Friday, January 29, 2010

Can We Get This 1st Trimester Over With Already?

The first trimester of being pregnant is seriously the worst. While I know its a pain to have to carry all that extra weight around, live on no sleep and be uncomfortable towards the end of your pregnancy, but the waiting game is just the worst. I hate being stressed for the first 12 weeks hoping that everything is progressing correctly and that my happiness of being pregnant can continue past the 1st Trimester. I really wish when it was decided that women would carry children that they didn't have to find out until after the first 12 weeks. Life would be a lot less terrifying and I would be enjoying this process a lot more.
Don't get me wrong because I am beyond giddy that we are having another baby and probably our last, but I'm just so paranoid everyday that for some reason something might happen and I will no longer be pregnant. I remember having this exact same feeling with Addison and I'm sure more women go through it. I'm trying to brush these ideas to the side but its one of those things when your use to always being in control you think the absolute worst because in this case I don't have control.
As I go into week 7 I am feeling extremely bloated and seriously asking myself and many of my friends who have had more than 1 child "do I need to wear maternity clothes earlier?" I can't believe how uncomfortable it is to put on a pair of pants already. I'm going to try and hang in there and not bust out the maternity pants just yet, but I will tell you I went through my old maternity clothes and I have ALOT of cute stuff!!! ;o)
February 12th can't come fast enough!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is It That Time Already????

Well, while we were in Michigan last week I wasn't feeling all that great. Since my periods have been pretty funky since getting my IUD out I decided to not take a pregnancy test or worry about what may be going on until we got back from Michigan. Last Friday on John's birthday it just hit me really hard, I was constantly feeling nauseous and couldn't get the idea that I might be pregnant out of my head. I decided after talking to my dad it would probably be best to just take the test to find out especially since I had planned a huge surprise b'day party for John that evening and I didn't want to be drinking if I was in fact pregnant. After getting back from the store and running upstairs to take a pregnancy test in the bathroom I grew up using the "stick" instantly gave me two lines which leads me to say I'm sooo excited...I'm PREGNANT!!! Its still really early and we don't see the dr. until Feb. 12th but I can't stop smiling and repeating to myself "ohh my god I'm pregnant".

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal State

So, I have a new show that I'm obsessed with...its called Paranormal State. I was able to watch the marathon from last season a couple of weeks ago and it is officially set on my DVR to record each week. Basically the show looks into the amazing life of Ryan Buell who started a student club at Penn State called The Paranormal Research Society (PRS) due to some things that happened in his childhood and really wanted to understand what exactly he saw growing up. While finding other people who were also interested in finding the truth behind terrifying real life mysteries, hauntings and ghosts they formed this team to document the different cases they've worked on and share them with people like me.

Its actually quite interesting that I like this show so much considering I am terrified of anything having to do with a visit from the dead. The show not only verifies whether or not there are "ghosts" that are invading a person's life or house, but they investigate WHY this is happening. Its a little disappointing when the conclusion is due to high energy in the house that can lead spirits to easily enter into the house, but last week the episode had to do with a guy that use to practice Satanism which lead things to happen in his house because the devil felt he still owed him, so they had to do some sort of an exorcism. While I could feel every hair on my body standing up, I was still so intrigued. After watching this episode and many like it I thank God that I never got into the whole worship Satan thing when I was younger because it sounds like even if you had a little interest in it...the devil is coming for you (maybe I'm being a little dramatic)!!

There is another show on A&E that involves psychic kids that I've watched a couple of times but haven't gotten to that point of wanting to DVR it. Its kind of sad to see these kids so scared and their abilities taking over their lives. I do love the main psychic in it though, his name is Chip and he is amazing!!! Luckily I sometimes get a dose of Chip on Paranormal State, but I for sure want to give him a shout out!!

So, I'm hoping by me watching this show things don't start happening in my house or I start to see things because I will TOTALLY lose it! I think I've been avoiding these type of shows my whole life because I felt that if I watched, something would start to happen to me. Perhaps its time for me to start going to church again...its been on my "to do" list but just hasn't happened. Maybe this show came into my life to give me that final push! We'll see!!! If interested make sure you check it out on Tuesday nights at 10pm on A&E!!