Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LCC Water Day!

Monday was water day at Addison's school.  I had soooo much fun hanging out with all the kids and watching Addison run around getting wet.  Luckily for me Brody was at his once a week daycare so it worked out perfect.  I got there a little early since I didn't want to go home to just turn around and come back.  I was able to help Miss Davis out with the kids and catch up on some cool stories that the kids love to share with me.  These kids are so darn funny, but most importantly thay are just the sweetest!  I feel so lucky that Addison had such a great classroom of kids this year and 9 times out of 10 come home with nothing but great stories about her day and how much fun she has with her friends.
 After hanging out in the classroom for a little bit it was time to head outside and play with all the cool water toys the teachers setup.  Each child got a little water soaker, it was so crazy seeing ALL classes going at it and I must say the best part was the very minimal crying!  They had so much fun which once again reminded me how much I'm going to miss being here!
After lots of water fun, Addi took a little break with her friends and then eventually told me "I'm just gonna lay down and take a little rest". 
Once everyone had their fill of getting wet it was time to all sit down and get ready for the snack lady (aka: me) to come around to give them cookies.  One of the girls told her mom "it was so nice that Addison's mom brought us cookies today", I had to correct her and tell her mom that it was actually the teachers cookies, I was just helping.  I really did have such a great time with all the kids especially with the ones in Addison's class (I even skipped the gym to stick around to help Miss Davis get the kids dressed).  I'm so happy I did because one of the little girls asked "why don't you work here"?  I must admit, I had a little tear in my eye and felt this could be one of the best compliments a 5 year old could give me.
I still can't believe we're in the last week of school.  Addison's been so incredibly blessed to have amazing teachers and wonderful kids surrounding her for the last couple of years.  I'm going to miss being in this little family environment, but it won't be too long before Brody starts his LCC journey and I know where we end up with Addison will be just as awesome as we make it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Awesome Mother's Day!!

I had such an amazing Mother's Day of doing NOTHING!  Normally we go to brunch and have something busy planned, but I wanted nothing more that to love on my babies and then let their dad take over and let me have a relaxing day.  Of course, my body decided to let me know who was in charge and I ended up with a couple of migraines throughout the day.  I had one in the morning while showering (loss of vision) then once my "drugs" kicked in I was good to go.  Unfortunately, it struck once again (numbness in my hands) after I got an awesome pedi and was helping getting dinner ready.  Took my drugs again and felt really tired and a little out of sorts this time.  Well, I woke up at 3am in a state of shock to finding an intense shooting pain going up from my neck to my brain and could tell this time it was my whole body being affected.  Luckily with it being so late I was able to take my medication and go back to sleep to deal with the throbbing.  I know I'm coming across pretty casual about this, which is partially true since I've been dealing with this my whole life.  The only thing that makes me a little sad is the fact that I've had probably 2 since Brody's been born so I was really hoping since I don't have to take the pill anymore my days of constant migraines were gone.  Guess I was wrong, but I'll take the limited amount compared to everyday any day.  So many explanations are running through my head, but really when it comes to Migraines you can't give them a reason why they happen.  I feel its the change in the weather, perhaps stress and even hormones.  I really have no idea...I'm just dealing and getting through this episode hoping I get another couple of months/years of this happening again.  ;o)  I feel I've complained about health issues my whole life and I'm not about to start the complaining all over again, especially since I have a beautiful family to take care of.

Back to the task at babies gave me such a a beautiful Mother's day.  I think Addi wished me Happy's Mother Day about a 100 times, Brody tried following with repeating what his big sissy said.  I have some pretty amazing cute kids.  While Brody is for sure making me work my butt off w/keeping him a happy I keep reminding myself he's worth every whining thing that comes out of him. 
Honestly, I had no idea being a mom would be this hard...especially to 2 little ones.  I love them both so much, but I feel like I'm tested almost everyday.  I know I was put on this earth to be a mommy and Brody and Addison were specifically created for me, my life would be so empty without the.  While I'm constantly giving myself a pep talk to remind myself this...its just DAMN hard.  I hate getting so frustrated and want to throw my hands up as if "I give up", but Brody is for sure going through a rough time right now and you can tell he gets frustrated when we don't know what he needs.  I'm trying to not take any of it personally, but hey, I'm a woman and everything that happens is pretty much personal to me!  Anyway, we had a great day besides some hiccups and once again my husband showed me how much I mean to him and the kids and we have a lovely day!

HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to my awesome mom, Cheryl!  I love an savior this woman more than she knows.  I feel so lucky to have such an affectionate and beautiful example in my life and wouldn't trade her for anybody or anything!
It is also Mother's Day for my Step-mom Jane who helped raised us during probably the most chaos part of our lives.  She has always loved me as if I were her own daughter and I find us growing closer and closer as time goes by.  My dad's honestly one lucky man to have such a caring and thoughtful woman in his life.  Once again I don't know where my life would be without her! 
Well, it was for sure a Mother's Day to go down in history.  Time is flying and my kids are getting older (which I love in Brody's case).  I will try to keep a smile on my face and remember how quickly life goes by and most importantly savior as many moments as possible!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm Losing My Bestie! ;o(

My bestie Jen and her family have decided to move to Seminole, while its only about 20 minutes away its just not going to be the same.  I've been holding in my emotions on this, but honestly I'm REALLY sad.  Even with her only 20 minutes away its not going to be the same to just call her and say I'm coming over and I can get there in under 10 minutes.  I feel so lost and while I'm trying to look on the bright side it really has my heart aching.  I knew we weren't going to ALWAYS live this close, but I thought it would be me having to move somewhere else because of John's job or something.  I was in complete shock when I got the email explaining the situation.  Obviously I know we'll always be close no matter what (I mean she is Brody's godmother), its just the "glass is half empty" person coming out of me.  I love the Atkinson's so much and they've done so much for me emotionally and physically that I don't see any positives...except from their point of view.  I think its the fact I feel like we're going to have to "work" harder on our friendship since she's going to be further away and we'll have to make it a point to see each other rather than just letting it happen.  ;o(  I know I'm such a negative nelly but I had to get this off my chest. 
I love you guys always and forever and of course know we will always be in each other's lives...just not in St. Pete.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life after Fifty...

I'm so completely lost as to what to do since the last almost 2 weeks have revolved around reading these books!

I'm going to give you the G rated assessment of this book, but I have to start with my first impression...I was into like chapter 3 of the first book and I had to throw my ipad down and call my sister.  I was utterly disgusted and appalled that she would recommend this book to me.  I was like come on you know I'm not into this crap and was completely shocked by what this book was turning into.  She promised me that I needed to keep reading it because in the end I would love it.  Well, once again my sister was right.  These books were extremely intriguing and quite hot may I add.  I didn't think it would be as suspenseful as it was considering most of the book had to do with bondage and CONSTANT sex, but I actually really liked the plot and where it was taking me.  It was exciting to be be able to read all three books at once so I wasn't sitting there wondering...OMG what's going to happen.  Too put things lightly I truly believe this book has opened my eyes to many things.  After being with the same man for almost 12 years this book has really helped spice up our sex life and more importantly not make me feel so insecure about things.  After reading lots of reviews it sounds like lots of 20 somethings really don't get it, but a WHOLE lot more 30 somethings (especially ones who are married and have children) totally get it.  Its so funny when I think of what a statistic I am!  I have a couple of friends that are just getting into reading it and are pretty much on the same page with me as far as age, children and being with the same man for quite a while.  I'm excited to get their opinion and discuss perhaps how things have gotten a little hotter in the bedroom!  I think this is the best 10 year anniversary gift a woman could ask for especially with the stress of raising 2 crazy kids.  Ok, I'm going to stop...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never a Dull Moment in the Vranich House

Well, its been an interesting week already and its only Wednesday!  First, I had to spend my Monday morning turning in my car to get it fixed and then had to deal with the rental car company...luckily the guy was really nice and gave me an upgrade to an SUV (see it always helps to be nice)!  Then after I picked Addi up from school l noticed she was a little warm, so when I got home and took her temp I was shocked to see she had a 102 temp!  She's had a nasty cough for a couple of days, but I guess it turned into a virus because this girl was on fire.  After I picked Brody up from daycare the mosquito bite I assumed he had seemed to be bigger as far as the redness on his harm.  I just assumed that once again like his mom and sister mosquito's love us and it was just a little irritated.  Now it looks like a spider got a hold of him and he was having a reaction.  Well, after spending the day with both of my kids yesterday, Addi was still running a temp and Brody's redness was spreading, swollen and hot to the touch.  I was giving him Benedryl and putting anti-itching cream on it all day, but once John got home and saw it he was a little concerned.  Luckily my sister April and awesome friend Meagan are nurses so I sent them a picture and they both were a little disturbed.  I restarted Brody's antibiotics back up that night so this morning when he woke up it looked better.  I've decided to hold of taking him to the ped since he's already on the antibiotic my friend Meagan said they would give him.  I guess if it still looks the same tomorrow we will be taking yet another visit to see good ol Dr. E!  As far as Addison, luckily she woke up this morning w/no temp.  Of course I decided to keep her home to be safe but I will be shipping her little booty back to school tomorrow.  To top my Wednesday morning off my body decided to join the party and I woke up with a horrible migraine (mostly just numb arm and then pain in my neck running up to my head).  Thank god for my medication because I'm already feeling better and can keep up with my crazy kids.  I feel like these migraines come on after I've done a workout consisting of shoulder raises.  I don't know...guess I'll have to monitor it and see if there's a connection.  These kids for sure keep me on my toes, but luckily they love playing together so much it really hasn't been that bad.  Brody is so in love w/his sissy so thanks to Addi she's been distracting him from clinging to my leg all day.  Ok, I'm done complaining once again about being a parent and look forward to hopefully having some healthy kids by tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Night Out on a "Holiday"

John and I finally took the plunge and decided to go out on a "holiday".  We normally avoid the crowds and "young" people when it comes to going out on such holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Cinco De Mayo.  Last week I interviewed a bunch of new babysitters and decided we should put one to the test and decided to go out on Saturday.  We didn't realize it was Cinco De Mayo, but we decided to move forward and go out anyway.  Luckily I had a couple of friends who were interested in joining us because we had a blast!  We knew it would be a long shot, but we decided to head downtown and eat at Red Mesa Cantina.  After calling the restaurant and the guy told me it would be about an hour in a half wait we still decided to still try it out.  Well, to our surprise we got seated right away!  I had so much fun sitting back with the ginormous fan blowing through my hair (lucky I wore my hair curly), drinking several margaritas and talking with friends.  Jenny's husband Matt also joined us so him and John got to talk business (blah).  I think the strangest part of dinner was when I drunk girl upstairs in the club decided to throw a drink on us and we got to witness security run after her and kick her out.  We sat there wondering if we should be offended or take it as a compliment (we did look quite hot)!  ;o)  Anyway, as I was saying after lots of margaritas, a tequila shot and some yummy food we decided it was time to move on and go to one of our favorite bars.

 I must admit, part of the reason I love this bar is the cute bar manager/bar tender.  He's always wearing a newsie hat and a hot plaid vest along with a short beard.  I also love this bar because its so cool inside and they seriously make the best drinks.  We weren't there long, I was a little irritated to leave by 10, but happy when I woke up the next morning not feeling hung over!
What an awesome night!  I think the best part was us discussing the awesome 50 Shades of Grey book.  Jenny was just starting it so I started telling her how its a little disturbing at the beginning but it gets really good...obviously since I had already read both books in less than a week!  Luckily we weren't as tipsy as some of the other girls we got to observe, we couldn't help but watch the girls walking down the stairs from the club above us at dinner wondering which one would fall!  Once again it was a great night with great friends and lots of laughing!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Uh Ohh!!!

Well, according to John "this was bound to happen" I ended up hitting a car pulling into a parking spot in the Target parking lot!  Ugh!  I couldn't believe!  It seriously happened while Mr. Brody was in the back seat, I was just sitting there like "OMG what just happened...what do I do"?  Well, I came back to reality and got out to look at the damage.  Luckily the majority of the damage was on my car, but the person next to me did have some damage.  So, I went into Target to see if the security guard could possibly call the police for me.  The guy said I would have to do it, so I asked him if he had the number?  He proceeded to tell me to call 911, I looked at him like he was crazy and then he said "I think we have a non emergency number in the office" duh!  That's the number I need.  Well, I found the number myself and the awesome police officer came out and took the report.  He told me since I was nice enough to report this he wouldn't give me a ticket and proceeded to console me for being so upset that something so stupid happened.  Brody and I patiently waited outside feeling nauseous that once the person saw their car they would kill me.  The person still hadn't come out of the store by the time the police left so I proceeded to walk over to the store and get the items I needed.  Once I got up to the sidewalk and called John with an update I saw two women putting their items in the car I just hit.  I told John "I'm not going over there, they can just see the ticket...CRAP...I'll go over there".  Well, I broke the news to them and much to my surprise they were so nice about it.  It turns out they had just picked the car up from Enterprise.  They were really calm, but wanted to get things figured out by calling the rental place, as we were talking my AWESOME husband walked up and did what he always his wife from going crazy!  The ladies and I decided to talk in the store to keep cool so I could call my insurance company and get everything taken care of.  Everything turned out fine and after 15 minutes everything was squared away and while I apologized many times, they were so awesome and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and lots of hugs.
As we walked away John says "only you would hit someones car and end up getting a hug in the end".  The ladies were so nice and I was blessed to have met them.  The woman who was renting the car was visiting her sister from California and was heading home on Monday.  Well, I got the sweetest message yesterday while I was on my way to pick up Addison.  It was the woman I met on Friday.  She was calling to check on me and my family to make sure we were doing ok and just wanted to check in on everything.  How nice is that?  I honestly believe things happen for a reason and I don't know why, but I think this woman was brought into my life...perhaps a life lesson or a sign from god telling me I'm doing ok.  Once again I called John and told him about the heartfelt message and his response "only you would hit someones car and have them call you to check on how your doing".  I plan to call her back today, she mentioned she was on FB so I will be making this friendship FB official once we talk.  All I have to say is I'm pretty luckily, as I get older I continue to meet the most amazing people even if it happens by a fender bender in the parking lot!