Monday, April 19, 2010

Sophia Lorraine Ritter



I'm excited to announce that my cousin Melissa and her husband Chris have a new baby girl!!! This was an exciting pregnancy because unlike me they decided to wait it out and NOT find out what they were having. Everyone thought they were having a boy, but to most people's surprise that boy turned out to be a GIRL!! She has all the girly clothes to prove it!!

Sophia Lorraine was born April 8th at 12:01 p.m., she weighed 4lbs 9oz and was 19 inches long. My cousins amniotic fluid was low which caused the low birth weight, but overall she's in great health and is doing amazing!!! The timing couldn't of been better because she had her right before my big visit to Michigan. Luckily the Ritter family was up for leaving their house and making it out to my sisters house for a visit where I got to hog her all night this past Friday.

While it looks like my cousin isn't getting much sleep at night Sophia is for sure worth every second of those sleepless nights. She is so beautiful and perfect in every way. She has great skin color, she has some cute dark hair and the most fun part when it comes to how tiny she is...its like having that little baby doll when you were younger. It was so fun dressing her up in different hats and honestly I couldn't stop staring!!


Friday, April 9, 2010

We're Having a BOY!!!

Well, our prayers have been answered and we our having a little boy. I'm beginning to realize the reason why we didn't have a boy first, because if I had to go through what I've gone through this far with this pregnancy, he would be an only child! I'm kind of lying because I've always known I wanted at least two I KNOW I only want two children.

We had our gender ultra-sound yesterday at a private facility called Pregnancy Treasures that can tell you the gender as early as 16 weeks. Of course I was 16 weeks and 2 days yesterday so it was time. The place was very nice and comfortable, we brought Addison who decided to jump all over the couches and be a crazy lady. As soon as the technician put the scan on my belly she confirmed what we thought a month ago...ITS A BOY!!! We got some pretty good pictures and you could see him moving all around in my belly. My favorite was when she changed it to the 3d/4d and you could see him moving his fists like he was sucking his thumb. Its just so amazing to see your child still in your belly developing and moving all around. I could honestly watch that all day! He really wanted us to get a good look at his gender because he was butt up for most of the time. Luckily we were able to get him to move to get a "cute" picture of his face with his fist up in the air.

Of course with my planning/control issues we've already decided on a name. Our baby boy is going to be Brody Thomas Vranich. I've always loved this name and you don't hear it every day. I thing the names Addison and Brody go together well and I think it sounds very masculine. We've told Addison what his name is going to be which sounds like "Rody" when it comes out of her mouth. I think that's so cute and may even be his new nickname. My nephew Cameron couldn't be happier considering boys these days are hard to come by in my family. Life is great and I'm looking forward to seeing my little Brody's face!!!