Friday, June 8, 2012

The Atkinson's and Vranich's Vacation in Orlando!

We were lucky enough to head to Orlando for a whole week with not only the Atkinson family, but John's mom and partner Ann were able to meet us there from Washington!  We got there on a Sunday mid afternoon and we made sure the fun started right away!  I must admit Addison was the most excited to have her friends there to play with.  Everyday of every minute that she wasn't with Kayleigh she was asking me to go to their room!  She even had 2 sleepovers in their room.  Luckily she's such a good girl so they were more than happy to have her!  
The resort was amazing!  They had an awesome pool that worked for all ages, Brody was able to play in the walk in area while Addi got to take off and go in the deeper end and go crazy!  Not only were the pools beautiful they also had a little market area where they had a play area for the kids which really helped on the days it rained or taking a break from swimming.  It really was the best kid friendly resort!
The Grandma's had so much fun playing with the kids and luckily the kids warmed up to them right away.  Brody was a little under the weather throughout the trip (shocking I know), but he was able put his crankiness to the side and let them do some cuddling!  Addison of course was awesome and loved playing especially with Grandma Ann in the water.  Brody loved throwing the ball around with her in the room, it was so cool that she got down on the floor with him and was really into it!  It was a perfect trip for them to join us and with us having a 2 bedroom they were able to get rest when the kids wore them out!  I think they had a good time...I know we did!
We've never really been on vacation with friends before and I must say it was ALOT of fun!  Of course how can it not be the best when your with the Atkinson's?  We had a blast hanging out at the pool and did some activities together without feeling like we HAD to be together the whole time.  It was really nice to have them there to help entertain Addison since we were so exhausted dealing with Brody not sleeping all night.  Jen took Addison numerous times over to the play area while we were trying to get Brody down for a nap or just hanging out with him.  As I said earlier Addi even got to have 2 sleepovers in their "apartment" (that's what Addi called it).  Overall it was nice because they did their thing and we did ours, but we always came together at some point during the day.  I look forward to doing it again and can only imagine how much more fun it will be next year when Brody's a little older and not as demanding.  
We did get out of the resort a couple of times.  Our first outing was going to Sea World!  I've never been and was actually really excited to see the shows.  Of course we went and got our tickets in the lobby and as soon as we walked away to head back to our room it started pouring!  On top of that Brody ended up getting hives all over his body, we thought they were bug bites, but once it started spreading in front of our eyes we knew it was something more.  So, John headed out and got some Benadryl hoping this will help with whatever was going on.  John and I were a little concerned we weren't going to be able to go, but luckily the rain let up later in the morning, Brody laid down for a nap waking up completely cleared of red spots, so we headed out.  I am soooo happy that we did!  The kids had a great time and the shows were amazing!  We only got to see the dolphins and the Shamu show, but it was perfect!  The kids were constantly watching in amazement and while Brody won't remember I know Addi will since she's already constantly talking about it especially when the commercials come on.  I can't wait to go back when the kids are a little older to do more of the activities they have.  I find myself saying that every time we go to a park.  There's always way too many things to do in just a day.  I love we live so close to all these cool places!
Well, the rain did hit us a couple of times while on vacation so we found ourselves thinking of things to do inside w/o spending a ton of money.  We hit up Chuck E. Cheese one of the days.  It was nice because the moms took Brody on for us while John and I took Addison with the Atkinson's to have some fun.  The kids had a blast and it didn't break the bank! 
Overall our vacation was great!  We dealt with the ups and downs of Mr. Brody and I tried telling myself "at least we're not in Hawaii or something expensive like that".  Addison had a blast and we made some great memories with some beautiful friends!  I really hope we get to do something like this again next year or sooner!!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

While Daddy's Away...

Mommy and the kids will play!!!  Whenever John goes out of town for longer than a day I go into "what do I do with the kids so I don't lose my mind" mode!  Seriously, while I know John's only home for about an hour before Brody goes to bed I freak out knowing I won't have any relief for that hour.  My biggest fear is getting exhausted after keeping busy with the kids and then Brody will refuse to go to bed and I'll be up all night without any help.  I'm so psycho...I know!  The thing about Brody is, he's happy when we're on the go and not sitting at home.  He gets so bored after just chilling at home for a couple of hours so I have to call all my friends and see who wants to hang out with the Vranich clan.  Well, John is out of town from Wed. - Fri. so I've been keeping us pretty busy.  When this happens and its raining that means we need to spend some money.  I'm actually noticing, now that Addison's home this might be an issue for the whole summer!  I really don't mind keeping busy and doing stuff, but I'd really like this to be more about going to the park, pool, beach...I hate figuring out places to go inside!  Anyway, we've hit up Chuck E. Cheese, Chick Fil a, Planet Jump and today we are checking out the mall for the kids to play and mommy can do some shopping.  Luckily my friends have been so awesome with being available to hang out with us so Addison has someone to play with and I can have somewhat adult conversations.  Normally I'm counting down the hours until John gets home, but now I'm counting down the days until he gets home.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!   

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1 Boat+3 Flanagans = Lots of Fun

The day before we left for our vacation Addison and I received an invitation to go on a little boat ride with the Flanagan's (John & Brody were invited too but Brody wasn't feeling well).  We've known the Flanagan's for 2 years now, but just started hanging out more and more recently.  Ellery was in the same class as Addison last year.  I must admit, I had so much fun especially knowing I didn't have to look after Brody.  Addison is so independent so she just did her own thing and I got to enjoy my time hanging with Tim and Corinne.  Tim first took us on a fun boat ride around St. Pete and then we ended up at a sand bar with a bunch of other LCC families.  We had so much fun I honestly never wanted to leave!
After we were there for a while we decided to head back to the Flanagan casa to have some sandwiches and do some swimming in their pool...once again I didn't want to leave.  I loved having some one on one time with my baby girl without screaming "no" at Brody every 2 seconds and it was a blast to talk with Corinne more and get to know her a little better.  They are such a great family which leads me to say once again, how lucky I am to find awesome friends in St. Pete.  Unfortunately the day had to end and we headed home to John and Brody who decided to refuse to nap all day.  I hate going back to reality, but it has to happen.  ;o)  It was a great day and while Addison's convinced we're going to buy a boat I continue to explain its much more fun to go on friends boats since we wouldn't have anywhere to put it and she would have to be the one to clean it!  I think that explanation changed her mind!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who's That Big Boy?!

One of my favorite things to do is take Brody to the park.  There's one over by my house that is nearly deserted while schools in during the week and I love that is has the grass turf so I don't have to deal with him walking through sand or wood chips.  I always bring my camera since I never know if he's going to do something silly or new.  He's getting so brave and I must stay his coordination is improving quite a bit too!  He has no problem crawling/walking up and down the stairs and of course going over the swinging bridge which is his favorite.  I always bring a ball too since we all know he's obsessed, so after we've been playing for a little bit, I sit down and we roll the ball back and forth to each other (in some cases he chucks it at my head).  Its just nice to get him out of the house for a little bit and let him run around and do some exploring.
Since we've done this quite a few times, I'm finding it a little challenging to distract him when he sees a playground because he points and tells me he wants to go play.  Especially when we pick Addison up from school I have to make sure to gun it through the parking lot where the playground is b/c the kid will have a meltdown and wonder why we aren't stopping.  O'well he'll get the concept eventually that we can't play at EVERY playground that we pass, I just think its cool he's recognizing these things.  He's for sure keeping me busy, but I'm realizing everyday how big he's getting and pretty soon it will be his turn to head off to Preschool!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kindergarten is Calling!!!!

What in the world?  This past school year has flown by and now Addison will be attending "real" school starting in the fall.  Addison had her last day of school on May 24th, I must say it took alot for me not to cry.  While her graduating is an indication of her getting older, but this also meant we were saying goodbye to LCC.  I don't know how we got so lucky to have the best teachers and the best kids in her class for the last 2 years.  I've been beyond happy with our whole experience at LCC so it was really rough hanging out on the last day during the festivities.  I know the possibilities of her moving on to a new school and having the same experience can be great as well, but I just REALLY love this school!
All the kids made t-shirts with their classmates hand prints on them so they will never forget their friends or their awesome teacher!  It was really cute to see the classes get together for a picture and they were all wearing the same type of shirt!  The picture below is all the students in the 4/5 classes, most will be going on to Kindergarten, but some are still young so they will be staying in the 4/5 Transitional class.  I would love to see this picture in 8 years when the kids are graduating from LCC and moving onto high school just to see how many are still at LCC.  I think it normally gets cut down by half.
Then the kids got together with their own teacher and took a picture with their class.  I can't brag enough about Addison's teacher Miss Davis.  You never would of known that this was her first year back after taking 8 years off from teaching.  She was so gentle and kind with the students and truly taught them ALOT!  She made it so easy on the parents, I knew I could send her a text, email or call her anytime if I had any questions regarding my baby girl.  It was a pleasure to get to know her even more this year (her son Zachary was in Addison's class last year).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Addison will get in her sisters class at Bay Vista (once Addison gets into Bay Vista).   
 I decided to go back to Addison's school a little early so I could get some more pics. of the kids.  That's another thing I must say I love about Miss Davis, she always welcomed Brody into her classroom, I never felt like it was a burden that I had him at class events.  All the kids flocked to him and even Miss Davis enjoyed his company.  The kids were still playing games even up to the last minute and then watched their class video that Miss Davis created for each student.  The video consisted of pictures throughout the year and once again I had to hold back tears.  It was so nice of her to take the time to put that together and give each student their very own.  We've already watched it at least 5 times!
So, my first baby has completed Preschool, its now time for the big leagues.  I'm really excited, a little scared and really nervous.  I hope she likes elementary school as much as she's liked her Preschool experience.  Either way I know that LCC has prepared her socially, emotionally and educationally to move on to the next level.  I'm extremely confident that shes going to be great and adapt awesome to her new environment (I'm tying this with a very shaky nervous tone)!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Someone's Having a Baby Girl!!!!

I could not be anymore excited to announce that my sister Natalee found out she's having a baby girl!!!  I'm still in shock, since I was totally convinced that she was having another boy!  They had the big ultrasound this past week, rather than having the technician tell them what they were having during the appointment they had them write it down and put it in an envelope.  My sister than dropped the envelope off at the bakery where they made cupcakes with the filling either being blue for a boy or pink for a girl.  They wanted Kingstyn to make the big reveal so after they picked him up from daycare he dug in and much to every ones was PINK!!!!
OMG!  My sister is going to be such an awesome and fun mommy to her little girl (don't get me wrong, she's amazing with King too).  I can't wait to take our girls on shopping trips and to get our nails done...endless girl opportunities.  She knows just from my experience, there's nothing like having a little girl.  While its awesome having your little boy, every mom needs a girl! 
My niece couldn't look anymore perfect in her ultrasounds.  I swear I'm seeing pink and little girl stuff everywhere.  I even saw a little girl while we were on vacation and thought "OMG that is a girl version of Kingstyn" of course John thought I was crazy, but seriously I just can't wait to see how beautiful this baby girl ends up being!
I'm so excited for the Small family, what an awesome blessing to have one of each.  I'm thinking since Kingstyn's a spitting image of his daddy this baby girl's going to look just like Natalee...except this didn't really work in my favor since both of my kids look like their daddy.  Either way, she's going to be one gorgeous, spoiled little girl!!!  SO EXCITED!!!