Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stop & Smell the Roses!!!

The fact that I will no longer have another baby ever again is starting to sink in. While I'm not really sad about it I'm just finding myself thinking about how I need to make sure to smell Brody a little longer, kiss tiny fingers and toes a little more and remember to actually try to enjoy the little baby cries that seem to be happening less and less each day. I can't even count how many times I whisper in my little boys ear that I love him. I can't squeeze him enough and kiss him enough.I know my hormones are still going crazy since I'm nursing, but every time I watch Brody smile at his daddy and try to let out as many coos as possible, you'll find me in the chair next to them wiping away many tears of happiness. I probably tell myself at least 100 times a day that I'm the luckiest person in the world. I was so worried my heart wouldn't be big enough to add another mini Vranich, thinking "how in the world could I love anyone as much as I love Addison" well its happened and I'm an emotional wreck over it!!! I have two beautiful children that I would do anything for. Its so scary and yet amazing at the same time. I just never knew how much being a parent would mean to me. Its my world, my life and I LOVE it! I'm so lucky and thank God everyday!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Let the Tattling Begin

Uggg! I thought I had a little time before my kids would start telling on each other, but I was wrong. I guess one downside to having a 3 1/2 year old that goes to school is the fact that she has the urge to tell on everybody...including me and John. Well, she has already started telling on her little brother.
I don't think she fully understands that he's a baby and has no control over his arms and legs moving around. There have been a couple of situations where he's been laying on his changing table and Addison has climbed up to get in his face to talk to him. Perhaps his way of telling her to get the heck out of his face is to go crazy moving his arms and legs which then leads Addison to come find me and tell me that Brody just hit her. I can't wait until she's older so I can tell her how she thought her 2 month old little brother was beating her up.
My favorite is when Brody's beating his sister up without her knowing it. A couple of nights ago while I was nursing Brody in the middle of the night I looked down and Brody's feet were resting on top of Addison's head while she was sleeping. I was cracking up and had to wake John up so he could see. I figured if she woke up complaining I would explain this wouldn't happen if she would just sleep in her own bed!!!
ADDI SLEEPING IN OUR BED UPDATE: sooo she is still sleeping in our bed, we've now moved on to taking away her chocolate, her response..."I don't like chocolate, its yucky"! Uggg, we just can't seem to win. We'll see how she feels about that in a couple of days.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How About One More???

Yesterday was an amazing day, Brody actually slept most the day only waking up and fussing when it was time for him to eat and then he would fall right back to sleep. I'll be honest if we had more days like this I may consider having one more baby. Yes, for a second I had this thought yesterday, but then 5 o'clock came around and that thought was completely shut down. Brody started crying and there was no calming him down for over an hour. I told John what I was thinking and he almost passed right out. I explained to him he has nothing to worry about because I'm fully aware there is no way we will ever produce a baby that will just sit there an look cute. I've been thanking God wayyy too much these days that we aren't having anymore kids and this is the last time we have to go through being parents to a tiny baby. Its been rough but I know its all worth it!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Someones Been Sleeping in My Bed!!!

That someone is little Miss Addison!!! Ever since my mom left we can't seem to get Addison out of our bed! Brody's not even sleeping in bed with us, but our 3 1/2 year old is! John & I are a little lost on how to approach this because as of right now we are just too dang tired to deal with Addison screaming and crying while she explaines why she can't sleep in her own bed. At least at first she would fall asleep in her bed, but now she doesn't even do that. Last night while I was feeding Brody she came up to me and said "Mom, I'm tired and want to go to bed" I said "Ok, give me kiss and daddy will put you to bed" she responded by saying "No, I'm ready to go to sleep in your bed". What the heck, this is going to be interesting to fix. We've even bribed her with new movies if she sleeps the whole night in her own bed...HASN'T WORKED!!! I honestly can't handle two kids screaming at me let alone one, but I want my bed back and something needs to be done ASAP!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grandpa Loves His Grandbabies!!

Grandpa Dennis came to visit us last week, while it was a week later than expected he made it! He was suppose to come the week before but unfortunately he had suddenly got hit by the flu. Luckily the vomiting started before he left his house rather than on the airplane or worse when he got here. After talking with Delta we were able to get a credit on his flight and he was able to come only a week later.

We for sure kept Grandpa very busy! With this being Halloween week we had a lot going on. Addison's school had a fall festival on Wednesday after school so we attended that. We had so much fun, but ohh my it was very hot & sticky out. Thursday we let Grandpa take a couple of hours off from the kids while me and the kids went to my friend Mary's house for a Halloween party with our playgroup. Addison wasn't all about the group photo when we arrived, but she warmed up and was excited to play with all of her friends. Friday we had another fun day planned with attending a little Halloween parade at Addison's school.

I'm thinking Grandpa was a little overwhelmed with our schedule, but now he can see what a week of my life is like! ;o) We're constantly on the go so it was nice to have him here to help me with holding Brody when he was fussy.

It was a great feeling watching my dad interacting with his very first grandson, he was extremely proud and beyond happy to spend some time with both Brody and Addison.