Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank You X's a Million

The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough on me.  Brody has now been sick for 2 1/2 weeks and rather than getting better I swear he's gotten worse.  I decided to give his pediatrician a call and schedule an appointment so he could take a look at his ears and confirm whether or not my baby boy still has an ear infection.  Much to my surprise the ear infection has actually cleared up, but then we were left wondering...why the heck is he still acting so miserable and why is his mucus still not a pretty shade of clear.  After discussing with the dr. what it could possibly be we decided it would be best for me to take him over to All Children's Hospital to get some lab work done, just so that we could rule out anything serious.  So, I took my prescription and the information I needed and headed over to the hospital in disbelief that I was actually going to the hospital and of course thinking the absolute worse.  As most people know me, I never think in a positive way I'm always thinking the worst in order for me to be prepared in case it truly is bad news.  Once I got to the Outpatient Center and checked in I had a REAL reality check.  I couldn't believe how ungrateful I've been the past 4 1/2 years of being a parent with some pretty healthy kids.  There were kids of all types walking around with their parents, some clearly had cancer, other's just had surgery and were walking around with halo's on their heads and then there were situations where I couldn't help but wonder ohh geez what's wrong with that little boy or girl.  Anyway, it was a huge eye opening experience that actually made me happy that all I'm dealing with is probably a little virus that my baby is fighting.  On the other hand I was wondering...ohh God am I going to be one of these parents that will have to live at the hospital if these tests come back with startling results (dramatic I know)?
After I got home and got Brody to sleep I couldn't help but sit on Addi's stool and just cry.  All these weeks of being emotionally drained from soo many things I had to let it out.  I think taking my son to the hospital and watching him have a needle stuck in his very tiny arm and his blood taken away from him was the last straw of me staying strong.  There's only so many times I can think "I don't care if something or someone hurts me" and today was the day I had to let it out.  Its so hard going from having this happy baby and this happy family to basically being miserable everyday for almost 20 days.  I feel like I've been walking around in a haze for a while now and I'm ready to get back to being happy with life and everyone in my life.  There is no reason for me to be sad, I have the most amazing husband and the most beautiful children.  My life is pretty close to being perfect...I think it was time yet again for a reality check.  I already got Brody's test results and everything came back normal, I'm ready to get through this and get back to my happy place.  I'm going to work on not getting so frustrated when Brody won't stop crying or taking my frustrations out on his daddy because he only has to deal with this torture 2 hours a night.  I need to focus on the happy times we'll have once he is over whatever it is he's fighting...I just really miss my happy baby boy!  Thank You God for my healthy and happy family and thank you again for showing me how great my life truly is! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Celebration of Brody in Michigan

It was time to celebrate Brody's 1st birthday one last time with our family in Michigan!  We had no idea what kind of weather to expect since every single day it would be something different.  Well, it rained all day the day before the big day and lots of confusion as to where and if we still wanted to set the party up outside.  Well, luckily we stuck with keeping the party outside because we had a beautiful day to celebrate my baby boy turning 1.  We rented a huge tent that was setup in my Aunt Carrie's driveway and then the kids had a bounce house to play in the backyard.  It was a little muddy back there, but I think we made the right decision to keep the tent in a dry area and let the kids just get a little muddy by walking over to the bounce house.  We had such a great time, there were about 40 people and while I was looking forward to an intimate setting I still ran out of time to actually sit down and talk to everybody.  It was great to reconnect with friends and see family members I don't normally get to see each time I visit.  As you can see from the pictures below Brody had a blast digging into a second cake and even with his double ear infection he was still wearing a big smile on his face and got to visit with lots of people that love him!  It was a great party, I'm happy that its officially over and we can look forward to the next one most likely with just our little family.

(Another HUGE cake for Mr. Brody)

Monday, September 26, 2011


Unfortunately my mom was in Lake Tahoe during this trip to Michigan. She actually returned at 10pm Saturday night so after she dropped her bags off at home she came right over to the apartment we were staying at. What an amazing mom and Grandma we have. Luckily she was still on California time since she didn't get there until after midnight. It was nice to talk for a little bit, but then she crawled into bed with Miss Addison. I was so excited to hopefully catch Addi's reaction seeing Grandma in her bed, but I guess she woke up at 4 and said "Grandma...what are you doing here"? I wish I could of caught that on video. It was really nice of my mom to come over since she really only had a couple of hours to spend with the kids, but you could see the look of excitement in both or should I see all three of their eyes! Thanks for being such an amazing Grandma! Love you mom!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends for a Lifetime!!

While in Michigan last week of course I had to make a stop at the beautiful Hlavin household! It was a bonus visit this time because Nathan was working from home and to top it off John actually went with me too! How crazy that it worked out both guys were there to make fun of me and Melissa at the same time! ;o) Not only was it a special day because I got to see a very special friend, but it was also Carson's (Melissa's 2nd son) 3rd birthday! We brought Carson a big Mickey Mouse balloon that sang happy birthday to him...needless to say it lasted until just before we left and then it popped. ;o) Anyway, Melissa was able to put a huge smile on my face since my visit didn't exactly start off how I thought it would. I love that she's always available when I have the time to come see her and she's just as excited to see me as I am to see her!

Not only did I get to see my very special friend Melissa, but my old Ceridian friends came to celebrate Brody's birthday with us! I can't believe how long its been since I've seen my ladies, but it was just like old times. I honestly think we could of sat and talked just the 4 of us for hours catching up it. It felt amazing to hug each one of them which reminded me how much I truly miss and love them. Megan, Julie and I actually have something in common regarding our kids. The three of us have 2 kids and the funny thing is they are all within months of each other. Julie has 2 girls, Megan has 2 boys and then I obviously have one of each. Kari has two girls (her oldest being 9, but her second one is turning 4 soon). It was great to see those beautiful kids and how big they're getting. Seeing the three of them reminded me that I also need to make time to see them too when I come home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Kari and the girls will come out soon, but if they don't I'll make sure we all stay in contact this time because I really did miss them all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Round 2

My poor little guy has to go through another round of antibiotics since it doesn't seem like his ear infection is quite gone and he's still got some yummy colored snot coming out of his nose. The doctor decided to try something stronger rather than keeping him on the same thing. It was actually a nice experience for once, I didn't have to go in or anything! I simply called and talked to the nurse who had the dr. call me back, which lead to him calling in the new prescription and us talking about how we're both from Michigan for the 100th time. I actually really like this pediatrician alot, he reminds me of home every time I go in there, but I think its funny how when I bring up Michigan he has this conversation with me like we haven't talked about us both being from the same place. Like I said he's really nice so I let him get away with it. ;o) We leave for Michigan tomorrow afternoon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brody at least feels a little better and his ear won't bother him during the flight. I thought he was getting better since he took some good naps Sunday and Monday, but he's back to being the devil! Who could blame him...I know I wouldn't like having problems with my ears. Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brody's 1st Birthday With Our Florida Family

We had Brody's 1st birthday party yesterday with some pretty special people!! I've met so many amazing friends while doing activities with Addison when she was younger and then even more once Addison began going to school. We've been so lucky to not only meet new friends, but these friends have basically turned into family as well. It was really hard to feel secure with our decision to leave Michigan to come to Florida where we wouldn't have any friends or family, but for the last couple of years I can sleep at night knowing that we have people we can count on if we need them. Not only did I want to celebrate Brody, but I wanted to celebrate the beautiful friendships we've made. I truly feel lucky to have these people in our lives and for the relationships our kids will have as they grow up together. St. Petersburg, FL is for sure home and I have my friends to thank for this beautiful feeling!


(Brody's checking out all the balloons)

(I was pretty proud of my decorating skills)


Friday, September 16, 2011

My Handsome Little Man Turns 1!!!!

Holy moly my little guy is 1! I would say where has the time gone, but I at least know where the first 6 months went and so does my back! Honestly, this has been a really tough week since he was sick and then has a double ear infection, but each time I was ready to give him away he would look at me with the biggest cheesiest smile and all my frustrations would go away. Brody has brought so much to my life and while it was really tough in the beginning where I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel...he's such a good boy. I love everything about him, even when he's throwing everything possible on the floor or yelling at me when he doesn't want something. He's such a boy and I think its great since I already have Addison who is SUCH a girl. I look forward to watching him grow and figuring out how to deal with his craziness. Looking back at the pictures of when he was first born brings tears and smiles all at once. This day was like yesterday where I remember each and every moment. I am truly the luckiest mom in the world and its all because of my beautiful children who in the end are so well behaved and show me how much they love me. I know this little guy is going to be the one who keeps me on my toes, but I'm cool with it. He makes me laugh and melts my heart into a million pieces. Now that I've figured out that its ok to leave my kids for a girls night, I'm actually able to breathe and come home ready to tackle my little monsters again (Thank You John).

Brody! You have brought so much happiness to my life, you are so darn cute and what I love the most is your a mama's boy. This first year has been beautiful, thank you for teaching me patience, for teaching me that it is possible to love two children as much as I loved one and thank you for completing our happy little family. I just want to end this making sure you know how much I love you and how much I look forward to watching you continue to grow into a hansthum man like your daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Shout Out!!!

Today my step-mom turns...haha! Just kidding, you never tell a woman's age. I would however like to dedicate this entry to my Step-Mom Jane who is celebrating her birthday today. We love you so much and wish we could be there to have a special dinner with you, BUT we will see you next week!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Side Note: its weird that today is the day John and I found out I would be getting induced to have our little guy. I remember that day like it was an hour ago.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Vranich's Visit the Florida Aquarium!

I think this face says it all! We had so much fun visiting the Florida Aquarium for the first time. Brody was hilarious the whole time...between trying to grab at the Sting Rays to yelling at the sharks that would swim right by him, he was nonstop excited. Addison was super excited to be there too but she wasn't as outgoing as her baby brother. There was no way she would touch the baby alligator that Brody had no problem grabbing and then when it came to even looking at those Sting Rays she would hide. It was exciting to watch their faces when the fishes would swim right by them and Addi would actually light up when she got to see baby turtles and frogs. Of course we ended our visit with Addison getting ANOTHER stuffed animal (pink dolphin) and then we picked out some rubber snakes for Mr. Brody (which of course are in Addison's room right now). We can now check this off our list and perhaps head back there when we're looking for something to do!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goooo Blue!!!

The Vranich family is in full U of M football spirits! I don't know where to begin to describe my excitement to not be pregnant this football season and to not have a new born. I can finally sit on the couch, have a beer and enjoy a good football game. Luckily I'm still excited and in love with my team since U of M is 2-0, but to top it off we have friends willing to watch it with...sort of.

John and I went out this past Saturday to watch the very first night game in The Big House. We were so excited for this game that I invited a bunch of friends (who had no clue what the big deal was) to go out with us and while it was a little different than if we were watching it in our living room I think John still got to enjoy most of the game. I on the other hand was more worried about the latest LCC gossip. ;o) Just kidding!! I had so much fun laughing and hanging out with some great friends. It was a nice combination of looking up at the game to see what was going on and then getting into a deep conversation regarding our kids with my lady friends. ;o) I had such a great night, my throat actually hurt from talking and laughing so much. I can't wait to do it again! GO BLUE!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mommy & Baby Small Come to Florida!

We had such a blast a couple weeks ago when Natalee and Kingstyn came to visit us!!!! It was Kingstyn's first visit to Florida so we had to make sure he wanted to come back with lots of fun things to do.

I think the best part was just watching Kingstyn and Brody playing together at our house with the toys we have. I'm thinking we probably didn't even need to leave the house since they were basically entertaining themselves the whole time and of course Addison had to get in on the action too. I loved hearing her talk to the boys and constantly saying "ohhh your so adorable"!

Thank goodness our kids wore each other out early enough for Natalee and I to spend some much needed time together. We got to catch up with a little cocktail and a REALLY good movie. It was nice to have the company while John was away on his golf outing and it was even better to not feel stressed taking care of two kids on my own for 3 straight days.

We did eventually let the kids leave the house and enjoy the Florida sun. ;o) We went to this awesome Sprayground that Natalee saw on one of my previous blogs. The boys had a blast, it was really funny watching their reaction when the water would come out of the ground splashing them with water. Good thing they both had their hates on because they got sprayed pretty good a couple of times, for the most part the hats saved them, but there were times I'm sure they got some water up their noses. Addison of course was just running around like a crazy monkey...I would love to have even an ounce of her energy!

Of course there were a million more things I wanted to do, but with the limited time and trying not to get too stressed we spent most of our time just letting the boys and Addison play together. It was truly amazing watching Brody and Kingstyn interact which basically proved what I already knew...they will always be BFFs! I know every time we get them together its only going to get better and better. I'm so thankful Natalee took the time to come out and visit us and spend some much needed sister and children time together. I can't wait to plan the next get together!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Monkey's!!

There is no question that my kids are crazy little monkey's. I call them monkey's all the time...I even just got Brody a shirt that says "Silly" and then has a big Monkey on the front. So, when Addison's friend Joey had his birthday party at a gymnastics facility I knew there was going to be some craziness going on and not just from my kids. People think we got Addison a huge trampoline for her birthday a couple years ago, but we all know that trampoline is for John, I'm pretty sure he's the one who taught the kids to be the monkey's they are (since I'm so boring)!

This place was perfect for Brody, I wasn't worried about him wandering around and the kids were so cute playing with him as well. I'm extremely relieved we're past the ity bitty baby stage and he's so close to walking, I love the fact that I don't have to be right by his side and HE doesn't need me to be by him the whole time either. We're moving right along and holy crap we're going to have a 1 year old a week from tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Candle Lighter!

Hey, LCC...your killing me!!! Today was another day of yet confusion. Honestly why do I have to like this school so much?! The thing that's killing me the most is the fact that I'm actually CARING about money and how to save every penny. This is my problem, normally I'm very like "ohh I'm not going to worry about the cost because it will figure itself out", now I'm actually kind of sick of living like that and over think every cent that is spent. I don't know if I can let my new psycho way of spending money get in the way of my baby girls education. We'll figure it out and I think God will actually steer us in the right direction whether it be LCC or not.

Back to what this blog is suppose to be about! Addison was one of the kids chosen to light the candles for Chapel today. Every Wednesday the kids go to the church to have about 15 minutes with the Pastor where he teaches them a lesson from the bible. Its really cute to see all the little kids get together, Pastor is so amazing and patient with the kids. Brody and I HAD to come witness Addison's special job of lighting the candle and as you can see she did a great job. It was so cute to see the excitement in her face when she knew we were there, which gave me another flutter knowing I was able to be there for her and not stuck at a job (can you see how I'm so torn).

(she was looking at me and Brody)

After she was done her teacher let her come sit with me and Brody and once again it was the cutest thing. She is so in love with her baby brother, she can't stop kissing him every time she sees him. You can just tell she's so proud of him and proud to be his big sister. We all had a blast, but I'm thinking Brody may have had the best time. He was dancing and clapping the whole time. I wish I could of multi-tasked and took pics. or video because he was totally into it.

I just can't believe what a difference a year makes and how much Addison is learning. She actually gets in the car and tells me all about her exciting day and what she's doing tomorrow. I love it, she's growing up so fast. Here is another item to put in her baby book of firsts!