Friday, September 21, 2012

Miss Kindergartner Addison

I know I'm a little behind on my blog, but I think I'm ready to get back to keeping this thing updated!
Addison started Kindergarten last month!!!  Its been a crazy roller coaster as far as this new journey.  Addison started at Sexton which is the public school that we are zoned for.  I must say I was having a nervous breakdown the whole 10 days that she was attending this school.  As I've talked about before, Addison was on the waiting list for Bay Vista Fundamental which is what we call a public school, but setup more like a private school that is FREE.  They are extremely strict as far as when it comes to children behaving badly, parents have to be involved every step of the way and the communication between parents, teachers and the school are amazing!  The experience at the first school was not at all what I wanted for my baby girl, so when I got the call that our lottery number came through at Bay Vista I honestly wanted to cry!  Not only is Addison at a better school, but she has 4 friends that also attend Bay Vista.  This not only makes Addison happy, but makes me ecstatic!  Its been so nice to be reunited with some of our friends and we even have a carpool going with the Fry family.  While her frist school was less than 2 miles away from the house, its 100% worth the extra 7 miles!
 (Brody's saying "Cheese")
Obviously the most important thing is Addison's happiness and I must say she's in love with her new school, even though she keeps thinking she'll have to go to another school next year.  I keep reminder her that this will be her school for a long time!  She has the sweetest teacher, Mrs. Moyer.  I got to meet her the first day and I must say she's exactly what Addison needs.  Mrs. Moyer is very sweet and I love how she talks to her students (very calm and caring).  Addison's only complaint for switching schools is the homework we have to do each night, but not only is this helping Addison, but its helping us as parents to make sure she is continuing to learn even after she gets home and its not all about sitting in front of the TV until its bed time!  I cant express enough how I'm breathing easier and smiling alot more since we've been able to attend Bay Vista!