Thursday, June 10, 2010

Against the Rules!!!!

Seriously, when your pregnant getting sick beyond like morning sickness should be against the rules. Its totally unfair for pregnant women to have to carry around a human being in their belly and also get sick like non-pregnant people.
I have been dealing with this "sinus cold" for a week now and I'm ready for it to be gone!!! I went to the Urgent Care Clinic Thursday night because I felt like I was coming down with strep. My glands felt like they were on fire and my head was about to explode. After being there for an hour listening to the nurse practitioner go over everything I don't have, my strep test came back negative. Honestly I thought I was going to pass out because this woman would not stop talking telling me I don't have mono, strep, sinus infection and the list goes on and on. By the end I was standing by the door while she was still talking to me, hoping she would get the hint. Of course I didn't have a temperature when I was there, but as soon as I got home I was feeling the chills and of course had a minor temp of 100.4. I decided to call my OBGYN that night and left a message on their non-urgent line. Danielle, one of my favorite nurses called me first thing in the morning. I told her my symptoms hoping I would get a nice antibiotic, but good ol' Donna thought I was just dealing with a sinus cold. Prescribing me to drink lots of water, take Robitussin, Sudafed and Tylenol. SHOOT ME NOW!!!! Why can't I get the good stuff!!
Fast forward to a week and while I'm feeling a lot better, I'm still not a 100%. I'm constantly coughing up disgusting mucus and I sound like a dude!!! I would honestly take this over throwing my back out again, but can't I just continue to be miserable with this big belly I'm carrying around. I'm actually not that miserable, I guess I needed a wake up call. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps this is the last obstacle I have to go through before having Brody. We shall see! Thanks for listening. ;o)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disney "Take 2"

Addison is a lucky girl!!! We went back to Disney World for the second time in 3 months. Since we got the 4 day pass and only used up 2 days back in February we wanted to take advantage of the great deal and go back before it expired at the end of May, I'm soooo glad that we did. We/I had so much more fun this time around since I wasn't in the beginning stages of my pregnancy and I'm still not too uncomfortable to move around. We started our mini vacation off by leaving Friday afternoon and heading straight to The Magic Kingdom. We decided to do our two days on Friday night and then Sunday morning in order to miss out on being super hot and perhaps the crowds wouldn't be as bad too. Like I said this time around I felt great and got to enjoy the park. Since John can't go on anything that goes in circles I got to go on the tea cup ride with Addison. We weren't able to do this ride last time so I was super excited that Addi got to experience it! We had a blast and John got some great pictures of us cracking up!!!

We also weren't able to go to Toontown last time so Addi got to experience this area as well. She got to go on her first roller coaster ride, lets just say I think she might be afraid of roller coasters for the rest of her life. John went on this with her and he said she HATED it. She was so scared the whole time and kept saying she wanted to get off. Poor girl...hopefully in a couple of years she'll realize how much fun these really are.

We for sure did alot more this time and even got to go on things as a family. I will never forget going on Its a Small World After All ride as a little girl with my family. It was great that we got to experience this ride together.

Overall Friday was great, we were there until 9pm and while we thought the heat wouldn't be as bad...we were wrong!! We were still sweating our butts off, but once that sun went down it was amazing! Addison had soo much fun I don't think she ever wanted it to end, but you could tell she was ready to get some rest.

The next day we decided to hang out by the pool and just relax. Overall I was really happy with the hotel we picked. Saturday morning we had done breakfast with the Disney Characters and unfortunately it was a BUST!!! There were only 2 characters (Goofy & Pluto) that came out and it took them forever to come to our table. Luckily the food was pretty good, but poor Addison was so excited about this and it was really disappointing. I feel kind of bad because all she would talk about before we left was seeing the princesses and I honestly don't think she got to see one princess the whole weekend. Thank God she's only 3 because she really didn't say much about it and I of course didn't bring it up.
The pool had a cool water play area that we thought Addison would totally dig, but she was not into it at all. Thats ok though because between John tossing her around and taking rides on some floats that we purchased it was a perfect day. You know us Vranich's, we love our sun and pool time!!!

Like the last time we were here we thought we were going to do The Magic Kingdom both days but instead we decided to try out Epcot and I'm super happy that we did. Alot of what they had to offer was inside which was perfect since it was pretty hot outside.

They had an area inside where you could wait in line to see many of the Disney Characters and get their autographs. We for sure decided to do that and Addison LOVED it. Of course she had to have her very first autograph book!

Overall Addison was such a trooper the whole weekend. I love how easy going and laid back she is. John and I feel super lucky and this is exactly why we love doing these things with her and for her. We ended up leaving around 4 and was home by 5:30. What a great weekend and more importantly an amazing family experience.