Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poor Little Man!

My poor little guy has been struggling with an ear infection for over a month now, it amazes me how he's able to just keep truckin and doesn't let it get him down.  A couple weeks before we left for MI I took him to the dr. since he was acting kind of cranky and I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something more serious going on.  Well, luckily I took him because he had an ear infection in his left ear.  We started him on antibiotics that ended right before we left to head to MI.  Well, I thought he was doing better, but then while we were in MI he was back to his upset self again, constantly crying, wanting to be held, being really cranky when it came to other people wanting to play with him and trouble sleeping.  So, once again we went back to the dr. and it looked like his ear infection was still there.  2nd round of antibiotics began, the dr. was a little concerned that perhaps there may be a more serious issue going on so if he wasn't feeling better by Friday he wanted me to take him to get some blood work down just to make sure there wasn't some other kind of other infection he couldn't physically see or perhaps he may be anemic.  You would think I would freak out about this comment, but I wasn't too surprised since his blood numbers ever since he was born were on the low side of "normal".  I thought he was doing better by Friday, but by Sunday he was acting a little miserable again and developed a nice little cough.  Monday he went to daycare, but that night and the next morning his nasty cough seemed worse and was still having issues with his ear.  I called the dr. and we decided to try a 3rd round of antibiotics (3rd different one).  We started it last night to give his stomach a minute to feel better.  Luckily the dr. said this new one would be alot more gentle on his stomach (which is great because this kid poops his pants constantly)!  So, now I need to see how he's doing by tomorrow or else its back to the dr. we go.  This is all so new to me since Addison has had like 2 ear infections her whole life and now this kid is another story.  Luckily he goes through his moments where he's pissed, but then once he gets his Motrin he's my little lover again.  I hate when he's not feeling well because we're all miserable, I feel bad but its hard when all he's doing is crying and hanging on my leg.  The last two days have been better, even though he just started the new medicine last night so I have no idea if he's still fighting an infection or what.  This is such a hard age since they can't tell you what's wrong w/o sounding like he's speaking Swedish or something.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's on the mend of getting better, but I hate keeping him on antibiotics if he's just fighting a virus so its all for nothing.  This is for sure the tough part of being a mom.  Either way, this little guy is truly a tough cookie and amazes me everyday!  His happy days make my life so complete and his low days makes my heart break that he can't express the problem.  We'll get past this like we always do!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can't Get Enough of This Place!!

Yesterday after school the kids and I decided to head downtown to play at our favorite trees and then head over to dinner across the street.  This is seriously the best place to go to entertain the kids without doing much.  They love running and climbing the trees and then we head over to the huge area of grass to run after the birds and play ring around the rosies.  I didn't know if we would be able to head out since poor Brody's hasn't been feeling great the last couple of days.  He was miserable all day, but he was able to take an afternoon nap and was in much better spirits.  I'm so happy we did it because he had a blast and I think the fresh air did him good.

Addison even discovered a new activity, she loved drawing pictures in the sand and of course Brody tried following her lead.  He tried it for a while, but then he figured out it was more fun to throw the sticks instead!
We were also having some fun gathering leaves and throwing them up in the air.  I honestly had the best time playing with my kids and listening to them laugh and run around.  If it wasn't for me starving I could of stayed there all night!
After we were there for a little bit Addison's friend Ellery joined us and the kids were so excited to have someone else to join the fun!  I love watching Ellery play with Brody, she's the youngest so she's not use to having a little person around.  I love how she kneels down to talk to him and he loves the attention more than anything!
 The last thing the girls decided to do before heading to dinner was trying to make fire with the sticks they found.  They honestly thought they could create a fire and then keep it going in one of the whole within the tree.  These imaginations are awesome, I love the things they come up with.  We let them work on it for a couple of minutes and then convinced them its probably just too windy for it to start.
Once again a successful trip downtown and while it was great time waster since John had a dinner meeting, but I had a great time playing with the kids!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've Got the Itch

Well, I found another 5K to sign up for!!!  I'm hoping I find another one before November, but as of right now I've created an event on FB to all my friends to keep this momentum going.  I already have 3 friends who want to do it!  I'm a little leery of doing any in the summer because knowing me I'll pass out in the middle of it.  However, I don't mind finding ones for the fall so I have lots of time to shed off some minutes from my last one.  As everybody keeps telling me...this whole running thing is addicting!  Hopefully by November I'll be faster and skinnier!

Monday, April 23, 2012

No Pain No Gain!

Well, I was back at it this morning.  I dropped Addi off at school, took Brody to daycare and made my way to my second home...Orange Theory Fitness (OTF)!  I'm so excited to be part of this new gym that opened up by our house called Orange Theory Fitness.  After seeing a deal through Living Social I knew it was a sign this place was for me.  I've now gone through 5 classes and I absolutely love it.  There are several classes taking place throughout the day so you can make it work with your schedule.  Once you sign up for a class its like having a trainer, there's a penalty if you end up cancelling so its a commitment you really need to keep.  The maximum amount of people that can be in a class is 24 so its pretty intimate and I must say I've met some pretty amazing people so far.  I like to start off on the treadmill where the trainer takes you through different intervals of running, to get your heart rate going.  So, you look to your left on a huge flat screen TV and you can see where your heart rate is at and if your pushing yourself to where you need to be in order to burn calories.  Blue = resting heart rate Green = your burning calories Orange = your burning even more calories and Red = your totally going all out and your at your max heart rate.  After talking to one of the trainers they explained at the end of your workout the stats should show you basically 50/50 in Green and Orange and perhaps some time in the red.  I'm pretty proud because after my first workout I've been in the perfect range and I'm feeling pretty confident in my workouts.  After you spend about 25 minutes on the treadmill you then go over to a rower and begin the 2nd part of the workout, in between rowing the trainer is also having you go to the weight area and your working with weights as well.  By the end of the workout I'm completely soaked and totally wiped out and I LOVE IT!!!  I must say, each time I feel comfortable with one class the next one I go right back to feeling like it was my first one.  This is exactly what I needed, so now I need to make a decision if I'm still in need of keeping my Lifestyle membership.  The only reason why I really don't want to cancel is the daycare situation.  Unfortunately OTF doesn't provide daycare but Lifestyle does.  I've decided to give OTF a try for a couple of months and then John and I can talk about what he thinks we should do.  I really can't imagine leaving Lifestyle so its a tough decision!  Either way this lady is working her butt off and will hopefully see some results sooner rather than later! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm an Iron Girl!!!

I did the unthinkable...I ran in a race outside!  I never thought in a million years I would ever sign up for any kind of race let alone a 5k (3.1 miles).  The more I think about it right now the more emotional I find myself getting.  I started "training" for this about 2 months ago, but after getting my butt to the gym for a couple of weeks I ended up taking a couple of weeks off.  This last month I've been pretty dedicated not only to running but also lifting, which has helped me to feel strong and also help with my confidence in finishing the race.  I never had the chance to actually get outside and run on pavement so I had no idea what to think as I was lining up with the women to take off.  I honestly didn't even care.  I was so excited to be there not as a walker but, a runner.  I'm still grinning ear to ear that I did it!

(This is the medal I received for doing the race)
When we first arrived it reminded me of all the times I would do Race for the Cure, it was very busy and extremely clustered.  John and the kids joined me and we followed my friend Corinne and her husband to Clearwater.  They dropped us off and headed over to the finish line which was over a couple of bridges, well I guess 3.1 miles away!  This was mine and Corinne's first race so it was nice to be on the same level with some one.  Her friend Kim was also with us, but she was walking.  We headed over to the massive crowd of people waiting for our turn to take off.  It took forever, but yet came so quickly.  I remember us talking and all I'm thinking was...I just want to get this over with.
Well, I thought I did pretty good for my first real run, once again to point out this is my first time not on a treadmill!  There were a couple of hills that I wasn't expecting so I did find myself slowing down a couple of times to walk up them rather than be gassed out once I got to the top (note to self: work more on an incline for next time).  I was pleasantly surprised how much I tried to make it a mind over matter situation.  I wanted to stop and walk so many times, but I continued to tell myself "you don't need to stop, you can do this".  Someone told me that it will go by so quick you'll never want it to end...they were wrong!  I was getting mad when it came time to finish, every time you went around a corner you assumed it was the wasn't, I think that went on a couple of times.  I almost burst out in tears because I wanted it to end so badly.  When I was just moments away from the finish line I could feel myself get a little anxious, knowing that I was about to finish something had me pretty emotional.  I'll go back to my first comment, I never thought in a million years I would ever do any kind of run.  I love proving myself wrong and I plan to continue doing so.   
(John was able to capture me right before I finished)
(Corinne & I...we did it!)
(My little family was there to cheer me on)
After a couple of hours I was able to find out my final time and I was beyond happy!  I really wanted to do the race in under 35 minutes (Natalee ran her first race in 32 minutes so I was trying to stay within that area of time).  Well, I got my final time and it was 35:23...(11:23 per mile).  I was really proud of myself.  I'm such a changed person even from just a couple of months ago and this race has been an even bigger life changing experience.  John continued to tell me how proud he was and we can't wait to run in a race together.  It kind of sucks that the summer's coming because there won't be as many due to the heat, but I will start looking some up for the fall so we can be ready.  I would love to do a couple more 5ks, move onto 10ks and then 1/2 marathons.  I don't think I could ever do a whole marathon, but never say never!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Addison's 1st Concert!!!

Addison and I went to her very first concert on Thursday and she had a blast!  We went and saw the Fresh Beat Band, a popular group shown on Nick Jr.  It was really cool because we also went with 3 of her other friends.  Luckily we all bought our tickets at the same time so we were all in the same row.  The moms thought it was cheesy as hell, but it was all worth it watching our girls dancing and singing all the words to the songs!  I was having a hard time calling this "Addison's 1st concert" because I thought her first concert should be something cooler like Justin Bieber or something, but all of my friends totally disagreed with me and we all decided we would put this down as an official concert.

We had some pretty awesome seats for $30!  We were in row R and right in the middle.  Of course I didn't bring my camera and the one time I let my phone die was during this time, so luckily my friend Corrine captured some pics of the girls. 
We had such a fun girls night, it took everything I had inside me to not cry, this event proves to me once again that my little girl is getting older.  I still can't get over her excitement, dancing and singing throughout the whole success!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Final Michigan Visit Event

Our last event to see more people without having to go to each individual house was to invite people to join us at Dave and Busters for some fun!  I've never been there, but my mom suggested it and while I tried to keep the invites small and simple I found myself thinking..."ohh I would love to see this person and this family and this person".  So, in the end we had about 27 people invited (this included kids).  It was awesome to see lots of family and friends we haven't seen in a while. 

Julia was celebrating her upcoming birthday with a friend so it was nice to see her around her birthday rather than just sending a card and speaking to her on the phone.
We also got to see my cousin Dane and his family.  Dane has a little boy named Braydon who is only a couple of weeks older than Addison and then a little girl named Hailey who is only a couple of weeks younger than Kingstyn.  Their kids are so darn cute and I must admit, I'm a a little jealous by how amazing Dane's wife Tiffany is looking these days.  Of course I keep chalking it up to the fact she's in her early 20s!  For some reason this still doesn't make me feel any better!  ;o)  It was great to catch up with both of them and see how big the kids are getting.  Its hard when you have friends and family with kids around the same age as your own and you don't get to see them as often.
John's dad Tom and his wife Michele also joined us.  We were so happy to have them willing to come here since we didn't have time to go see them at their house this time.  I think they had a great time especially my mom and Michele got to catch up and then Tom got to walk around with John watching the kids play!  It wasn't the most intimate situation, but at least we all got to see each other!
Of course my trip wouldn't be complete without see my friend Melissa.  Luckily she was also willing to come to Dave & Busters with the whole family.  I had to get my Hlvain boys lovin before I left, and luckily I got lots of hugs and kisses from Carson and Levi.  I scared Mr. Dylan when he first got there so I think he may have been a little mad at me.  ;o(   I love spending time with this family and think about what it would be like if we lived in Michigan and the fun we would have all the time vs every couple of months.  But, I take what I can get and luckily Melissa's into taking pictures as much as me so she was able to capture some really cute pictures of us hanging out.
(All the Hlvain Boys)

Of course my niece Autumn was there to run around with Addison, Arielle and her boyfriend Matt came to hang out and my brother's girlfriend Kelly even made an appearance for me to slap her booty a couple of times.  I love this woman, no pressure, but she needs a damn ring on her finger already so we can start planning a wedding.
While it was so awesome to see everybody, it was hectic to make sure to spend enough time with everybody.  I feel so blessed to have so many people willing to come meet us, we are pretty lucky and I really can't thank everybody enough for taking the time to see us!  This was a great way to end our Michigan visit and I look forward to going back there and enjoying the games a little more next time!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Michigan Visit Part 3

After leaving April's house we took Autumn with us and headed over to my moms house.  We had so much fun once again just hanging out and watching the kids play.  My mom got the kids some gifts for Easter which included bubbles and silly little things to play with.  I honestly have to thank Autumn from the bottom of my heart because that girl played with Addison until she just couldn't move anymore.  Addison is pretty lucky to have Autumn as her big cousin because she is always more than willing to play with her little cousin!

I'm going to say it a hundred more times...Thank You Autumn!!!  It was so nice to not have the kids hanging all over me and actually watching them have fun with their big cousin.  I swear they went from blowing bubbles, playing Just Dance, making funny faces on my iPad, playing hide and seek (which was pretty funny when Cameron came over and played with them) and so much more!  I mean she really kept these kids busy or should I say they kept her pretty active!
It was awesome to hang out with my mom and like I said watch the kids play with their cousin.  It was nice to have John back too since Brody was still struggling a little bit with being a happy little guy.  It was nice to have an extra set of hands to help me get him down for a nap or just be held when he didn't want anyone else or be put down.  I felt bad for being frustrated with him, but its alot to handle when your travelling.  We still made lots of new memories and had an awesome time staying at Grandma and Grandpa Ross'!  

There's a New Addition to the Family!!

My cousin Melissa and her husband Chris greeted their beautiful baby boy on April 17th at 10:41pm!  Melissa went into the hospital to be induced on the 16th and then officially went into labor in the morning on the 17th (with the help of Pitocin).  After many hours of progressing slowly, it seemed once she was dilated to a 10 the baby wasn't ready to drop down so they had to make a decision to have a C-Section.  She kind of went through the same thing with her daughter Sophia, but that ended in a vaginal birth.  Natalee's been in contact with her so I've been getting details through her.  Well, to their surprise the baby arrived and its a boy!  They wanted it to be a surprise and according to my sister Melissa's still in shock they now have a boy.  How exciting they now have a girl and a boy!  The funniest thing about this is they are almost exactly 2 years apart since Sophia celebrated her 2nd birthday only days before Liam's arrival!  I couldn't be more excited for them and can't wait to meet their little guy.  It kind of sucks that I was in MI a week too early or else I could of come to the hospital to visit!  ;o(

Liam Xavier Ritter
Born 4/17/2012 @ 10:41pm
7lbs 1oz 20 1/2" long
(My mom with Baby Liam...he's pretty cute!!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Michigan Visit Part 2

The next destination on our Michigan trip was to visit the Jones/Ginter family!  We met April, Autumn and Rylee in Rochester to have some lunch.  OMG!  Rylee was hilarious, I had no idea what a difference 6 months could be.  Rylee has gotten so big and was talking up a storm.  It was hard not to laugh every time she would talk because it was so darn cute!  After we went to lunch we came back to my sister's house so the kids could get some rest and energy to play later!

 The resting didn't really last very long so it was time to take the kids outside...we got to blow bubbles, bounce in the bounce house and race up and down the hill on the side of the house.  It was so much fun watching the kids play together. Its just crazy to me to see Rylee and Brody getting older and being able to actually play together.  Rylee was for sure in love with Addison and wanted her right by her side every minute.
After playing outside for a while we decided it was time to start dinner and let the kids run around in the backyard.  It was perfect timing since that's when Arielle got there after work and was able to keep an eye on the kids.  More people started arriving after work including Uncle Jason and even my mom came to my sisters to spend the night and hang out with us.  The kids were so excited to see everybody, Brody always relied on Addison to take the first step in whether or not he would warm up to someone.  As soon as he saw Addison or even me hug/kiss the person he seemed to be ok.  Don't get me wrong it took a while for him to completely warm up, but he did good!
After we ate dinner and were done playing outside it was bath time!  Autumn almost fainted by the thought of giving all 3 kids a bath at the same time.  I made her feel a little better about it once I stepped in to help.  It was cute seeing all three kids in there together, but it only lasted so long and I was ready to move on to the next step...getting the kids to bed!
The evening was a little stressful to say the least.  Brody had a really awful night, he had to scream himself to sleep and then when I came to bed around midnight I found him sleeping outside the pac n play on Arielle's bed.  I almost threw up when I saw this!  He has never climbed out of his crib or even a pac n play!  So when I tried to put him back in the pac n play it was a screaming fest once again.  I decided to just let him sleep with me and it was a nightmare.  He would fall asleep and then as soon as I would doze off he would pop up and start talking.  It was seriously awful!  Him and I had the worst sleep ever which didn't help the fact that he had gotten up at 5:30 the morning before so he was lacking in sleep for 2 days now!  I could tell that something was starting to go on with him and perhaps he was fighting something.  He started being so cranky and mad at the world, he's always been a pretty good sleeper so it was weird that he's refusing to nap and sleep at night.  Ugh!  It was just the beginning of my lack of sleep and Brody's horrible crankiness!
Overall our visit with Auntie April was so much fun!  Autumn is so amazing with helping with the kids and helped relieve alot of stress by stepping in and entertaining the kids.  Like I said Rylee's hilarious and besides her tiny 2 year old moments she's such a good girl and extremely cute!  Our next adventure was to head to my moms and reunite with John since his conference ended on Friday!