Thursday, February 17, 2011

It May Be Time for a Change

Brody's been dealing with a stuffy nose, coughing & sneezing for about a week now so we decided to take him to the doctor just to make sure that his ears looked good and I didn't have anything to worry about while travelling next week. After Brody got the through exam and it was confirmed he's just dealing with a slight cold. So, in order to not have this visit be a complete waste of my time I proceeded to ask the pediatrician about his napping habits (or lack of napping habits). I don't quite understand why Brody insists on only napping while I'm holding him. I swear as soon as I lay him in his crib or swing his eyes POP open! Well, he basically blew me off and told me "its not really medically necessary, its more of a personal preference"...WTF!!! I swear every time I go in there looking for some advice its the biggest waste of time. I find more information on the Internet! Luckily they've added another dr., but I'm considering changing pediatricians. So, I basically need to figure this napping thing out on my own. ;o( I honestly don't think its medically right for him to not nap all day. I would hate to change pediatricians since the location is perfect, but after seeing the kind of amazing treatment Natalee gets from her ped. I'm thinking it might be time for a change.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One More Week!!!

Addison, Brody & I get to see this handsome face in 7 days! I can't wait to bring these baby cousins together especially Brody & Kingstyn since they are so close in age. We are going to have so much fun spending a whole week with Tete & King, I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Uncle Graaaaag Visits

I have no idea how or why but Addison has decided to pronounce my brother Greg's name like Graaag! She was so excited to see her Uncle and Brody was just as excited in this new face. It was cute seeing these "boys" hanging out, since boys are pretty rare in our family it was exciting to see the male bonding begin!

Greg was actually in town for a work meeting so it worked out perfect that we got to spend a couple of hours visiting him before he had to go back to Chicago.

He had a little too much fun at his work meeting so Addison was kind enough to let him sleep with Boots the monkey that Tete got her.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hand Eating, Toe Grabbing, Rolling Over, Mini Push-Ups Ohh My!

Mr. Brody is staying active to say the least! Its so crazy how things can come together in an instant. Brody & I've been working on those mini push-ups for a while now and he's finally getting the hang of it. Each day I wouldn't expect much and then he would pleasantly surprise me! If he would figure out how to keep up on his arms long enough he would be crawling. This little man doesn't want to stay in one place and he's constantly scooting himself with his legs. I'm fine with him just going in circles for a little longer since I'm convinced he's going to be my trouble maker! I have a feeling I'm going to have to put all my picture frames away...please prove me wrong Mr. Brody!

With Brody pretty much all over the place especially in his crib it was time to take the bumpers away. So, we've reached yet another milestone...the bumpers have been removed.

Well, we're moving right along with this little guy who's getting bigger everyday. Next on "the list" is having him situp on his own and I think I've heard a couple of "mama's".

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Unless Addison's around...

I honestly think Addison's heaven consists of lots of rain that she can run through and lots of puddles to jump in with her cool Hello Kitty rain boots!

I don't know how she's going to feel about the rain when she gets older since it turns her hair into a bigger fro than it already is! ;o)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

This year I was in SC for my birthday, so I didn't get to celebrate this day of birth with my little family until I got home. John did as awesome job! I'm actually quite proud of him because he really did plan an amazing night for me after picking me up from the airport.
Luckily he decided to make a crock pot roast since my flight ended up being a little late, big chef and little chef baked me a cake the night before, I got BEAUTIFUL flowers and the best part my amazing husband got me a new camera (Canon Powershot SX30 IS) ! He wasn't suppose to get me anything since I've been doing quite a bit of post baby clothes shopping for myself lately. I had no idea! I can't put this thing down. I'm not gonna lie, I'm little intimidated, but after seeing the amazing pictures it produces I'm more than willing to figure this thing out!

Once again my husband out did himself and I have to admit I'm a lucky girl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Visit With The King!!!

Kingstyn Randal that is! I finally got to go see my handsome tiny nephew this past weekend and it was AMAZING!!!

He is such a good boy and is perfect in every way. It was such a great experience to actually go visit another baby while I currently have a baby under 6 months. My reactions were so much different with my nephew than with my own son. Now I understand why my friends are so willing to help me out when I need a break from a cranky baby. Its so different soothing a baby that's not yours, I just felt less stressed and a lot more relaxed.

I must say there really wasn't too much soothing that had to be done. Kingstyn is for sure a lot different than my two babies. He actually sleeps and when he's awake he's not crying the whole time. We even got to go out to eat a bunch of times while I was there, that doesn't happen too often in the Vranich household! Don't get me wrong he had his moments, but man o man I must say I'm pretty jealous yet truly happy for my sister. I would never wish my misery on anyone. ;o)

Natalee has never looked more beautiful with her baby boy in her arms! She is such a good mommy, you can just feel the love radiating all around her. She was meant to be a mommy without a doubt and jumped right into that role with no hesitation. I love watching and listening to her talk to Mr. Kingstyn.

I had a blast getting to know my new nephew but its only the beginning. I'm looking forward to bringing Brody & Addison to meet their cousin at the end of this month and then we'll all get back together in mid March in Michigan! I'm determined that Kingstyn will know and love me just as much as my kids know and love their Tete!