Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inheriting a Bad Back???

I don't know if its possible but I think I've inherited my moms awful back! ;o( I had to make a nice visit to the Chiropractor today and believe me this was my last resort. I was against going to the Chiropractor up until last year when I was pregnant w/Brody and my lower back was bothering me pretty bad. I felt it was time to finally take a visit to a place my mom knows all too well. I remember when I was younger, my mom had to bring us kids (Me, Natalee & Greg) to the Chiropractor so she could get adjusted quite frequently. There was an awesome arcade PacMan game to play and then unlimited cold water available, but I didn't like the fact we had to go there all the time because my mom was suffering from back pain. My poor mom has thrown her back out numerous times and it scared(s) me to death. I've done it myself I think 3 times now and holy crap I'm out of commission for at least a week. Well, that doesn't fly when you have a 6 month old so I'm really trying to get this lower back pain in check before I end up back at the hospital for some good muscle relaxers. I'm sure its a combination of carrying my 16lb baby most of the day (sometimes add the weight from his car seat too), not exercising for almost a year and probably my huge boobies along w/the awful posture while nursing Brody. Of course this had to happen when I just started getting into a routine of going to the gym. I'm not getting discouraged and I'm going to keep up with my cardio, but BodyPump is gonna have to wait until Sunday because like I said there's no way I can lay in a bed for a week with an active 6 month old and a 4 year old who's constantly wanting me to "play puppies".

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Red Heads Need Love Too!!!

I have the cutest little red headed nephew in the whole world! I love running my fingers through his long red locks, I let out a little chuckle everytime I see him because that red hair is just amazing and a great conversation starter where ever my sister goes! He is so darn cute and special in every way.

I must admit...part of my laughing has to do with the fact that my sister and I would always joke about "red heads" and its quite funny that she now has a red headed baby boy. I love this little guy to pieces, we'll see if this red hair sticks around I hope it does because I think it suits him just perfect!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Brody Gets Baptized!!!

One of the main reasons we made the trip to Michigan (besides showing off our new little man) was to get Brody baptized at the church I grew up going to. Our Shepherd Lutheran has been part of many important moments in my life: Pastor Young married me & John, Pastor Scherbarth baptized Addison, married Natalee & Chad and has now baptized Brody. It feels nice to have a home of worship in Michigan so we can get all of our Michigan family together for moments like these and its nice that I've had the same church in my life for almost 20 years!

Of course one of my favorite parts of the baptism was the planning. Now that we are a one income family we had to go a little more conservative (unlike Addison's baptism where her party afterwards was at Maggianos) but we found this great more laid back place to celebrate after B's ceremony. The next order of business was "what should he wear"? I decided to go with a suit rather than a white outfit. He looked so darn cute in his first suit, I was really happy with my decision to go this way.

John and I decided to choose my sister Natalee and our very close friend Jen to be Brody's godmothers. Natalee was an easy decision because John and I both know that if anything were to happen to us there is no doubt that our children would go to her. She is so amazing with both of our kids and we love her to death.
Jen Atkinson was another obvious choice as well. While Jen and I have only been friends for almost 2 years her faith and love for my family made it a no brainer. Jen and I are extremely close, I know I can count on her for anything and she will always be there for our family no matter what. She's opened my eyes to so many things, she's not only my friend but I consider her a sister who will always be in my life. I truly believe that God brought her to our family for a reason.

The baptism went beautifully. Brody was amazing, he actually ended up falling asleep on me right before it was time for him to get baptized. So, when Pastor Scherbarth poured the water on B's head his arms jumped out from his sides and he let out a little cry. As you can see from the picture below he's still trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

Another milestone in Brody's life has come upon us and I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love From the MI G's

Whenever we roll into Michigan we know the kids will be getting some good love from their Grandparents.

We got to see Papa and Grandma Michele on St. Patrick's Day for dinner. It was so cute to see Addison love all over her Papa and then watching Tom hold the Grandson he's been waiting for.

The kids were so lucky to see Grandma Cheryl almost everyday we were in Michigan. It was so nice of my mom to come to the apartment we were staying at as often as she did and then spend hours and hours bonding with her Grandbabies! Mom was even nice enough to babysit for me and Natalee so we could go out on St. Patrick's Day! What a trooper considering she had to work the next morning.

Last but not least Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Jane got their time with Brody & Addi too! The kids got to go over to their Grandparents house Friday night so we could go out to dinner with friends. This was Jane's first time meeting Brody and I think she held him all 3 hours we were gone. It was really cute to watch her interact with him and watch him grab at her face and hair. My dad was amazing as always with Miss Addison. He got her this huge cardboard house which he put together in the living room where Addison got to draw on it and even play inside like it was a fort. Needless to say it was hard getting her to leave!

John and I have been so blessed to have such amazing parents that want to be in our children's lives every step of the way. I love how Addison lights up every time we talk about our parents and then gets sad when its time to leave them. Being away from family & friends is the only reason why I miss living in Michigan, but luckily our parents do everything possible to be part of their lives! This trip was for sure all about visiting family and I think we accomplished this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vranich & Reinbold Fun!!!

We had a blast taking a small road trip over to Brighton, MI to visit John's Granny, some of the Reinbold family and Tom & Michele. We decided to get together for dinner because Granny and the Reinbolds weren't going to be able to make it to Brody's baptism. Well, we couldn't come to Michigan without seeing these important people.

Addison had a blast tickling Danielle and making everyone laugh. I love how months sometimes years can go by and she's still very warm to everyone she encounters. Don't get me wrong sometimes she needs a moment, but overall she is not shy one bit and I must admit it makes things alot easier! We had a great time catching up and spending some much needed time together!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day in MI

This year I decided to get all of us St. Patrick's Day shirts so we can be a cute little family with close to the same shirts on for a very cute picture...SUCCESS!!!

The kids and I started our day off getting dressed in our very cool shirts and taking pictures of the three of us (this was Addison's idea). I just love how we're all wearing green and Brody's bib shouts out "1st St. Patrick's".

If it wasn't for my mom this day wouldn't mean as much to me. Ever since I can remember she's made a big deal out of St. Patrick's Day. She's always celebrated our Irish heritage with a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt and some cute little things to decorate the day. I honestly think my mom enjoys almost every Hallmark holiday out there, this isn't a bad thing at all. Its for sure one of the things I love about my mom and hope to share with my kids.

We had some pretty amazing visitors that came to our apartment on this special green day. My cousin Melissa and her husband Chris brought their almost 1 year old baby Sophia. It was so much fun watching the kids play together and of course we had to get a group picture, especially since when Natalee, Melissa and I were babies our parents were constantly getting pictures of the 3 of us on a couch in the same outfits!

Now as you can see we're all grown up and have our own kids and its our turn to torture them with the picture taking. I feel so blessed to have traditions in my life and to have family to share them with.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Beautiful Children

When I was younger I would lay in my bed daydreaming about getting married and having kids. I would try to picture what kind of life I would have as an adult and what my children would look like. Well, I must say I'm pretty proud and beyond happy with the children I've been blessed with. Not only do I feel like I have the most beautiful little girl and boy, but its Addison's personality that makes me feel like I'm getting everything I imagined and possibly more (Brody's still working on the personality thing)! I love my children so much, I had no idea being a mom would be like this. I live for them, all my thoughts are about them and how to make their futures the best possible. There's not one thing I wouldn't do for them and I LOVE it. I have been so blessed with two amazing children, even with the frustration that sometimes comes along with have two kids it only takes a tiny little smile to bring me back to my happiness.

These beautiful pictures were taken in South Carolina by the amazing owner of Adore Amore Photography, Catherine Tolbert!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Addi's Birthday Week!!!

Since we were visiting Tete and Kingstyn for Addison's 4th birthday we had to make it a birthday week rather than just a day!

Tete of course did an amazing job making Addison feel so special. She decorated the kitchen with a Birthday sign and had a nice pink present waiting for her on the table. Of course she topped the morning off with a nice breakfast made especially for my little Addison.

After all the excitement of the morning it was time to head to Monkey Joes!!!! Monkey Joes is this cool place full of bouncy houses, video games and even a concession stand which consisted of stuffed monkey's that Addi of course had to have! I was a little nervous that she would be "bored" since whenever we go to one of these places she has lots of friends to play with. Ohhh was I wrong, she had a blast!!! I think she went up and down the big slide over a hundred times! She was running around enough to make her cheeks nice and rosy and her hair nice and sweaty. We all had so much fun, even the babies were good and of course Brody was all about staring at the bright colors and Kingstyn was chillin in his car seat!

After our fun trip to Monkey Joes we took Addi out for a nice lunch and then it was time to go back to Tete's house and make a birthday cake. As we all know Little Chef is all about cooking, so her and Tete spent some time in the kitchen making a red velvet cake w/german chocolate frosting (Tete's on a special non-dairy diet so this is what she could eat). Addi was beyond intrigued by the red cake mix, she loved sticking her fingers in the batter and having red fingers! Once again Natalee was amazing and I have a feeling Addison will always remember making this red cake w/her.

Not only did we sing Happy Birthday to Addison, but we were able to get John on the web cam so he could be part of the singing too! I loved seeing the smile on her face all day, I love this little girl more than words can explain. I'm such a lucky mom, I'm still in shock I have a 4 year old!!

After our amazing trip w/Tete John surprised Addison with another yummy birthday cake, a huge Tinkerbell balloon and her very own flowers! What a great surprise for our baby girl to have all this waiting for her when she walked in the door!

Addison's 3rd event for her big day was bringing in cupcakes for her classmates to enjoy! This was a huge milestone even for me because I remember when I was younger and we would celebrate birthdays in class and their mom would bring in a snack. The cupcakes were a hit and Addi was so proud to share them with her class.

Finally...the main Birthday event!!! Addison had her 4th birthday party with all her friends at Chuck E. Cheese!!! What a success!!! Addison had about 15 friends attend and once again it was a huge milestone for both of us since this was her first b'day party with actual friends. I must say the parents and children in her class are amazing, they are all so cute and so polite, there was no question I had to invite all of them and then we invited the kids and parents from our play group. It was a great size party we truly appreciated everyone coming to celebrate my baby girl.

While it was a great week celebrating Addison's birth, I was for sure ready to have things get back to "normal" whatever that means...actually then it was time to start getting ready for our MI trip. I think Addi felt very special during this week, it was a week she'll never forget!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Small & Vranich Cousins Meet

Natalee & I were beyond excited to get our kids together and take a million pictures. Well, luckily our flight got in pretty early so we were able to start right away. I honestly think as soon as we walked into the Small house we busted out the cameras!
We had such a blast hanging out with Tete and Kingstyn for a whole week! I think this is one of those rare trips where I wasn't running out the door ready to get on a plane to come home. It was nice that we had some days of doing stuff and others of just hanging out and letting the kids play. If it wasn't for my back yelling at me all the time (since I have a 5 1/2 month old I have to hold all the time) we would probably still be there! ;o)

Addison had so much fun playing with her baby cousin and baby brother. She was such an amazing help especially when it came time to go up and down the stairs if I forgot to bring something with me. Holy crap I'm not use to climbing up and down stairs all the time especially holding my 15 1/2 lb chunker monker! It was really cute to see all the loving she shared with Kingstyn and how she would try to calm him down with kisses when he was upset. It was cute to watch her play with the boys and interact with them in a motherly way. She's going to be the best babysitter in about 10 years!

Brody was intrigued by Kingstyn in general. I loved watching him try to touch Kingstyn's bright red hair. I had to keep a close eye on him since he likes to violently explore things by swatting them with his hands. I didn't want Kingstyn to lose an ear or anything. Overall Brody was great, watching the two of them "play" together brought a tear to my eye picturing what it will be like in the years to come. I had no idea I would be this happy that Natalee & Chad also had a boy, I really didn't think about it until after Kingstyn was born and how exciting it will be to watch our little boys grow up together.

Of course Kingstyn was amazing the whole time we were there with very minimal crying. He's such a good baby and totally goes with the flow. It seems like the only time he's really mad is when its time to eat, his mom stops feeding him because he has to burp and when his bottle's gone and he thinks he's still hungry. He's just so darn cute and I love playing with his long red hair.

Sooo, our first trip of getting the kids together has come and gone. Its just the beginning of the millions and millions of memories to come. We are all getting together again next week to get Brody baptized and then we will need to start planning the next visit after that. Luckily they have moms that like seeing each other too so this whole visiting thing won't be fizzling out anytime soon.