Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling Patriotic!!!

The kids and I went to vote for the Primary election today.  Luckily it was completely empty at the poll (kind of sad too), but we did our Patriotic duty and voted.  I was especially interested in the election because my friend Cathy is running for county judge.  She's such an amazing woman so I had to make sure I showed my support no matter what. 
I thought the best part of voting was bringing the kids and the sad part was when Addison asked me "what is voting"?  Apparently I need to somehow explain to my 5 year old what an important job it is not only as an American, but as a woman to vote.  I was a little shocked, but then again she is only 5 and just starting elementary school.  I've made a mental note though to continue to explain what an awesome job and responsibility we have to make our voices heard especially when it comes to election time and choosing all different leaders besides the President!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

On to the next trial...Body by Vi

Well, after working my BUTT off for the last 5 months with going to the gym at least 3 days a week and trying to watch what I eat, I'm still not seeing the results I thought would happen so easily.  I've decided to try a different approach on top of continuing to workout.  A girl at my Orange Theory Fitness gym was talking to me about this Body by Vi 90 day challenge that has helped alot of people lose weight for people like me who workout alot, but just aren't seeing the results they like.  I was pretty hesitant at first because I'm not really into "weight loss programs", but this one had me interested.  Its not about just taking a pill a day and starving, but it actually is something I'm capable of doing.  You drink 2 shakes a day and then have a sensible meal.  I think I'm even more excited because I hate eating before 4pm (I'm pretty sure this is my problem) so this easy process of making 2 shakes a day will help my body to start  doing what its suppose (I mean honestly I'm starving myself all day until I decide to eat, which isn't the best way to live).  I'm not expecting miracles here, but I am praying I can shed 30lbs in 3 months.  I think with the help of this program and continuing to can it now work?  I'm still so hesitant, but I have to try it or else I'll keep thinking...what if?  Wish me luck in this journey and pray I can start feeling better about myself inside and out!

Monday, August 6, 2012

4th = Girl!!!!!

It must be year of the girl and I couldn't be more happy!  My greatest and dearest friend Melissa found out last week that after having 3 boys (Dylan, Carson and Levi) her and Nathan are completing their family with a baby girl!!!!  I was going crazy waiting for the news on whether or not it was going to be team blue again for this awesome family or were they going to have a baby girl to spoil?  Of course Melissa was amazingly positive about everything and talked herself into believing it was another boy, but to her and Nathan's surprise they're having a GIRL!!!!
I've talked about my friend Melissa many times, but I'll remind everyone that Melissa and I met almost 10 years ago while going to Oakland University.  We clicked and have been friends ever since.  She's one of my friends I must go see whenever I'm in Michigan especially so our kids can hang out and we can catch up.  We're constantly talking about how much we wish we lived by each other since we'd probably be together everyday.  Luckily like I said at least we get to see each other a couple times a year and are constantly communicating through phone, FB and email.  I feel so lucky to have her and her amazing family in our lives!  Now I can't wait to spoil her baby girl.  I can't stop smiling, thinking about how lucky this little girl is going to be with having 3 older brothers to look out for her.  Poor girl won't have a date until she's 30!
(Seriously can this family get any cuter?  Yup!  With a baby girl)
(Baby Girl Hlavin)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Goregous Baby Small #2

My niece is getting so big and looking more and more like her big brother!!!  I don't know if I'm allowed to reveal the name so I'm just using "beautiful baby small #2" for now!  ;o)  Chad and Natalee had a 4d ultrasound done and miss thang is looking pretty cute!  The poor thing looks like she's already running out of room in my sister's little belly since they keep finding her feet up by her head at the last couple ultrasounds!  It seems like she may already be a thumbsucker too or just loves being nice and comfy with having her arms over her face.  I love seeing these ultrasounds even the black and white ones, I don't care...I just want to see her beautiful face!  I can't believe Natalee's already 30 weeks pregnant and I'm about to schedule my flight to come stay with them during the birth!  The c-section has been scheduled for Oct. 3rd, if it were up to me I would be there for a month, but I'll let them have some family time so I'm just going to help out for a week.  I seriously feel so giddy and I'm finding myself having to hold back from buying this baby girl every outfit I see since she already has a pretty good wardrobe from when Addison was a baby!  I just love spoiling my nieces and nephews, John couldn't be happier that I'm learning to contain myself.  Well, she's going to be here before we know it and I can't wait!!! 

(Look her eyes are open)
(This is my favorite one...look at her little arm)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Holy Moly 62

My dad celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday! 
Words cannot express how much I love this man!  Besides giving me life he continues to be the apple of my eye, even as an adult.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and feel blessed to have such an awesome guy as my dad.  I've been reflecting alot especially in the last couple of months on what a beautiful life my dad offered me as I was growing up.  I sometimes feel bad for John because I know I compare him and my dad alot.  I have to keep reminding myself that my dad was self employed and had the kind of job where if I needed him to leave work early or be there for me when I was sick he could just take the day off.  I remember the times when I would be home sick or we would have a 1/2 day and my dad would spend time just hanging out.  On those special days we would order a pizza or get subs in the middle of the afternoon.  Then there was all the driving, cheering and encouragement no matter what sport I participated in, my dad was always there.  He's the one who taught me to yell at the TV when our favorite team wasn't winning and then stomp around mad if they lost.  I can't forget his attempts to make ice skating rinks in the backyard that consisted of him constantly getting up all night to water the lawn and make sure everything was freezing accurately.  This wasn't just about an ice skating rink...this was about his kids having fun and being happy.  I loved and still love the endless hours of just talking about life and making sure I tell him many times a day how much I love him.  I can't thank him enough for teaching me the power of love and never skipping a beat to ensure I knew how much he cared about me and would do just about anything for my happiness.  Of course as a teenager there were times of letting him down, but he never told me he wasn't proud of me and more importantly taught me to charge forward and know as long as I'm trying my hardest then every thing's going to turn out ok.  My dad worked his butt off his whole life and he did it for his family.  Everything he would ever do was for us and I really hope he knows how much I appreciate him setting that example.  Not only do I have the best dad, but my kids have the most amazing Grandfather.  He loves my kids as if they were his own, watching him play or talking on the phone with my kids just melts my heart.  I know he wishes he could see them everyday and honestly if we lived in Michigan, I'm pretty sure he would.  There's so many awesome things I can say about my dad, but the most important take away from this entry is that I have a pretty awesome dad who deserves all 62 wishes (hopefully they didn't really put 62 candles on a cake...I don't know if it would still be edible) and more.  I'm beyond proud to be his daughter and can't thank him enough for everything he's ever done for me, I look forward to my kids growing up knowing exactly what I'm talking about and will have the same wonderful things to say about him.