Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mommy & Addi Fun!

I love when Addi and I get to do fun stuff together.  Since Brody goes to daycare once a week I try to think of something special for us girls to do.  She's been in camp quite a bit this summer, but had a week off so we decided to hit the zoo.  She was so excited, my most favorite is when she says "its a girls day, no boys allowed...mommy & Addi day".  I love being able to have all my attention on her and confirm to her that even though she has a little brother that needs alot of our attention she's still important and she will always be our #1 girl!  I love spoiling her and will continue to do so until the day I die!  ;o)
The zoo was fun, we got there around 10 so we could beat some of the heat, but we may have gotten there a little too early because it didn't seem like alot of the animals were out and they were still setting up the park for visitors.  I was also a little shocked that Addi wasn't into the animals as much as she use to be.  I would be looking at the monkey's and she would be like "ok, lets move on to the next animal".  So, this day that I thought would be so much fun and exciting for her was kind of blah.  We seriously got through the whole park in 2 hours.  At least she loved going on some rides and I even let her ride a horse.  She also got to pet and brush some barn animals and ride a little train all by herself!  Thank god these things saved me because I felt really bad she wasn't that into it, luckily I had a Groupon and didn't have to pay full price or else I would of been really mad!

Since we were over in the Tampa area we decided to surprise John by an impromptu visit to say hi while he was at work.  He was shocked that we were already done with the zoo so after I explained he was like "ohh".  Of course I had to redeem myself and I ended our day at a cupcake shop.  I had no idea it would be so hard to please a 5 year old!  Overall it was a good day and it was nice to spend time alone with my baby girl.  I'm pretty confident she felt the same way...I think.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bigler Turns 5!!!

One of our favorite girls had a bowling birthday party to celebrate her fabulousness turning 5!  She is so darn cute and of course looked amazing as ever!  This was honestly one of the best kids parties we've ever been too!  The kids got to bowl for an hour, ate pizza, had cake and then got to play the games in the game room.  I couldn't believe it when 2 hours passed because it ran so smoothly and quickly!  The kids had a blast and I must be did the parents.  All of our closest friends were there and the kids loved hanging out while attempting to do this bowling thing!  Cheers to Jenny and Matt for throwing an awesome party!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girl's Night Out!

Last week a couple special ladies (Beth, Jen and Jenny) and I went out to celebrate Beth's birthday!  Not only were we excited to celebrate Beth's big day, but we were even more excited to get the hell out of the house and have some girl time.  This summer is going so fast, but I'm so exhausted coming up with activities for the kids.  Basically what I'm saying is...I'm beyond ready for Addison to go back to school, I'm tired!

The 4 of us haven't gotten out together in a really long time and we picked up right where we left off.  I love the fact that we talk about everything and anything (I know our husbands want to know so bad, but we won't tell)!  There's never a dull moment and we are constantly full of hilarious stories.  I seriously wish we could go out like this EVERY night!  While the main reason to go out was to get together for Beth's b'day, but I think we would of ran out of our houses just to celebrate a full moon!  As I will say for the 100th time, we had a blast and can't wait for the next girls night!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Star Struck!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to attend the Ray's game this past Saturday.  Not only did I get to meet Dick Vitale, but I got to get super close to one of my favorite singers...Gavin DeGraw!  It was SUPER hard for me to not go out to him and ask for an autograph when he was meeting the players before the game started, but I didn't want to be that "annoying" fan!  At least I was able to get close enough to capture some pretty cool pictures of him talking and hanging out with the players.  After the LONG game was over it was time to go on the field and enjoy his awesome concert. 

Natalee and Chad have seen him a couple of times in concert so I as super excited that it was finally my turn to see Mr. Gavin DeGraw.  I really didn't know what to expect since it was after the baseball game. Was he going to sing one or two songs?  He seriously put on a full show.  We were there for about an hour enjoying his amazing voice!  We were pretty close so I was able to get some awesome pictures and even some cool videos.  I'll never forget this night and, it was honestly one of the best nights in a long time.  We had so much fun and I must admit...I'm still smiling!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meeting a Legend...Dick Vitale!!!

Ok, so some people won't understand except my dad and brother Greg, but I got to meet Dick Vitale last night when John and I went to the Ray's game.  Now, what's really funny is I've had several opportunities to meet this amazing man while attending the Ray's games for the last 3 years or so, but never had the guts to "bug" him for a picture.  I finally had the "balls" to go over to him after the game and officially get the picture I so desired.  I felt kind of bad because there was a line up of people waiting to meet him (mostly men of course), but since I had our awesome seats I kind of made my way through and plopped myself next to his gorgeous wife and got to talk to her for a little bit, before I made my way to the legend.  I was so nervous and was stumbling over my words basically telling him "its so nice to meet you sir, I'm such a huge fan and my dad loves you sir"  I asked him about his cousin/brother (I couldn't remember) that use to substitute teach at my middle/high school.  He looked at me a little confused and corrected me, telling me he thinks that I was talking about his best friend who looks exactly like him.  I must say I disagree because I distinctly remember him telling us he was related...I may not have been clear.  Anyway, he was so nice I insisted on just getting a picture of him, but the guy behind us was shocked that I didn't want to be in the picture too, so he was kind enough to take it for me.  I'm so happy I agreed because I must say, it turned out perfect.  Of course this morning I downloaded my pics and have been sharing w/all my family and friends.  It was awesome...I'm not going to lie! 

For those of you who are wondering WTF, who are you talking about?  Dick Vitale is a huge icon when it comes to college basketball and someone I'll never forget from when I was in middle school and high school watching the best U of M basketball team.  I would watch college basketball with my dad all the time and remember constantly being impressed with Dick's commentating (he's hilarous).  It was funny to see him last night, I don't think he looks any different from that long ago!  I'll never forget last night for so many reasons, but meeting Mr. Vitale is for sure one of the reasons! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

We Miss Our Little Visitor!

We had the best visitor come stay with us for a little less than 3 niece Autumn!  We had so much fun and stayed extremely busy.  I think there was only a day or two that we didn't do something.  Even with Tropical Storm Debby coming through we still made it work and had fun!  Here's a list of the things we did...get ready!

1. Busch Gardens (twice)
2. St. Pete Country Club (twice/maybe three times)
3. Walked downtown to the Pier
4. St. Petersburg Aquarium
5. Some jumpy place (can't remember what it was called)
6. Practically Picasso (she made an awesome star bowl to bring home)
7. Little Panera date with just the girls
8. Lots of house fun (more pottery fun, sidewalk chalk & bubbles, wagon pulling, the girls created a tent in Addison's room and also even created signs to put on her door "no boys allowed...except Brody)
9. Finally made it to the beach (twice)

If this list doesn't wear you out I don't know what does.  I'm almost positive I missed an activity in there, but lets just say there wasn't a dull moment! 
(Autumns new BF that Uncle John won at Busch Gardens, she was sad to leave Turkey behind when she left)
Now some of you might be thinking...holy crap you really spoiled that girl!  Well, I wouldn't exactly call it that.  She was more than deserving, she was so much help with the kids I don't even know where to begin!  I didn't really have her "babysit" that often, but I guess technically you would call it that since Addison HAD to have her play with her every second of the day!  Autumn was so amazing especially when it came time where she could entertain the kids while I was getting dinner ready or doing laundry.  It was nice to not have Brody and Addi constantly hanging on me or asking for something, they knew they could go to their awesome cousin.  I loved having the extra hand while mine were tied!  I had so much fun just making her feel special and reiterating how much I love her and would do just about anything for her.  I know she was beyond appreciative and I think we were both a little sad when it was time for her to leave.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll want to come out next year for the whole summer.  I can't thank my sister and ex-brother in-law enough for allowing her to come out for this long and I really hope Autumn has walked away from this experience with many exciting memories!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life After 10 Years of Marriage...

I'm still in shock that John and I have been married for 10 years already.  I remember like it was yesterday that we reconnected while I was away at college and then a couple months later I moved to Washington to be with him and then another couple months later we were engaged and of course the best day of my life July 6, 2002 I married my best friend.  Thank God for John coming into my life even if it was when I was 16.  He has taught me so many things which honestly leads me to truly feel there is not one single man that is meant to be for me except John.  We are constantly balancing each other out, while we have sooo many things in common there's many things that we don't and I think that's why we've been able to make it work.
Making it work...this is another topic I've thought alot about especially when I see people's faces when I tell them we've been married for 10 years.  The look of shock and disbelief actually makes me kind of laugh.  I mean to be honest its only been 10 years which is still a long way from a lifetime of being together.  When I look back at the last 10 years (really 12 since we've been together that long) I must say it hasn't always been a cake walk.  When older people want to give us advice regarding marriage, of course they say "it takes work from both people" they are 100% right!  We've been through so many ups and downs, but I would never regret any of those downs because that's how we continue to grow stronger as a couple.  The last 2 years I think have been the toughest for us with adding Mr. Brody into the mix and me staying home, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and it feels REAL good!  Obviously I know these obstacles are going to continue coming at us for the next 60+ years, but with the amazing love we share for each other I think we can basically get through just about anything!
John and I decided to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary by taking some time for ourselves and leaving the kids with a babysitter.  We actually ended up staying at a nice hotel called The Vinoy that is literally less than 10 minutes away from our house.  It was kind of nice since this was the first time we were leaving the kids over night with someone who's not a family member.  It made it a little easier knowing we were so close in case something happened.  So, we left Friday night to check in.  I was beyond excited to have this break and just concentrate on us and how much we care about each other with no distractions!  We were surprised with a bottle of champagne that was brought into our room right after we arrived and then we proceeded to have a very intimate dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants.  The grounds at the hotel were amazing, everything was breath taking.  After dinner we spent the rest of the evening outside having cocktails and just enjoying our alone time.  It was so weird to not have the kids there asking for something every 2 minutes.  I was soaking it all in and enjoying every moment of not feeling like I was just a mom.
Saturday we spent the whole day down at the was REALLY hot and then went up to the room to take a nap...seriously a nap, that would never happen at our house!  After our naps we got ready for dinner and even decided to hang out for a while afterwards, we didn't get home until 2am!  PARTY ANIMALS!  Overall I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  John and I spent lots of beautiful time together and we got to just breath without the kids needing us for something.  I'm so happy we did it and hope we will do it again even if its for our next Anniversary.  Spending time with just the two of us re energized me, I was excited to see the kids when we got home I was thinking "I'm ready to take on these kids and their craziness without feeling like I'm ready to explode!"  ;o)  I'm feeling really good about life right now and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for our little family!