Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Need a Pity Party!

I'm a little lost on what is going on with my body. I have been so uncomfortable for the last week now due to constipation!!! Yup I said it, I'm backed up so I can now add this to my list of why I HATE the first trimester of pregnancy. I've tried so many things and I have no idea how I'm not peeing out my butt. I started taking Metamucil 3 times a day, then my sister recommended taking some natural pills that helped her while she was pregnant and now I am drinking prune juice. I think I have it figured out why this is happening but its a little hard for me to get to the gym when I feel like I can't move. As I continue to say I haven't been feeling all that great for the last month so my energy level has been pretty low. Everything I read on constipation and pregnancy tells you to make sure your doing some sort of exercise. So, it looks like I need to march my lil/big whatever butt to the gym tomorrow and at least get some cardio in. I have never felt so old in my life like I have in the last couple of weeks. This pregnancy feels so much different than the last one and I laugh now because I guess I didn't know how great I had it when I was pregnant with Addison.
I know most people are sick of my complaining but John won't listen to me anymore and I'm sick of screaming at myself in my head. I'm just hoping that perhaps my time is due and I'll start being a happy pregnant woman. ;o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disney Here We Come!!!

Its quite funny the things that get me excited as I get older and Addison is getting older. I can't tell you how excited I am to see Addison's face when she gets to see the castle that is on each one of her Disney movies and all the laughter and happiness that will be coming out of her body because she gets to meet all the princesses she's ever dreamed of. I knew this day would be here but I wasn't expecting to be just as giddy as Addison. I'm so happy that we decided to take Addison to Disney for her 3rd b'day this year. We are leaving Thursday after her nap and staying until Sunday morning. We will have 2 full days of fun at the Magic Kingdom and lots of time together to share new memories with Addi. I can't believe my baby is turning 3 next week and we have another one on the way. Life couldn't be much better than that, I'm so lucky to have Addison in my life and I want nothing more but to keep bringing those smiles to her face!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Official!!!

I'm for sure pregnant according to the ultrasound and my tests, I have a little person growing inside me!!! We had our first dr.'s appointment today and it was amazing!!! We got our ultrasound done first then got to meet w/my good ole friend Donna the Nurse Practitioner. I couldn't have found a better OBGYN facility, its so comforting to go in there and people remember you and are so excited to see you again. Anyway, the baby looked great and was right on target with a September 21st due date (I was hoping to be further along). The heartbeat was perfect at 162 and we couldn't be happier. I really needed this appointment to happen so that I could start relaxing. As I've said before I hate the beginning of pregnancy because all you do is worry about what is going on and hope to God everything works out how its suppose to. I was also excited to get some anti-nausea pills so I can start functioning like a normal person. I have been sooo nauseous for the past month so I think this will help me get back to being a little more active, I'm sure John is ready to have the old Stephanie back too! So, as of right now everything looks great and hopefully I'll have some better pictures next month, March 11th at my next appointment!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday Blues!!!

This weekend I was constantly reminded that I was preggos! Saturday honestly had to be one of the worst days of my "morning sickness" life because I thought I was going to vomit all day on top of feeling really exhausted. I just don't remember being so miserable in the beginning with Addison, but as John will tell memory sucks.
We went to the mall looking for some Colts & Saints shirts to wear to our Super Bowl party only to receive looks like we were crazy! Either we were crazy because we waited until the day before the Super Bowl to get these shirts or we were crazy because why would they carry anything other than Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Rays items? Anyway that was a no go which worked out fine because the party we went to, not one person was expressing which team they were routing for.
While at the mall I also stopped by the Motherhood Maternity store because I learned Friday night while running into the house peeling my pants off after going to dinner, there is just no way I can wear regular pants anymore. I tried really hard and made it to almost 8 weeks but sadly its just not working for me. The only bright side to this situation is the maternity pants that I buy are a size Small!!! I usually never buy anything that has a small on it so I left that store with a big smile on my face. The smile on my face also had a lot to do with the fact I was able to find and buy my preggo pops which help relieve the nauseous feelings I've been experiencing. Luckily I had those bad boys Saturday night or else I would of been up all night over the toilet because I ended up with the worst case of this feeling but 20 minuets after eating my preggo pop I felt a huge sigh of relief and proceeded to fall asleep. Now I'm just yelling at myself for only buying one package of them!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 4 Months Ry Ry!!

I can't believe my little niece Rylee (aka Ry Ry, which my sister hates) is already 4 months old!!! Time sure is flying, but I've been so happy with the time that we've been able to spend with her. While I can't be there every weekend like I wish I could be I'm still able to see all the cool transitioning that she's going through. I got to see her a couple of weeks after she was born where I got to smooch all over her while she slept all day and then when we were recently there at the end of January we got to spend lots of time with her and see what a big girl she's becoming!!! She's so alert and OMG she looks so much like my brother in-law Jason its almost scary. She's for sure a mama's girl but overall she knows she is so loved by everyone that comes in touch with her.

My mom ended up coming over before we had to leave for the airport which I was able to catch an awesome picture of my mom reading to her grandbabies and Addison showing Rylee how much she loves her little cousin. I was hoping to go back and spend a couple of days with my sister at the end of February but I've decided to postpone until after I'm done with this whole 1st Trimester fun I'm going through. I just hope Rylee knows how much her Aunt Stephanie loves her and is constantly thinking about my baby niece!!!