Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Princess Brody

Brody has no shame playing with his sisters toys what so ever!!  Addison got some cute princess stuff for her birthday and Brody was all over that! He was all about putting the earrings and the tiara on.  I love how he has no problem being Addison's real dress up baby, he honestly just wants to be doing whatever his big sister is doing and luckily Addi is totally fine with him playing with her.  I think she's super excited that hes able to play with her and for the most part they get along really well.  I love that we've come to a place where we really don't care about pink vs blue!  I've been thinking about busting out the potty chair and I was hesitant about using the princess one that sings when something goes in there, but now I'm pretty sure its ok to use it.  I think it will catch his attention and will help him get to the no diaper stage.  We'll see how John feels about this once it actually happens!  ;o)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Have a 5 Year Old!!!!

What in the world...where has the time gone?!  I can't believe my baby girl is already 5 years old.  Ugh!  My parents were right...time goes so fast and before you know it they are married and having kids! 
Addison has been such a huge blessing in our lives.  I wouldn't change one thing about my baby girl, she is the most loving, happy, outgoing, sassy and funniest little girls!  We have been so proud of her since day one and the love we have for her grows more and more each day!
Last night when John and I went to bed at 11pm, I said "ohh my God, in an hour I started going into labor with Addison 5 years ago".  He thought I was crazy, but to me its more crazy how I can remember every single detail of that day.  Luckily we had my awesome sister Natalee there to help me get through the process because from midnight to 7am I wanted to kill someone.  I told Addison this morning that her and Tete have a very special bond because she was able to be there when she first arrived.  Addison's response "I don't remember seeing her...ohh its because I was sleeping!"  See I told you she's funny!  I love how I have every memory of this day and with the help of Natalee she can fill in my blanks.  Its truly crazy to me that my baby girl is already 5 years old, I look forward to her continuing to grow and have nothing but excitement to be there for her every step of the way!
Addison arrives February 28th, 2007 1:55pm
Happy 1st Birthday
Happy 2nd Birthday
Happy 3rd Birthday
Happy 4th Birthday
Happy 5th Birthday

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dual Birthday Party!!!

Jen and I were finally able to have a birthday party for the girls together!  I mean come on how often do you find a friend whose little girl is only 2 days older than your own?  Addison & Kayleigh had an awesome birthday party at the park on Saturday!  The weather was a little windy and chilly at first, but once that sun started to come through it warmed right up!
These two little girls have known each other since they were 2, I love how well they play together.  I have a feeling they are going to be friends for a lifetime.  Its nice because they are very similar and yet different as well.  Addi's more of a girly girl while Kayleigh has a little tom boy in her.  I must say they're kind of stuck being friends especially since Jen and I are so close!
How awesome did this cake turn out?!  The people at Publix did such an awesome job and I must say, this turned out better than I ever could imagine!
We had lots of friends come and celebrate the girls special day, I think our final count came to about 50!  It was so much fun getting all of the kids together outside of school, my favorite part was looking over at the massive playground and seeing that 99% of the kids and parents out there were for our little girls.  Having the party at the park was the best idea and the kids had a blast!
Even Brody got to hang out with his little friend Parker who will be turning 1 next month.  While they aren't 2 days apart I have a feeling these two are going to have an amazing bond just like Addi and Kayleigh!

The party couldn't have turned out to be anymore fun.  As I always say, we are so blessed to have so many friends in our lives and love that their kids are pretty special too.  We just can't say enough about our Florida family!  Now, on to plan Addi's big day tomorrow!  My baby girl is turning 5 at 1:55pm tomorrow, where has the time gone?!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Age is Just a Number!

I have been friends with the most amazing woman for the over 5 years...Sandy!  I say over 5 years because she was the nurse I would normally see while I was pregnant with Addison.  She's the nurse assigned to the dr. that delivered both Addison and Brody.  While she wasn't there for their births she was there through the whole process of when I would have to come into the office each time.  John and I just adore her, she's hilarious, has no filter, honest and so easy to talk to.  After I had Brody we finally started getting together for dinner every couple of months and I must say...I love her like crazy!  My mom even got to meet her when she was in town and Sandy said the sweetest thing to my mom "don't worry I'm taking care of your daughter".  That touched my heart and once again felt like I have another extended family member here in Florida!  You would never guess this gorgeous lady is turning 66 this year and retiring in September.  I'm so happy we were able to connect before she retired because now we have a bond that will last for a lifetime!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Attempt to go to Busch Gardens!

The kids were out of school last Friday so we decided to take the kids to Busch Gardens, not only to go have some fun, but to see Carter's dad play the drums in a show there.  We were a little nervous on our way there because it wasn't looking too pretty and we were praying for rain to hold off until at least after 3.  We got lucky the first couple of hours, but that was while we were inside eating lunch and enjoying Jono's show.
Of course as soon as we left the show the rain began.  We were still staying positive and thinking "its ok we can get through this".  The kids were fine with running through the rain, but it totally stunk the kids couldn't go on any of the rides.  The longer we stayed the more the rain came down.  Brody was in heaven and of course totally confused why he was allowed to be playing in these circumstances.  Addison loved being able to use her umbrella and was such a sport with getting poured on!  I am so happy I brought the kids their rain coats and mine too, but even with our rain coats we were soaked by the time we got to the car!
I was so bummed that this day didn't work out, especially since I took the leap and decided to bring both kids by myself (w/o John) to such a busy place.  Luckily Addison wasn't too upset since I promised her that we would come back and next time daddy would come.  She really wanted to go on the rides, but she understood that we can't control the weather and next time we will make sure it doesn't rain and we will have soo much fun.  At least it was nice to spend time with friends and see Jono play in the show.  I loved how Jen put it...she said its a nice lesson for the kids to learn some things are out of our control and while its disappointing its ok and we sometimes don't have control over things such as the weather.  Beth and I call her "the silver lining".  She's always the voice of positive phrases, she's always finding the good out of something or someone...that's why we love her so much!  ;o)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is Why I LOVE Living in St. Pete!!

Last week we decided to do something different and have a playdate down by the pier, it was Awesome!!!  It was really nice to let the kids run around at the top of the Pier and enjoy the beautiful view that hopefully they will be able to see for the rest of their life!  St. Pete has everything you could ask for, I love how close we live to the beach, we have an awesome downtown, we have a crazy amount of parks to visit and the best part has to be the weather!!!  Even when its "cold" you can still function and enjoy whatever you have planned that day.  I had no idea I would love living here as much as I do, our family feels pretty lucky that we landed here and try to enjoy every minute of this paradise!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Keeping Busy

I'm loving this new energy I have!  I've been a lot more active with the kids lately, perhaps the weather is helping a little bit too!  Its been so nice outside where its not too cold and not too hot so I for sure want to take advantage of this!  Everyday after Addison gets home I've been brainstorming of things we can do especially to take up time before John gets home which helps me not get as frustrated with the kids.  Brody's schedule is still kind of weird.  He's been napping from 9-11 and then we take off for the gym, after we get back its time for lunch and then he's ready to lay back down until its almost time to get Addison from school. 
We've been doing alot of sidewalk chalk along with the kids exploring the front yard.  Addison is in love with peeling the bark off the tree in the front yard (I don't know if she should be doing that) while Brody follows.  I love watching him get excited about what his sissy is doing and wants to be part of anything and everything she does!
The other day we busted out the sidewalk chalk again and even threw some bubbles in the mix.  The kids loved watching the bubbles fly away and Addison was trying to pop each one of them!  Of course Brody was extremely interested in how these bubbles are created and was trying it himself.  He's so stinkin cute when it comes to new things.  After we were done with that it was time to bring out the bikes.  Addison's still struggling with getting the hang of her "big girl" bike, but she keeps trying and then Brody took a spin on the tricycle my Aunt Carrie sent for Addison when she was little.  He was more interested in climbing all over it, but he had a great time!
Besides adding working out to my routine I decided it would be best for both me and Brody for him to go to daycare once a week.  We found this amazing home daycare when I was thinking about going back to work so I was more than thrilled when Anita agreed it would be ok for me to bring him there once a week.  I love it there and I know he's in great hands.  It helps me to have some time for myself and then also get stuff down around the house without a little someone clinging to my leg as I'm trying to clean or even just updating my blog.  Last week was the first week and I must say, it was a great start and lead me into enjoying my little guy the rest of the week.  In the past I would feel guilty about doing this (spending the money and sending him away) but seriously I think this is going to be the best thing for me to continue working on my sanity.  ;o)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perks of Staying Home

February was a busy month at Addison's school!  I feel like Brody and I were there just as much as Addison!  The first activity was "Your a 100 Days Smarter", the class celebrated their 100 days of being at school and of course it was as cute as can be.  One of my most favorite parts of coming to Addison's classroom is the excitement from all the kids when they see Brody!  I'm not kidding all the kids stop what they're doing and run over to Brody shouting his name and giving him a big hug.  I feel so blessed that Addison's teacher Mrs. Davis loves that Brody comes too so its never a feeling of inconvenience that I have a crazy 1 year old roaming around her class room.
All the kids got to explain what part of these 100 days were their favorite and Addison's was doing the Candy Cane math and shapes.  After meeting with Mrs. Davis for a conference she explained that Addison LOVES math and is really good at it...who knew!  Obviously she gets this from her father!
After all the kids explained their favorite part they each received a special certificate, those kids were so proud of made my heart melt!
The next activity was Addison's very first dance...Valentine dance!!!  How cute is that?  My baby girl is already going to her first dance!  One of the boys, Jared Michael brought all the girls a flower and even gave a special girl a corsage!  It was seriously the cutest thing ever!  Of course the girls were all giddy!
While I know it means alot to Addison to have me and Brody there for all of her different activities, but a special man in her life was able to attend for a little bit too!  John is so awesome, he went into work late so that he could be there for Addison for her first dance.  It meant to so much to Addi and the best part is John knew that and he made sure to be there for her!
Of course Brody tried to steal the show by showing off all his dance moves to the older kids...they were impressed.  He is just too cute when it comes to dancing and of course we had lots of laughs watching him get down with the older kids!
Well, I have to mention that Addison thinks she has a boyfriend...Casen!  She's so funny because when I ask her about Casen she says "He's my boyfriend and we're getting married"!  Yikes, I need to keep an eye on this little girl, there is no way she's going to be boy crazy like her mommy was!
The last event this month was Grandparents/Special Friend day at school.  Well, since Addison's Grandparent's aren't local and I really couldn't think of someone else to go to this I decided Brody and I would attend.  I never want her to feel left out just because we don't have any family members here so it was up to me to make sure she knew there was someone there representing the Vranich family!  Once again Brody had a blast and Addison was so excited to have her baby brother there to support her.  It was a nice time, we went to Chapel and then I even stayed a little longer for Brody to play on the playground with all the kids!
I know there are several times where I complain about basically "working" 24 hours a day, but I wouldn't give up my "job" in a second.  This is exactly how I pictured my life being a mother.  I always want to be involved in what my kids are doing and knowing what is going on at their school.  I truly hope I can do this until they go away to college.  I keep promising myself whenever I get down about basically living my life for them I just need to look at all these pictures and remember I'm not only doing things for them, but this is what makes me happy...seeing my kids happy and knowing I will ALWAYS be there for them no matter what!