Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How About One More???

Yesterday was an amazing day, Brody actually slept most the day only waking up and fussing when it was time for him to eat and then he would fall right back to sleep. I'll be honest if we had more days like this I may consider having one more baby. Yes, for a second I had this thought yesterday, but then 5 o'clock came around and that thought was completely shut down. Brody started crying and there was no calming him down for over an hour. I told John what I was thinking and he almost passed right out. I explained to him he has nothing to worry about because I'm fully aware there is no way we will ever produce a baby that will just sit there an look cute. I've been thanking God wayyy too much these days that we aren't having anymore kids and this is the last time we have to go through being parents to a tiny baby. Its been rough but I know its all worth it!



Tete said...

Hey it could happen! I bet if you had 1 more you would get the perfect non-crying baby!!! Just try it :o) P.S. this is my new favorite picture of Brody!

April said...

Yeah Stephanie just do it!!!! You can have another one....isn't that what you tell me!!! LOL!!! Very cute pic of Mr. Brody!!! Love, love, love those cheeks:)

TangledUp said...

Loving the picture of Brody. I promise you its going to get easier. You know it because of Addison, but again, what you really need is a break. For sanity sake! Being a mom is SO very hard. Let your friends help you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoo