Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding!!

I had no idea I even slightly cared about this whole Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding...until I saw Kate stepping out of the car looking beautiful as ever! As soon as I saw the innocence in her eyes and the look of pure excitement to be marrying the man she loves, I was sucked in!

I have no idea why I'm even surprised since I'm honestly OBSESSED with reality TV which means I'm extremely nosey to see what is happening in other peoples lives! After years and years of hearing about Princess Diana and how she was never in love with Prince Charles it was actually breathe taking to watch Prince William and Kate actually look like they simply can't live without each other. I got chills watching Prince William looking at his soon to be wife as she made her way to him and as the commentators told the world what he said "you look beautiful"! It was nice to see how lovely the two of them looked and the kiss on the balcony was another highlight to my Friday afternoon of TV. I of course didn't get up at 4am to watch this (especially since I didn't even know I cared until around 11am) but was willing to watch the hours and hours of highlights as much as possible. Kate looked stunning and the smile on Prince William's face was amazing. I'm happy I decided to take time out of my day to watch this and see such a happy beautiful couple become one! Cheerio!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The King Turns 4...months that is

Why?????? Where is the time going? My "hansthum" little nephew is already 4 months old! Its driving me crazy to not be there for all his special moments and to show him how much I love him. Luckily the Vranich family is making a trip out to see the Small family in June. I'm going to try to soak in every second with him especially now that he's so alert and will hopefully start remembering me more and more each visit.

I love that Kingstyn and Brody are only 3 months apart, I'm REALLY looking forward to see how they interact! I'm pretty sure Brody's going to pull on his long red hair and grab at every part of Kingstyn...Brody's nickname is now Mr. Grabby McGrabby! I'm pretty sure each visit going forward will be fun watching these little guys play together. Don't worry about Addison she'll get in on that, she tells me almost everyday how she misses her Tete and Kingstyn.
Well, Mr. Kingstyn happy 4 months, I love you so much and can't wait to see you in June!!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Watch Me!!!

As you may recall, at the end of summer last year Addison got up the courage to jump off the diving blocks at the country club we belond to. Well, she took no time at all to get right back into what she fount out she was missing all last summer.

I love how my baby girl has no fear and in most situations is willing to try just about anything.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morning Love!

Another perk to staying home with my kids is the relaxed atmosphere that we get to have on most mornings (except for when Addi has school 3 days a week). I love when its time for Brody to wake up and eat and I look over to see Addison sleeping peacefully in John's spot. Once I'm done nursing Brody and he see's his big sister laying there its on. Addison pops up and instantly begins to play with her little brother. I try to stay playing in my bed as long as possible. Its so nice and comfortable to lay down with the kids that consists of lots of tickles, laughing and lots of cuddles. When mornings start off like this there's no way we can have a bad day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wanna Play w/Me?!

Mr. Brody has discovered the concept of playing!!! Ever since my little man has started sitting up on his own that's all he wants to do. I can barely put him in his swing or bouncey chair, he thinks I'm crazy for even thinking he wants to lay back even for a second. So, when I do put him in these things its quite funny since he's always leaning forward.

Its pretty cool to see him continue to grow in every way. Seeing his big smile when your talking to him and even the grunts when he's trying to respond to whatever it is we're discussing. Addi's having a blast too. She loves playing with her little brother and you can tell she's teaching him alot and he's taking it all in. I just love experiencing all of this first hand and continue to watch Brody grow almost daily!!!

Another perk with Brody getting older and wanting to play...he actually wears himself out and wants to take naps!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed this continues!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter!!!

I had no idea life would be so much fun with a 4 year old! Well, more like the older Addison gets I find myself enjoying holidays and events a whole lot more. I love her excitement about everything. No matter what it is she gets excited and makes US excited.

Easter was soooo much fun this year, besides the month leading up to the day I had to tell Addison the Easter Bunny wasn't coming until such and such a day. She thought he was coming everyday for a month so when it finally happened yesterday I was beyond relieved!

I think this year might be the first year that we actually colored Easter eggs with her. She was beyond confused and didn't understand the concept at all. After a couple of dips by John she was getting the hang of it. I think she was more excited to put stickers on the eggs than dye them (she's obsessed w/stickers), but she compromised and did both. We also had to explain to her several times that the eggs she's handling are in fact REAL eggs, she would say "these aren't real...they're fake" so John ate one of them and the look on her face was priceless. I have a feeling she's still quite baffled by this, but I'm sure she'll be fine w/it by next year.

After decorating the eggs it was time to draw the Easter bunny a picture. Since we had left over stickers from the eggs she took full advantage of putting the rest of them on her special picture. She loves coloring so she took her time and made a "beautiful picture" for the Easter bunny to take and remember her by.

We proceeded to complete the table with some carrots and made it look gorgeous with the Easter eggs we had dyed along with Addison's beautiful artwork. Addison gave the table a thumbs up and knew the Easter bunny would be so proud of everything she had put together for him! ;o)

The morning of Easter we continued the tradition that we started with her last year by doing a Easter basket hunt! We hid plastic eggs throughout the house with clues that would eventually lead her to her Easter basket. She had so much fun and the expression on her face after reading each clue was priceless. I'm so happy that John decided to continue this tradition from when he was a kid! The Easter basket was found and she loved all of her gifts, but then it was time to get ready for brunch at the Country Club! The goal was to get to church this year, but it just wasn't in the cards. We're still trying to juggle this crazy life w/two kids without getting overwhelmed. We'll get there eventually.

We decided to do brunch at the St. Petersburg Country Club this year. I was actually really excited because the Easter bunny was going to be there along with an Easter egg hunt. I'm happy that we went this route since its always so much work to cook for just the two of us and rather than stress out with prepping, timing, cleaning and then not really relaxing we let someone else do that for us. ;o) The club was great...lots of food, good people and no clean up!

The Easter egg hunt was a success as well. It was awesome seeing Addison run after the plastic eggs and see the excitment in her eyes as her basket continued to fill up, she didn't want to stop!

We can't forget to bring up Mr. Brody! He was soooooooooooo awesome yesterday! Our little guy even took 2 long naps along with 1 short one in the evening. We must of wiped him out from our fun weekend. He's such a good little man, I look forward to him getting bigger and being able to do these fun things with his big sister!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gold Star Goes to...

ME!!! ;o)

If someone would of told me 2 years ago that I would be packing up the kids with all of our crap and heading to the pool w/o any help from John or friends, I would say they're crazy! Well, I'm quite proud of myself because I did just that! I mean honestly I know its really not that great of an accomplishment since at least my 4 year old knows how to swim and I don't have to keep an eagle eye on her the whole time and luckily Mr. Brody is digging his froggy float so I don't have to hold him the whole time. What is amazing about this is, I actually just DID IT! Normally I would sit in my house and go through all the scenarios of what could go wrong and basically freak the crap out of myself and come up with every excuse to NOT go and just stay home. The new me is loving life and taking it head on. I don't want to feel like a prisoner in my own mind and since I have a pretty active 4 year old with a 7 month old following in her footsteps I can't live life thinking about what could possibly go wrong, but rather think about the memories I'm creating with my kids. Luckily yesterday went really well and Brody was on his best behavior, he didn't get cranky until the very end and it really wasn't that bad. Its funny how much more relaxed and confident I feel. Ever since having Brody I've been willing to step out of my comfort zone more and more...I LIKE IT!!! Cheers to lots of swimming at the pool and being nice and tan before I know it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My baby girl is getting so big! I took this first picture yesterday before we left for gymnastics and the second one was taken when she was 9 months old. Where has the time gone?!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

C word

You never want to hear about anyone getting the news they have cancer let alone someone in your own family or circle of friends. Unfortunately I got that call a couple of months ago from my dad telling me he has Prostate Cancer.

I really didn't know how to process this conversation at first because I was in total shock that these words were even coming out of his mouth. We were just talking a couple of weeks ago about him getting tests done since his numbers were just slightly off from what they were suppose to be. The doctor felt really good that he probably doesn't have cancer but he wanted to just check to confirm this was the case. Well, luckily they decided to go further with this because my dad was informed he does in fact have stage 1 Prostate cancer.
He had a couple of options since his cancer was in the beginning stages, either he could have his prostate removed or he could just wait it out and basically hope that it doesn't go past this beginning stage. Well, my dad made the decision to have his prostate removed. His surgery took place on Friday, April 16th. Luckily he got to do some relaxing in Hawaii before the big surgery so he was ready to get this over with and move on with this life. He's been recovering well, while he's pretty exhausted and ready to have his "normal" life back he seems pretty positive and looking forward to the future.
I really hope he gets a break from the poor health that he's been dealing with for the last couple of years. I feel like the poor guy can't catch a break. I use to think 60 is so old, but that was until my dad actually turned 60 and now I'm thinking that's not so old anymore. I want him around for a really long time so he needs to get better and continue doing things that will make him stronger and will put his health back on track. Like I said I'm praying this is the last of bad news from him!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pool Time

The weather has been beautiful for the last couple of weeks, we've been too busy to get to the country club up until TODAY! We decided to join the St. Petersburg County Club again this year since we had so much fun doing it last year. Not only was this the first time at the pool this year, but it was Brody's first time going in a pool!

Brody did so awesome, we knew he would love it since he loves taking his baths. I'm not gonna lie the water was a little chilly and it took him a couple of dips to actually get use to it. John & I were a little worried he wouldn't want to stay in, but as soon as he got in his cool raft, started playing with the toys and got to splash he was totally into it. It was hilarious because every time he would splash and the cold water would hit his face he would gasp like "what the hell was that". It was priceless to see him enjoying himself and getting excited when his big sister swam by him.

Speaking of "big sister" Addison had a blast. I don't think she even realized the water was freezing. As soon as we walked through the gate she tore her swimsuit cover off and tossed her shoes to the side. We had to tell her to calm down and we need to put our stuff down before she can just jump right in. I swear she would live in the pool if we let her, she loves swimming and now she loves jumping off the starter blocks that she got the guts to jump off of at the end of last summer. Its the best feeling to know we don't have to watch her every move and she's fully capable of swimming all on her own (thanks TBT). We did a refresher swim lesson, but she didn't really need it. She's so in love with the water I don't think she'll ever forget her "reach, pull, tickles".

We had such a great day and even though it was kind of cloudy and really windy all 4 of us managed to get some color. I swear I'll never figure out the whole sunblock on kids, no matter how much or how many times I put sunblock on the kids they still manage to get a little burnt.

Brody was such a good boy, it literally took less than 5 minutes in the car before he was zonked out! In my book that's a pretty successful event!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Supporting a Crazy Mom!

These past 7+ months have been pretty crazy (I guess I should add an additional 9 months since my whole pregnancy was crazy as well). So many emotions to keep up with and the million things that run through my head on a daily basis. If I didn't have the support system that I have I don't know what I would do. John has been beyond great when it comes to my up and down mood swings due to whether or not Brody had a good or bad day. He's been amazing when it comes to taking on the kids as soon as he walks through the door from work. I wish he didn't have to stress out at work and then come home and continue to "work" with helping me get the kids settled for the night. I know I've mentioned a million times throughout this blog, but I truly had no idea Brody would be as difficult as he's been. I thought we paid our dues with the rough time we had with Addison being a baby, but I & everyone else who told me you don't have 2 "bad" babies was WRONG. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely know that things could be ALOT worse, but I don't think that way when I have to send my friends a text that I'm going insane or call my sister Natalee to tell her I think my son hates me. I know that I'm so irrational when Brody has a horrible day or week and I feel I've hit my limit with being able to handle an unhappy baby, so if it wasn't for my support system of friends and family I truly wouldn't make it. I can't thank everyone enough for being there to not only give me advice but to basically listen to the same stories of my frustrations and tears of sadness because I'm trying to figure out why Brody is unhappy again. I love my little guy more than anything but holy crap he's making sure to keep us on our toes. We'll get through this...I mean honestly I can't believe my little guy is already 7 months old. I'm trying not to wish these months away, but sometimes I think about what our life will be like when he's 4 and Addi's 7 (I just got weird)!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Did I Get Myself In To???????

My amazing friend Jen sent this to me "If we don't experience bad stuff than the good times wouldn't be considered good". I am going to keep this saved on my phone for as long as possible because it really put everything into perspective. I've been so stressed out with Mr. Brody and his constant crying/fussiness that I reached out to her so she could say a prayer for me and of course to get the stress out that has been bottling up in my chest. I swear my patience grows thinner and thinner each day the fussiness continues. I'm so tired of going through every scenario in my head (is he about to get teeth, is he tired, could he be hungry, does he have a tummy ache...the list goes on and on). I'm for sure having a selfish moment thinking I'm the only one who is cursed with babies that hate their life for the first couple of years (dramatic...I know). Why can't I have the babies that like to look cute, take consistent naps and love being put on a schedule and sticking to that schedule. I promise this is simply a vent entry because I'm so exhausted by trying to figure out why Brody continues to go through these spurts of hating me. Part of me wishes that I did work so I didn't have to be a mom 24/7, at least I would have a 9-10 hr break (or if your John 12-13 hrs) 5 days a week. I love being home with my kids, but I'm constantly feeling like I'm failing in some way and maybe me being the one to "raise" him in this beginning stage isn't best. Perhaps it is beneficial to have a professional who's been doing this for a long time take care of him. Addi was a difficult baby but she's amazing now, what if I'm screwing Brody up because I'm the one taking care of him? Great, let me add that to my list of things to stress about!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Someones Doing Big Boy Things!!

Where is the time going? I swear weeks are flying by in hours, which means my little man is getting big and starting to do big boy things! Mr. Brody has officially started sitting up unsupported, I still need to be close by though so he doesn't do a face plant into the floor since he's still working on the whole balance thing. Its quite exciting watching his reaction to the world while sitting up instead of laying down. The only downside to this is every time I put him in his swing, vibrating chair and anything else that requires him to be slightingly laying back he wants to sit straight up. Now I have to keep an even closer eye on him because he's trying to make his escape by wiggling all around in the chair he's sitting in. I swear one accomplishment leads to more mommy anxiety!

Due to the issues described above it was time to put the little guy in a high chair. I've been trying to develop a schedule when it comes to feeding him solid food. We're doing awesome with getting him some food in the evening time, but now I want to start adding Breakfast and Lunch to the mix. We'll get there I'm not really worried, I'm just excited we have something new to put him in that will help ease my nerves since he can't climb out of it just yet!

Brody also started doing a couple of new things this past weekend: when John was waving to him Brody started doing the same thing back to him. He was opening and closing his hand as if he too was waving. It was so cool, I tried capturing it on video but of course as soon as I got it out he started to get fussy. I also think we're going to have a crawler soon too! Brody has started to scoot backwards and lifting up his legs, he hasn't quite figured out the whole lifting up his butt, but I'm not worried. It took the little guy forever to figure out how to do those mini push ups. As I keep saying, this whole experience has been amazing. While I've had a child before you easily forget the emotions that take over when your baby hits these milestones. I love watching Brody accomplish all these new things, I can tell my excitement makes him excited and willing to continue to entertain me!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hangin Out in the Crib

Yup! This is the cool thing to do these days...hang out in the baby brothers crib! Luckily Addison still isn't even 40lbs so I thought it would be fine for her to climb on in and hang out with her little brother. She loves laying with him and reading him books, he likes to grab at the books and try to eat them, but she's really patient with him and just tells him no or I get him his own book to drool over.

I think Brody's a little confused by this, but he LOVES his big sister and is pretty outgoing. I like it because it gives me a couple of minutes to get stuff done around the house. She's so good with him and knows to not jump in there or on him...we have an understanding. She continues to try and convince me that she can sleep with Brody at night, but I have to put my foot down at some point! Perhaps I should reconsider so she stops ending up in my bed each night!

Of course Brody's baby and Addi's baby had to hang out too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Wish I Had...

Well, no one said it was easy having a 4 year old...especially one that now watches TV shows that require commercials (we've moved on from Nick Jr. which have NO commercials). I swear all I hear these days are "I wish I had this or that". Now I know exactly why my parent's would be so irritated with us kids when we would say that...its honestly really annoying. I continue to remind Addison that she just had a birthday so just because she didn't get that EXACT Barbie that's on the commerical doesn't mean the other cool Barbie that she recieved isn't JUST as nice. This new saying is fairly new, but I'm ready to pull my hairout!

So, I'm in my bedroom folding clothes the other day and Addi walks in saying "I wish I had a tent, I would camp out under the stars and I would have all my friends come over so we could sleep in it". Well, I was beyond excited to tell her "YOU DO HAVE A TENT"!!! I forgot about 8 months ago we got her a little tent from IKEA! I never brought it out because I didn't want to put it together and had no idea how long she would make us keep it up! Well, you can only imagine the shock and excitement on her face when I said that. Of course I had to drop everything that I was doing and begin to put this thing together. Ok, it didn't take a rocket scientist to put this thing together, but as embarressed as I am to admit took me 4 tries before figuring out how to do it. Luckily Addison was pretty patient and I did warn her ahead of time that this was a daddy project, but I would do my best. Yola' I DID IT!

Addison was so excited, she couldn't stop talking about having her friend Kayleigh over. We even put her sleeping bag in there (which she explained we need to buy Kayleigh one too she they both had one) and then she proceeded to put as many animals and toys in there as possible. I let her do whatever she wanted, this was her first experience with anything like this so I was letting her have her moment.

This tent was actually alot bigger than we thought it would be. It took up most of her room so I only let her keep it up for about a week before I told her we would bring it back out when she had her friends over (we'll see if she remembers). You could tell the excitement started to die down after a couple of days, but of course as soon as I mentioned putting it away, she wouldn't have it. But, now it is safely back in her closet where I hope will stay at least for a little while.

Soooo, now we are back to where we started. I'm hoping I'll get to surprise her again with something she's wishing for & I can make it appear!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Tete's Birthday...Happy Birthday...Birthday to You!

Its a special day today! Not only was I given a little sister 31 years ago, but this is the first birthday that Natalee will be celebrating as a mom!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Damn Obsticles!

I swear anytime I have a plan in place and ready to execute, something stands in my way! I've finally gotten to that place where I actually WANT to go to the gym and make it part of my life and perhaps daily routine...well guess who finally got sick?! Yup, ME! After dealing w/a household of sickness and thinking I avoided it, it has now affected me. ;o( This makes me really sad, but I'm trying to keep my head up. I'm hoping I'll only be out of commission for a couple more days and this stuffy nose, tightness in my chest and painful throbbing headache will be gone or at least manageable by Wednesday. I'm keepin the faith!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I swear every month gets more and more interesting when it comes to the kids "playing together". Brody LOVES his big sister and Addi is constantly asking me to put Brody with her so she can play with him. Overall she's been amazing being gentle with him but as he gets bigger the rougher SHE gets. I had no idea I would have to worry about my girly girl wanting to wrestle with her little brother, but holy crap she's all about smothering him and keeping him active. I have to keep a close eye on her especially since even when I tell her not to roll all over him she still tends to do it "by accident". She's just trying to love all over him and keeps forgetting that he's just a baby.

I will tell you though you can see it written all over his face that he LOVES the attention from his big sister and never complains...unless she bites his finger. Yup! Last night they were playing and for some odd reason Addi bit Brody's finger causing him to scream out crying. Unfortunately even though it was "an accident" she had to head over to time out. She was so upset, but we had to teach her that its not right. I had no idea that I would have to teach my 4 year old to NOT bite her 6 month old. As always the kids like to keep us on our toes!

I know its just the beginning of "no don't do that to your brother or sister, you need to involve your brother or sister" and so on. Its going great so far and I continue to look forward to watching them play together as Brody gets bigger.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Puppy Love!!

I swear it took Brody 6 months to even acknowledge our dog Roxy! Well, now B can't stop staring at her. He is amazed by this furry thing that lives in our house and stops what he's doing every time she walks near him. While I can't stand the hair balls that constantly roll across our hardwood floors, or the nonstop drooling and panting when a storm rolls through and last but not least the fact that she follows me WHEREVER I go, my kids are in love with her so I need to get over all the negatives and consider the positives.