Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ramsden BBQ

The next morning after arriving to Michigan my dad came over. He was kind enough to let John borrow his car so then I could use the rental car to go visit my friend Melissa. He also helped me out by entertaining Addison while I was getting ready (Brody was napping). Since we were coming to town I decided to wait and give him his Father's Day gifts when we got there. He is a proud owner of new golf balls and golf glove! Addi and Dad had a blast playing and even came up with some new names for Addison's big eyed stuffed animals, it was pretty cute and my dad seemed pretty proud of the names he came up with (Freddy the Fox, Mickey the something and there was one other one...I'm sure Addison remembers)...OOPS!

I eventually had to go wake Brody up because it was just getting too late and we needed to go! It was actually really cute because after I cuddled him for a couple of minutes I gave him to my dad and he laid his head on his shoulder and cuddled with him right away. It was breathe taking and made my dad a very happy Grandpa!

After I was done visiting with my friend Melissa it was time to head over to the Ramsden house and get ready for some yummy BBQ Stuffed Pork Chops!!! I love these things, they are so delicious and I think only Hollywood Market makes them right! Not only did we get to visit with my parents, but my little brother's girlfriend came over (I just love her) and then the Dupont family joined us too (sister Jackie & her family). I love getting together and seeing everybody, this is the time when I miss living in Michigan. We had so much fun visiting and even got to witness Kelly eat her very first Pork Chop in her whole entire life! It was a proud moment!

Thanks Dad & Jane for hosting a beautiful BBQ, I love you guys!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Day of MI Trip = Grandma Cheryl Love!

Once again I must say I have the BEST MOM!!!! We flew into Michigan earlier than we normally do, I loved getting to our apartment at 6:30 vs. Midnight! Plus we had someone very special waiting for us...MY MOM! My mom met us at the apartment and she came baring grocery gifts. My mom went out and bought us several essential Addison groceries (turkey, cheese, juice...) as well as some extras too! It was awesome that she went above and beyond not just with the groceries, but the fact that she was thinking of us and wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable for our visit.

Not only did my mom do our grocery shopping, but she even had a sleepover with us! That's one nice thing about having a two bedroom apartment, Addison got to sleep with Grandma and play with her all night and all morning. It was alot of fun having her there and she really made me feel extremely special since I know she's so busy, I just love her so much!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First There Were 2 Now There's 5!!!

Its hard to believe that just 4 years ago my beautiful friend Melissa and I only had one baby each. While we continue to live a thousand miles apart we always find time to get together whenever I'm back home in Michigan. Now baby #5 has been added to our little group, perhaps you remember a previous blog regarding Mr. Levi. Mr. Levi is the latest baby to be added to our group picture! As you will see in the pictures below, not only has our group continued to grow in numbers but its crazy to see how much Addison and Dylan have changed and of course Mr. Carson too. I love these pictures and cherish them very much, I truly believe that our babies will always be friends and Addison will make sure they all stay in touch (since she's the only girl and we all know girls are much more on top of things than boys). Each visit gets better and better, I love watching the kids play and as they get older its nice to have time to actually sit down and catch up with a very dear friend. I love you Hlavin Family!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Normally I LOVE travelling and going to visit family and friends, but I think we over did it by having two trips back to back (SC & MI) because I'm wiped out! We had a great trip to Michigan visiting lots of family and a couple of friends, but I was more than happy to board that airplane to come back home and luckily we won't be travelling again for at least another month. More Michigan details to come...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!!!!

John celebrated his 4th Father's Day this year and of course it was the most special since Mr. Brody has now entered our lives! I'm still getting use to having two kids and to top it off...a boy and girl which means you need two different cards. Well, I was on top of it this year and bought all of my Father's Day cards like 3 weeks early, too bad I totally forgot to get John a card from Brody so Addi's card had to be altered by changing "I" to "we" and Brody also had to be included in the Ladybug storyline...Oops!!! Brody's going to be so mad if he sees that card when he gets older!

I think John had a good day. He received his gift early...a nice golf club that he REALLY wanted (he just needs to figure out how to use it) ;o) The kids let us sleep in until 9:00, then we just hung out at the house relaxing for a little bit, headed to the pool after Brody's morning nap and then ate some yummy ribs. We were still recovering from all the fun we had on Saturday at Adventure Island with Addison.

My kids are super lucky to have such a wonderful dad who's very hands on and wants to be part of every moment in their lives. Not only are they lucky, but I'm pretty lucky too. I love watching John with our babies and couldn't be more proud and honored to call him my husband!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cousin Bonding!!!

Last weekend was all about cousin bonding! What are the chances that my sister and I have babies that are only about 3 1/2 months apart? Well, now that its happened we have to take full advantage of making sure they are BFF's forever and of course we have to start them young.

It was alot of fun watching Brody and Kingstyn hang out together. They were both very interested in each other and wasted no time bonding! Of course part of the process of making sure they're BFF's we had to dress them in the same swim trunks. Its only fair since our mom did the same thing with our cousin Melissa (not in swim trunks but in dresses and outfits).

Not only does Brody love his baby cousin Kingstyn, but of course Addi was wonderful playing and loving all over her him. I mean I'm not surprised since she tells me almost everyday how she misses Kingstyn. She is just so good playing and entertaining the boys, we are super lucky!

It truly was alot of fun having our kids together and while I don't want to wish away anymore time, I'm looking forward to what the future entails and all the memories our kids will have together. Natalee and I will make sure without a doubt there will be a strong bond between our kids!

Of course our vacation couldn't end without Kingstyn getting Brody back for all the pulling and scratching that has taken place for the last 5 months. It was Kingstyn's turn to defend himself and let Brody know how it feels to treat other babies like that! It was just amazing to see the two of them together, I had no idea it would be THIS much fun to have these little guys be so close in age! Can't wait for the next visit!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Brody's First Girlfriend

While visiting my sister in South Carolina Brody fell in love! Chad's friend Todd came over for a visit on Saturday and brought his beautiful girlfriend Laura. I swear as soon as Brody laid eyes on her he had a permanent smile and couldn't keep his eyes off her. It was actually really cute how he had no problems with her holding him and gave her lots of smiles and eyebrow raises (that's his other new thing, he does this thing with his eyebrows that makes him look like he's flirting).

Laura was great, she was giving Brody as much attention as he was giving her. Todd was a great sport since a charming 9 month old had his girlfriends attention for the day. ;o) How can you not love that gummy smile and that hansthum little man haircut?!

Even Addi had to get in on the action and get some attention from Laura. I love meeting people that are so friendly and outgoing, I felt like I had known Laura for years and that she plays with my kids all the time. Chad really does have some great friends, each time I meet a new one I'm impressed and feel like I've known them forever.

At the end of the evening Brody was willing to share Laura a little more and even let his BFF Kingstyn get some time with her. I explained to Brody, its just the beginning,there will be lots of girls/women in his life, but there will only be 1 Kingstyn!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

274 Days Old!

Its hard to believe that Brody was this tiny! 9 months ago today I gave birth to this handsome little guy. I remember the day as if it were yesterday, I'm doing everything possible to keep the tears from flowing.

While the first 6+ months were pretty hard, I wouldn't change a thing if that's what we had to go through in order to have our happy little boy today! I can't help but constantly look back at my pictures from the past 9 months and think about all the smiles and happiness he's brought to my life. I truly feel blessed in every way! Everyday gets better and better, I love having my little guy and being so involved in all the amazing milestones he continues to hit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

2 Down 2 to Go!

I can't believe my sister April now has 2 children that have graduated high school! Where is the time going? With 2 of her kids graduated she has 2 more to go! Its kind of freaking me out thinking about Autumn graduating next!!

Congratulations Cameron Michael! I love you so much, I'm so proud of you and wish I could of been there to celebrate this very special day with you. ;o(

Friday, June 10, 2011

We're Coming Kingstyn!!!!

I'm so excited the day has finally come to go visit the Small family in S.C.!!! I seriously couldn't sleep last night, that's how excited I am (I don't remember the last time that's happened). I can't wait to see my hansthum nephew in action now that he's talking like crazy and rolling all around the room. I'm sure he'll be getting Brody back for all the poking and pulling he did when he was defenseless. I just love this little red head and can't wait to smooch him all over!! I must say Addi's pretty excited too, the girl asks me every 5 minutes if its time to leave!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Row, Row, Row Your Boat...

Thank You to Joel & Karen Carlson, Addi and Brody went on their very first boat ride on Saturday! According to Addison "THAT WAS SOOO AWESOME, I WANT TO DO IT EVERYDAY!"

I think Addison was a little nervous at first, but once we started going like everything else she just went with the flow. Brody of course was a trooper, we are so lucky that this kid loves being outside. I swear as long as he's not cooped up in the house he's one happy little boy.

Since we really don't go to the beach much Addison wasn't use to the salty water so of course her first reaction was "what is this yucky stuff". Luckily she loves swimming and playing in any kind of water because she adapted quite well!

To top it off we got some practice hanging out with some pretty cool red heads. Since we're going to visit a very special red head this weekend! Addison has done gymnastics and goes to the same school as McKenzie (she's a year older) and then we've known Cole since he was a baby. We just love this Carlson family and look forward to many more boating adventures!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Feeling Pretty Good

My first 2 weigh ins have been pretty good since restarting the Weight Watchers program. I lost 4lbs the first week and then 1lb last week. So, its exciting to know I've already lost 5lbs in just the first couple of weeks of counting my food points. I've been trying really hard with staying on target with my points and while I'm not being as strict on the weekends I'm extremely aware of everything I'm putting in my mouth and constantly second guessing myself by asking "do I really need this or just want it"? I know I'll get to where I want to be and it won't happen over night, I'm staying patient and just trying to stay positive. Luckily John's been amazing with everything and continues to tell me what a good job I'm doing. Hoping for a 2 or 3 lb weight loss this week, but to be honest any "loss" puts a smile on my face. I keep telling myself "I'm gonna look hot in a bathing suit next summer"!

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Can We Go Play Golf Now?"

John & I have talked about this day even before I became pregnant with Addison. Since I was golfing quite a bit before I got pregnant I was excited for the day that we would buy our child's first set of golf clubs! While I'm not golfing much these days, but John sure is so the interest is still there. On our way to the club to go swimming we always pass the golf course and driving range and each time we do Addison says "daddy I want to golf with you over there" so we thought it was time to get some golf clubs for her and at least get her started. Our little peanut couldn't be more excited to get out there and play some "hockey oops I mean golf" with her daddy! (she seriously calls golf, hockey all the time...)

John called the par 3 course over by our house and the age limit starts at 5, but if they know how to play earlier than that they can do so. For now John took her to the driving range and the putting green to do some practicing. John said she loved it and had a blast. Of course I was more worried about what people thought of her cute outfit!

We decided to get a unisex color bag and skipped the pink golf clubs so then in 4 years Brody can use these clubs and Addi can get some new ones, yup that's how we think these days living on one income (I'm pretty proud of us). So, we shall see if daddy gets his wish and can play golf with his baby girl with in the next couple of years!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Off to Visit the King

1 week from tomorrow I get to visit Mr. Kingstyn! I can't wait to snuggle with this little guy and watch my other favorite little guy play with his cousin! Life is good!