Thanksgiving!!! They arrived in Orlando last Tuesday to spend time with friends, but now it my turn to steal them away and have some fun at our house. I keep telling Addison "guess who's coming" now that I've said it a hundred times she's fully aware that Grandma Cheryl & Grandpa Al will now be arriving today!!

I'm hoping my Mom and Addi can get reacquainted because ever since Grandma came to stay with her in February she's been a little distant. I think she thinks that when Grandma's around that means John and I are leaving her to deal with the flu with Grandma. ;o( Now that we have a whole week to get this fixed I think they will be BFF's again!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House Looks Fabo!!

I can't tell you how happy I am with how our house is finally looking! There have been many discussions between John and I how we are beyond mad about buying this house, but now that I've been able to finish the decor' I must say I'm actually feeling alot better with living here. It sounds weird but that's how I work. I told John last night "I love our house" and he responded with a "REALLY"? Its so weird when you get to put some final touches on a house how much you feel better. I'm so excited that my mom and step-dad get to come and see what we've done and then Natalee's coming in January!! While the next thing I would like to do is redo the tile in our kitchen I'm hoping we can do that in the next couple of months. Since our kitchen isn't that big it really shouldn't cost too much. The people who had the house before us didn't have our taste at all. While the tile isn't terrible its just not my taste at all. So, we'll see if we somehow come into some money and then have that be our next project. I would love to redo my bathroom too but seriously that is going to be ALOT of work because I need a new shower and sooo much more. Anyway, I'm always thinking of what can be done next but I think I'll be happy for a while with the great job we've done so far. ;o)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Addi's A Big Girl Now

This is what happens when I start getting bored!!! I decide its time to update something. The something this time happens to be Addison's room. I thought since she's going to be 3 soon it was time to get her into a new bed. Luckily we bought the 4 in 1 bed which turns into a toddler bed so the front came off and we put a little safety rail up and there you have it she now is in a toddler bed. Its actually been going great probably because she can't jump out of it unless we help her. I didn't realize how much this would help with the transition. First, I made John leave her a little room to get in and out on her own but when she came out of her room when she was suppose to be napping I decided it wasn't worth it! Anyway she's been doing great and I think she loves it!!

After that I decided its time to redecorate. I still had pictures up from when she was first born until she turned 1 so those came down and she now has some cute canvas art that helps brighten up her room. We never had any kind of cute curtain hanging up so I went for a valance instead and it brings a lot of character to the room as well!

Since she has a pretty big wall where her changing table use to be I found some stencils that you just stick on the wall and for sure found something that matches our personality. I thought it still needed something so I bought these cute little butterflies to put around it that for sure made it look soo cute.

While at Pier 1 I found this cute lantern to hang above her bed where her Michigan bears use to be located. Since Michigan has been pooping it I decided those could come down and something a little more girly would go up. We moved her initials and added some butterflies.

So, overall I must say I think her room turned out amazing. I'm still hoping to get the bookshelf out of her room and replace it with something a little smaller. I want to hang the million and one
photo albums from the first 2 years on her wall with a cute bookshelf but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the other million photo albums I have in there that include family and so on. I'm happy with it so far so if I find what I'm looking for I'll get it but for right now I'm pretty wiped out with updating her room thus far. I can't tell you how exhausted I was by Wednesday with making decisions and spending lots of money to get her room to be perfect! Any additional changes will have to be seen in person! ;o)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohh How I Missed My 2nd Family!! I Love You Lifestyle St. Pete

Awww! Today was such a great day! Addison finally got to go back to her swim lessons and was so excited to see Miss Diane which in return Miss Diane was even more excited to see her little Addi. After swim lessons I decided it was time to return to the gym and get this party started. I must say I now know why I love that place so much and try to spend as much time as possible there. Everyone was so excited to see us and realized that it had been such a long time since we've been there. Its just such a great feeling when the whole staff says hello and tells you how much they've missed seeing you. The daycare at the gym is of course amazing as well. The teachers there were beyond excited to see Addi and more importantly know she was ok. Her friends were there and she even made a new friend which was really cute b/c Addi wanted to hold her hand while we walked out. We even got invited to a birthday party next Saturday for Addison's best friend there named Riley. I'm wondering if she's a little confused that she has an older friend named Riley along with a new baby cousin named Rylee. ;o) Anyway I finally felt great about myself and happy to get out of the house. I even ran on the treadmill which I NEVER do. While it wasn't for very long at least I got up the nerve to try it out for a little bit and then kindly went back to my much shin friendlier elliptical runner. I'm really hoping that this is the beginning to getting our fun and healthy lives back!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Show Me the Money!!!

John probably hates it when we have visitors coming because this is when I get in my "how can we make our house look even cuter" mode. I swear the last time we had someone stay with us it was my sister April and I was determined to do something with the wall that we hang our TV on. I must admit I did a fabulous job and was very happy with what I came up with. Of course after doing that I needed a break from spending money and had to admire my work as much as possible.

Starting Monday I decided it was time for Addison's room to go through a change. We turned her crib into a toddler bed and I'm now updating it by getting rid of all the baby pictures I have around her room and making it look more girly. I was able to move her changing table out and put her table and chairs that were in our living room in. I'm now redecorating the walls and have put up a cute stencil on one wall and then need to find some canvas art for the other. The timing is horrible since we have no money and the credit card that I've been using and we normally try to use for x-mas is just about maxed out. I'm determined though because once I get her room done we need to focus on the huge wall that connects our living room and dining room. We just can't seem to figure out what the heck to put up there. I continue to think I'll find something at Pier One but I strike out every time. Luckily I still have 2 weeks to feel satisfied with how the house looks and then my mom and step-dad will be visiting for Thanksgiving. Seriously, why can't money grow on it too much to ask for?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Where's the Love???

This last week has been pretty hard on me. Not only did I come down with a really nasty sinus infection that I'm still recovering from, but Addison also got diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. Luckily she pretty much bounced back from getting the flu quite quickly, however now she has a non-stop runny nose and terrible cough. Its so true "when it rains it pours"!! On top of us both being really sick last week John had to "close the books" for October which took 3 days and then Friday he had a late night event at work. This being said I was mostly on my own and had to be a real parent and try to take care of my sick baby before really taking care of myself (which has probably lead to why I'm still not 100%). While I was praying for my mom or dad to surprise me with a visit to help me get the rest that I needed, I knew it wouldn't happen especially since the last time my mom was here she got to battle the flu with Addison all by herself. I guess on the bright side of this situation we aren't travelling or have anybody coming to see us for several weeks so we have a little time to get over whatever has infested our bodies in order to be great hosts for Thanksgiving.
I just feel that life has been pretty much upside down ever since I threw out my back labor day weekend and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. I want to go back to living at the gym and feeling crazy busy. I know I'll get back there eventually but I'm not a patient person so lets get this thing started already!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Michigan Trip

(Ohh Michigan...I sooo don't miss you)

While I had an amazing time visiting my lovely family in Michigan I must say I was ready to come back to some warm weather!! I seriously was trying so hard not to complain about how cold it was because I know it gets even worse in the winter but, honestly when my sister April wouldn't budge on her thermostat (it was at 68) I just knew I would have to suffer from the cold inside as well as outside.

When we arrived last Wednesday it was actually really nice out! I was worried I brought too many warm clothes but then Thursday came around and I knew I made the right decision. We didn't do much Wednesday except love all over Rylee and catch up.

Thursday was much more fun because Rylee had her 1 month checkup and she did awesome. She's already gained 2 pounds in a month so she is doing amazing. She is so strong and I just love how big her eyes get when she's looking at you. Later that night I was able to visit my friend Kari while April and Jason kindly babysat for a couple of hours.

Friday was even more exciting because Arielle came over after her class at Oakland and brought us Starbucks!!! April was able to get out of the house for a couple of hours while I took care of Rylee and then the kids (Arielle, Cameron & Autumn) along with my mom came over where we proceeded to carve pumpkins and eat pizza!!

April, my mom and I went out after we got everything settled and I must say we had a GREAT time. Shockingly April beat us twice in darts and I attempted to break a record punching a punching bag (didn't do too was the heels). The lady that showed me how to do it though really got into it...all I have to say is if someone wants to kick my ass she better be there when it happens.

Saturday was of course time for trick or treating and the kids got dressed up in their costumes, which turned out perfect.

(April & Autumn)

(Me & Cameron)

(Scary Arielle)

(Me & Miss Rylee)

Sunday my mom took me over to my dads after we had Jason's famous french toast which was fabulous and she got her grandkids shot.

(All of Mom's Grandbabies)

It was sad to leave but the timing worked out great because this is when I started to feel sick. I didn't know if it was my allergies or what but none of my allergy pills were clearing this up so I sadly had to assume I was getting some kind of cold. I had a great time just hanging out with my dad, we didn't do too much which turned out to be perfect.
Now that I'm back I'm hoping to go off to the Dr. today because it looks like this cold is getting worse. I seriously hate being sick and John likes to say "you are the worst at being sick", I will say "I agree".

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cutest Ladybug EVER!!!!

We had a great time trick or treating in my sister April's neighborhood this year. Seriously, I haven't seen that many kids since I was younger and went trick or treating. We actually visited quite a few houses considering it was VERY cold. My niece Autumn started off going with us which Addison LOVED and then joined her big sister Arielle to get LOTS more candy, which you can't blame her because Addison's not the fastest runner to get to every house possible.

Addison was so excited and would keep telling my mom she got more snacks everytime we would walk away from the house!!! Its true what everyone says, it gets better every year! While it was really cold it was worth it. This is the 2nd year in a row that my mom has gone trick or treating with us and I love having her by my side! I love spending Halloween in Michigan and having family part of it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Addison and I are leaving to go spend some time with my big sister and my new niece tomorrow!!! I can't wait to have lil Miss Rylee all to myself.

I'm a little nervous about flying w/Addison all by myself for a 2 1/2 hour flight since she's sooo crazy right now. I swear this girl gets more and more energy everyday. Also, I'm hoping she doesn't crawl all over my sister's dogs like she does w/Roxy because we may have a huge problem on our hands. I swear Addison thinks that Roxy's a real person and since Roxy loves all the attention she gets she basically lets Addison do whatever she wants to her. I'm really tired of telling her to leave Roxy alone (she's not a very good listener when it comes to this topic). Anyway we are going to have so much fun and we get to go trick or treating in MI again this year. I don't care how cold it is because that's the fun part of this time of year. ;o)

Monday, October 5, 2009


I just got the best thing in the mail today...a beautiful card from my mom!!! It sounds so simple, but honestly it was one of the best surprises. I have a permanent grin!! My mom is the best, she's the one who I think I get my sentimental side from because she never just writes a sentence its always paragraph after paragraph. Most people who receive anything from me will get the same thing in return. Mom your amazing and I can't thank you enough for surprising me with the beautiful card but most importantly what you said in that card. I feel so loved!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rylee Comes Home Today

Well, Miss Rylee has headed home today with her mommy and daddy to begin her beautiful life outside of the hospital!!! She is just too cute so here are some more pics. Its driving me crazy not being there to hold her and take a million pictures, but luckily my niece Arielle is doing awesome at keeping everyone informed with what's going on and lots of pictures documenting the events. Next Thursday can't come soon enough!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rylee Makenna Jones has Arrived!!

I am proud to announce that I am a new Auntie to the most beautiful baby girl!!! Rylee arrived this morning at 11:20 a.m., she's so tiny weighing in at 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long!! The happy parents are doing great. I actually got to talk to my sister a little bit ago and she sounds amazing!

Its the cutest youngest niece Autumn got to be the first older sibling to go to the nursery and hold her. What a great idea since Arielle got to be the first to hold Cameron and Cameron was most likely the first to hold Autumn. What a beautiful family!

(Proud Big Brother and Big Sisters holding their new little sister)

(Proud Daddy holding his first born)

I am totally bias but I must say...our family sure does make some damn cute babies!

I couldn't be happier for the Jones family (well, maybe if I was actually there right now). I can't wait to meet my new niece next Thursday and hopefully help out my sister. I really can't say much more w/o starting to cry. I LOVE YOU RYLEE!!!


Rylee is coming tomorrow!!! My sister goes into the hospital at 9am and the c-section is scheduled for 11am!!! Can't wait to see pictures of my beautiful niece tomorrow and then meet her next Thursday!!! Can you tell I'm REALLY excited!

Where Does the Time Go????

Its so shocking to me that Addison is 2 1/2 and counting. John and I are constantly talking about when Addison was a baby and how we would hold her a certain way and now that she's bigger we try holding her the same way which makes her legs seem to stretch for miles. I can't believe that she's already 2 1/2 but I feel so lucky that I've been the one to be there for her everyday since getting laid off from my job. This happening to me was such a blessing because I get to enjoy every moment so much more than when I was working. She is just so amazing!! I never thought I would make it as a stay at home mom but with my control issues I'm really not surprised that it happened. I'm so happy that I get to be the one to tell her what to eat, when to go to sleep, what we are doing with our day and more importantly I get to tell her "I love you" a million and one times during the day too. I have never been so happy about this and I know that I won't have to look back and wish I would of had more time to spend with my toddler. I know that she's going to have to go to school soon and before I know it she's going to be "older" but living in this moment couldn't make me happier.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Family Outing!!

With the heat here in Florida we try really hard to think of things we can do somewhere inside. After watching Marley and Me a couple of months ago I was all excited to possibly get a new puppy. I found a really cool pet store in Clearwater that sold ALOT of puppies so we decided to go check it out. I was so happy when we came home with NO puppy even though it was so hard to resist a new cute and cuddly addition to the family. Luckily these dogs are WAY out of our price range so it was pretty easy to say no.
Well, a couple of weeks ago we decided to go visit the same place so Addison can play with the puppies and guess what we found?

The most beautiful dog ever, he was an amazing little husky that would totally fit into our family perfectly and I knew Roxy would be so excited to finally have a new friend to play with allllll day. I was ready to take the plunge and just do it until the lady told us he was $1200. That is just way too much for us, especially with only living on one income and more importantly with all the travelling we do. So, as soon as we found out the price we gave the puppy back and focused more on the kind of dogs John would never let us get because a) Roxy would eat it b) Addison would probably squeeze it to death c) John would be too embarrassed to say we got a little purse dog. When we got home I asked Addison which dog was her favorite and she said "the little puppy". I wonder if she remembers holding the little bunny too?!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Vranich Family Mystery

Once again we have a medical mystery on our hands. John got home from Michigan Saturday night and once we got home he proceeded to show me his body which looked like he'd been laying out in the sun for the last couple of days and got fried, but this wasn't the case. All the sudden Saturday morning he noticed that his whole body was red and very itchy. Starting Saturday night his throat glands had begun to swell and he felt really achy with a temperature. After taking his temperature on Sunday morning and it was 102 he decided to go to the Urgent Care Clinic down the street. The doctor's there had no idea what was wrong with him so they sent him over to the emergency room at Bayfront Hospital. After waiting SEVERAL hours he finally got some blood work done which all came back normal. It was so weird that his white blood cell count was completely normal since he was running a 102 temperature. The doctor really had no idea why he had the fever and what was causing his glands to be swollen so he decided to put in him an antibiotic IV and a steroid that should take the redness away if he in fact was having an allergic reaction to something. The steroid didn't work he was still red and we guess the antibiotic worked because he was feeling pretty good after about 1/2 hour of the IV starting. They also had given him some ibuprofen though so we don't know which of the two made him feel better. Overall it was kind of a waste of a day because they couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong with him and basically told him to take Tylenol and ibuprofen. He didn't have a temp. this morning and he was feeling a little better so of course he went to work. He has an appointment with his primary doctor tomorrow to see if he needs to continue being on antibiotics or not. We are seriously done with these hospitals and are praying to not visit them again for a VERY long time.
This was another situation which leads me to be upset that we live in a state with NO family and very little friends. Luckily Lindsey the babysitter we normally use was available to come watch Addison, but if she wasn't John would of had to stay at the hospital that whole time by himself. Its such a horrible feeling to not be able to be with your husband at a time like this so luckily we were able to find somebody. It just sucks because I know if we were in Michigan we would of had like 20 different options rather than 2. O'well we made it through another obstacle with many to come I'm sure.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


So, my 2 1/2 year old has a handshake now due to my niece Autumn teaching it to her the last time we were in Michigan for a visit. It goes something like this "high five, knuckles, headbutt and kiss"!! Addison is so funny because not only does she do it with my nieces she now does it with me. If I say "high five" she proceeds to do the whole handshake that Autumn has taught her. It is the funniest thing because of course she not only does it but she says what exactly we have to do. I love her little voice so it makes it that much funnier and of course makes me just want to kiss her a million times.
John and I also have taught her to shake hands with people. Of course she puts her little twist on it and says "nice to meet you, my name is Addison, whats your name"? Seriously how lucky am I to have the cutest baby ever. I guess I need to stop calling her a baby now that she's 2 1/2 and does so much on her own EXCEPT GO ON THE POTTY! Anyway had to share this because its just too funny. Perhaps next month all you people in Michigan will be able to experience these handshakes! XOXO

Friday, September 18, 2009


My back is finally feeling like it's back to normal. Yesterday I actually felt pretty good, I only had to use 3 pain relievers and that's because I was worried that my back would bother me with all the running around I had to do. While I probably did need some relief OMG I can't believe how much better I feel. Today I'm feeling even better and contemplating if I should hit the gym or wait one more day and go tomorrow to do some lite cardio. I have a feeling I might just wait it out one more day and then hopefully I can get back into my normal routine, especially since I leave for Natalee's wedding in less than 3 weeks! With all the travelling I did and then my back being an issue I haven't been to the gym in a month! I feel so gross and a failure because I was doing so great before. I hope this never happens to me again because its been the most painful thing I've ever been through. The fact that its messed up my schedule really pisses me off but I know I can get right back to it and start to feel happy about myself again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tribute to Mary

John left this afternoon to go to Michigan. Unfortunately this wasn't going to be a happy trip because John's Step-Mom's mother, Mary passed away last week. Due to the tickets being incredibly high we decided it was best for John to just go and Addison and I would stay home. Mary has been very sick for some time and sadly it was her time to go. She was unhappily in the hospital for about 5 days and when they said there was nothing else they could do for her she said she didn't want to pass in a hospital but wanted to be home with her daughter and son in-law. John's dad had an addition built onto their house so that Michele could look after her without having to drive to her house and it was obviously the best choice so she didn't have to go to a nursing home. Michele has no other siblings and lost her dad several years ago so her mom was all that was left. I feel terrible and can't imagine what Michele is going through. Mary was an amazing woman and more importantly we've been so lucky to have her in our lives!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rylee's Babyshower!!

Rylee's babyshower took place a couple of weeks ago and it turned out to be a great party. Thankfully the weather turned out to be nice because by the looks of the day before we were a little worried. While it was a little windy we still had the sun shining and NO rain which was especially important because the party was outside at my Aunt Tamie's house. I think April was pleasantly surprised with what we came up with. While we had some help my mom, Natalee and I were the ones putting this party together. As you can see from the picture below Linda (Jason's mom) got the cakes and OMG she did amazing. There were 5 cakes and they looked stunning!! She also made this chicken pasta salad that was to die for.

Rylee for sure received ALOT of clothes!!! I think April has enough clothes for two baby girls! Overall she got a lot of great gifts, we (mom, me and Natalee) were super excited to surprise the new parents with their stroller/car seat! My mom and I put that thing together by ourselves the night before. Luckily my mom kept me on track b/c I was ready to give up multiple times. I would keep telling my mom "don't you know that John's the one who puts things together" she just laughed and told me to keep going. I'm happy we put it together though so it was one less thing for April and Jason to do.

It was a great time and I couldn't be happier that I decided to come out to Michigan to be part of this special day. Now we wait until October 1st for Miss Rylee to be here!!! I can't wait to be an aunt again, especially to a little girl!!

(Proud Parents!!)

(The Most Beautiful Cakes I've Ever Seen!)

(Mom, April and Me)

(Addison Putting on a Show for Us at the End!)

(Rylee can come home now)