Monday, December 31, 2012

Mr. Brody Continues to Keep Us on Our Toes!

Well, we got through Christmas with no illnesses this year (last year there were fevers and scary rashes).  Unfortunately, a couple of days later something was up w/Brody.  We noticed Friday night his voice sounded a little raspy, but I didn't think much of it.  Then later that night he woke up crying and having difficulty breathing!  I of course went in freak out mode thinking maybe he was having an asthma attack or something.  I'm pretty convinced my little guy has inherited my health issues!  John was able to calm him down and get him to breath a little better w/a steamy shower and some Mucinex.  The scary part didn't come until the next morning when he got up.  I read alot, maybe too much and I know when its time to be concerned is when you look at their chest and its caving in while they are struggling to breath.  I almost had a panic attack and of course ran to my calm husband to tell him he HAS to go to the hospital.  As John was getting dressed I decided to call our pediatrician hoping maybe they were open on a rare Saturday.  Our prayers were answered and they told us to bring him in right away.  John took him so I wouldn't be crying the whole time the dr. was examining him.  Of course I was blowing up John's phone w/texts and thank God he was keeping me updated.  Luckily my little man just has a horrible case of Croup, in the case of Croup its the upper lungs that are being affected rather than the lower lungs which would be Asthma.  Dr. Morris did explain that he was right on the edge of having to be admitted for further observation, but luckily he didn't get bad enough and we did exactly what we should have last night.  Since John is in between jobs we don't have health insurance so thank God this was only a $50 trip rather than thousands.  Dr. Morris was awesome and let us borrow his breathing machine so we could continue treatments at home.  Once we get insurance he will write us a prescription for one so then we will have one all the time.  I was shocked to see when it was time for Brody to do his breathing treatments at home he took them like a champ.  While he's still pretty sick and struggling to breath, he's doing so much better.
Thank God for my mom, I was able to call her while John was picking up Brody's prescription so I could have a good cry.  This was honestly one of the most scariest moments in the last 5 years of being a mother.  You never want your child to suffer especially when it comes to having the ability of breathing.  I was praying so hard for him to be ok and to take his discomfort away and just give it to me.  I'll never forget these feelings of helplessness and hope we never have to go through it again.