Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Brody is 3 Months Old Today!!!!

Its shocking I gave birth to Brody 3 months ago today. I was almost in tears last night thinking about us preparing for Brody's birth the night before. It sounds weird, but it was the strangest thing actually KNOWING you were having a baby the next day.
These past 3 months have been crazy. When we got home from the hospital John & I looked at each other and were both thinking "ohh God we have 3 months of this roller coaster of crying and not knowing what is wrong with this baby". LOOK we made it to 3 months still alive! 3 months was an important time for us with Addison since she was a colicky baby. Luckily there hasn't been quite as much crying and can you believe he's already sleeping around 6 hours a night. Our current obstacle is getting him to go to bed before midnight. I love that he sleeps until 6, but its REALLY hard for me & John to stay up that late. I'm hoping we're getting close to the stage of starting a routine with naps and so on, but I'm not trying to rush anything. Life with my baby boy is beautiful and I must say I'm a pretty lucky mommy!!