Monday, January 28, 2013

Let the Shrinking Begin...Please!

Once again I'm on the weight loss train!  I feel this time is a little different than most because I've never felt so committed to something in my life.  I have no idea why its been such a huge struggle for me to get back down to a decent weight, but I'm fighting this until the end no matter what comes in my way.  I decided to try doing Weight Waters again since this program seems to be what works the best for me.  I love it simply because I can still eat what I want, but just need to stay within my points.  I was really hesitant at first because I didn't want to have to write everything I ate down and track exactly weight and size of each item.  Well, low and behold the night I signed up I was super excited to actually see what I ate for the day and how it impacted the points they gave me.  I'm in love again and it feels great.
Not only did I decided to sign up for something for my food intake but I decided it was time to go back to Orange Theory Fitness.  I'm one of those people who actually like working out and this place seems to be the perfect concept that keeps me moving and I love how it can tell me how many calories I've burned.  Its a combination of running, rowing and weightlifting.  Its the best feeling to leave that place and feel like I just conquered some bad ass calories!  The place is super nice and I love all the trainers and staff.  I even signed up for a national weight loss challenge so what perfect timing to combine all of this, hopefully see some major results.  
So far I've done 2 5K races and once again I'm in love.  I would for sure do more, but its hard to find people that want to do them with me.  I'm just focusing on getting this weight off and getting toned in the process.  Luckily I have an awesome husband who supports me through it all and has even endured our not eating out mentality at this point.  Don't get me wrong we still eat out once in a while, but I'm limiting my portions or making better choices which makes me feel like screaming "I'M DOING IT".  I know its going to take time, which is good.  I've never been into "dieting" and the things I've tried in the last couple of months just weren't me.  I'm doing it the old fashion way which makes me proud to say that I'm already down 7lbs in 2 1/2 weeks!  I'm being realistic about everything because I know this isn't going to be a short fix this is going to be a rest of my life fix.
Wish me luck and hopefully as I say every stinkin year.  I hope when it comes down to December 21st I won't have to talk about how I want to lose weight.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

FL Babies vs. Snow!

While we were in Michigan last month all the kids could talk about was "when is the snow coming".  Brody would talk about it, but I don't think he remembers too much of his last experience in the snow.  Finally a couple of days before we were leaving Michigan blessed us with some nice snow to play with upnorth.  Addison was so excited and couldn't wait to get her little body rolling in it.  Brody on the other hand was a little confused since with snow the temperature drops quite a bit.  His face when the wind started to blow and the flurries started to come down was priceless.  It was more like "what the hell is going on?"  Once we got settled in at my dads property upnorth the kids got into their snow gear and we headed outside!
At first Brody was excited.  He wanted to touch it and do snow angels like his sister.  However, once he figured out he was freezing his little booty off he was out of there.  We got out the sleds and hit the hill that we went down last time.  The best part this time was John was with us and could experience Addison's giggling first hand.  As I said Brody was done after the first 2 minutes, but we made him go down at least once and all you could hear was "no, I want out, I done".
After torturing my little man long enough, Grandma Jane took him inside to hang out with Grandpa and enjoy the fun we were having from the window.  Its crazy to think how much Addison at one time was completely opposed to this Midwestern living and now she's a champ.  It was honestly hard to get the girl to come in.  After she was done sledding with daddy she wanted to walk around the property and enjoy the snow more!  We finally had to play tough and tell her its time to come in, especially after they were exploring for a while and they happened to walk in some water that was underneath the snow.  You would think that would have made her give in, but no she was fighting with us tooth and nail to stay out.  We had to remind her that Aunt Michele was coming the next day and she would get to go back out then.  She gave in and had a cup of cocoa while warming up her little body!
As promised, when everybody arrived for the Ramsden Christmas party it was time to head back out to the freezing cold snow.  I mean it wasn't just cold, but it was windy and just nasty.  Luckily the sun was out so I'm sure that helped, but they stayed out there for quite a bit.  Addison of course had a blast while Brody and I enjoyed the fun from inside.  He didn't even fight us on going out there, he already knew it wasn't his cup of tea.  I have hope in a year or two he will be just like his sister and love playing in the snow! 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Motherhood Aint No Joke!

As most people know I’m constantly battling with myself especially when it comes to being a mother.  I love being a mom, but more importantly I love being a mom to my two babies Addison and Brody.  It’s funny because when you’re younger especially being a girl you think about what your perfect life is going to be like (because we all know we’re going to have the PERFECT life).  First, you have to find the man you’re going to marry.  He’s going to be your best friend, be extremely successful and of course LOVE you more than life itself.  Well, as cheesy as I am…I can check that off of my childhood fantasy because I have found that man.  After that you think about having kids.  Ohh…you’re going to be the perfect mother and you’re going to have the perfect children that never cry when they’re babies and they will listen to every command/word you say.  They are going to fall as deep in love with you as their father.  Well, I can kind of ½ way check that fantasy off.  Motherhood has opened my eyes to so many things, as it should happen.  I believe you go into motherhood having all these expectations and then your kids come along and sweep the carpet right out from underneath you.  I never thought I would say this BUT I actually like it.  Don’t get me wrong, I mean my family and friends have to constantly hear me complaining about things I can’t stand about my kids, but seriously I’m only human.  I’m just one of those people who absolutely cannot stand “change”.  I have a routine and if my routine is messed with I panic.  Thank you to my children because they are constantly testing my “routines” and teaching me to live a little and get outside my comfort zone.  One of the big issues we’re dealing with right now is Brody’s bedtime.  He’s now at the point of going to bed between 7-8.  When we tell him it’s time he FREAKS OUT!  We get him to calm down and he gives everyone a kiss, including his bike and then him and John head into his room for some rocking.  Sounds fine right?  Well, John finds it necessary to be in there with him for over an hour!  John’s always been the one to put him to bed since I’m the one whose home with him all day.  I swear each night it’s at least an hour and it drives me crazy, I just don’t get it and honestly kind of feel bad for John.  John doesn’t like it either, but perhaps deep down inside he’s truly enjoying this time with Brody without realizing it.  So, the big question…why is John in there so long?  Well, Mr. Brody seems to be wearing the pants in this situation because each time he goes to put him down I guess he starts to freak out.  The kid can be dead asleep, but pops up as soon as it’s time to be out of daddy’s arms.  Our struggle is how he continues to go in and out of these fazes of either just allowing himself to go to sleep on his own or he’s seriously pissed and needs to be rocked more.  Tonight while I was lying in bed with Addi (ohh yeah one of us still have to lay with her until she falls asleep or we have another crazy crying kid on our hands) Brody started screaming bloody murder.  John left the room to see if Brody would get over it and unfortunately it was one of those times that he was not going to give up.  Luckily John went back in because the poor kid had pooped.  I laid in Addison’s room listening to John talking to Brody and my heart was melting.  He was joking around saying “Brody, you can’t go to bed with poop in your pants!  When did this happen, why didn’t you tell me?”  They were giggling and John was comforting him.  I started having so many thoughts go through my mind and how I tend to get upset at times because I’m ready to have some “me” time, but Brody’s more about wanting some “me and Mom” time.  I wish I had the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture more.  I need to realize that Brody’s only going to be my baby for so long and I need to let him want his mommy, I need to be a little less selfish and rather than making all these lists of things I need to get done, I need to enjoy the moment.  This of course is much easier said than done, but I ended up having a moment earlier where I was talking to myself about how lucky I really am.  What’s the big deal to spend an extra ½ hour of my day lying with my baby girl because she wants the comfort of her mommy next to her while she falls asleep?  What’s the big deal that John spends over an hour (I still think this is crazy) putting Brody to bed because he misses his daddy after he’s been gone all day?  This is what motherhood and fatherhood is all about.  This is what we signed up for.  Our kids want/need more of us because while they don’t know it yet in a couple of years they are going to be more independent and will want to have a friend to be there when they’re upset about something or to “play” with them.  I’m constantly teaching my kids that John and I will always be there for them, but there’s going to be a day that they won’t need/want us to be there for them all the time.  I have to remind myself to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy what I have at this moment.  Will I relapse from this moment I’m having right now?  DUH!  That’s the way I work, but I love that my kids can give me a wakeup call and not only does it work it helps me look at things in a brighter and beautiful new way.  I love my children with all my heart, the part of being a mom is the fact your kids actually teach you more about yourself and about life.  I couldn’t be any more blessed to have my little family…hiccups and all.  Life is all about learning new things and what a better way than learning this through your children?        

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Started the New Year Off FUN!!!

Bucket List…Ok, I don’t have a “bucket list”, but if I did what I experienced on Jan. 1st would have for sure been on there!  The Michigan football team headed to Tampa this year for the Outback Bowl and guess who was there?  Yup ME and JOHN!!!!!  When John mentioned this to me I got on the computer and found us some amazing seats.  We decided due to the price that this would be our Christmas gift to each other and I must say, this was the best Christmas gift EVER!  Our seats were between the 30 and 40 yard line and we were about 18 rows back.  When I walked into the stadium and checked out our seats and I was seriously giggling like a little girl.  I was in complete amazement with the seats we chose.  Everything from seeing the Michigan band play on the field, Darius Rucker singing the national anthem, watching the game like I was watching it on TV to getting an up close look of coach Brady Hocke I was in complete disbelief.  It was a great game and while Michigan lost I wouldn’t have done anything differently.  I mean I think I’ve explained pretty clearly I will never forget this day for the rest of my life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Most Amazing Husband!

Today is all about celebrating my handsome husband!  John is not only the perfect husband in my eyes, but he is the best father too!  We are so lucky to have such a hardworking, loving and most the time funny man in our lives.  I love that he's always  putting us first and he's not only been a husband to me, but a best friend as well.  He has been a huge inspiration in my life and can't thank God enough for bringing us together when we were so young and then again once we got a little older.  I couldn't ask for a better father to our children and they show him everyday how lucky they feel.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!!  Cheers to many more birthdays to come!  I LOVE YOU!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Two New Baby Girls in Our Life!

Did I mention I became an Aunt again twice in 2012?  Well, I must tell you about these two new beautiful baby girls in my life!
Anistyn Rae Small
Born 10.3.12 at 8:21am
7lbs 4oz and 20”

(mama is ready to hold her baby girl)
Ohh my goodness she’s such a beautiful baby girl!  I was so lucky to be there when she was born.  My sister and brother in-law asked me to come for the week so I could help take care of my nephew Kingstyn while they were in the hospital when little Miss Anistyn arrived.  I of course jumped right on board and with the help of my amazing husband had a beautiful experience I will never forget.  I was able to get there a couple of days before she was due so then Kingstyn and I could have some bonding time before his parents left.  I love that little man so much, since him and Brody are only 3 months apart it was awesome to experience a totally different personality.  Kingstyn was constantly cracking me up the whole time and was super excited to get lots of kisses when I demanded (I mean asked) for them.  I think he liked spending time with his Sese without me having to deal with my own kids, I know I did!  We got to head up to the hospital to meet his sister later in the afternoon after she was born and when I walked in to see that little beauty I was in aww!  She had nice dark skin and a head full of dark brown hair.  It was quite a shock, but kind of exciting…maybe she’ll keep that brown hair and look like her Sese.  I already feel like Addison looks a lot like Natalee with her very light blue eyes and fair skin!  Kingstyn did so awesome while we hung out in the hospital.  While he was excited to see his new sister he was all about playing with the cars that he got from her.  Natalee and Anistyn only had to stay in the hospital for a short time so once they got home it was all about loving on both my niece and nephew.  Natalee is such an amazing mom and I couldn’t be more proud and happy for her to experience motherhood again.  I can’t believe Anistyn is already 3 months old and she’s changed so much.  I got to see her while in Michigan and I must say that love I felt for her the first week more than tripled 3 months later.  I love her beautiful smile, her big blue eyes and her nice thick brown hair.  I can’t forget to mention those chunky legs which I took every opportunity possible to tickle.  She’s such a happy baby, both Anistyn and Kingstyn are so full of life and I for sure attribute that to their loving parents.  They are lucky kids and will understand that more and more as they get older.  I’m ending this now before I start to cry!
(Kingstyn and Sese hanging out)
(The Small Family becomes 4)

(One Happy Sese)
(I bought this shirt for Kingstyn since we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl, now Anistyn gets to wear it!)
(Almost 3 months pretty)
We had another addition to bless our family, this time from my older sister April and her husband Jason.
Charlie Savanna Jones
Born 12.12.12 at 12:54pm
6lbs 2oz and 20”

Unfortunately I missed her birth by a couple of days, which was ok since I got to come to her house and love on her as much as I wanted.  When I saw the first picture of this beauty all I could think was “ohh my goodness she looks like her big sister Rylee”.  I swear Charlie and Rylee are spitting images of each other.  Of course as we all know the first couple weeks of birth the babies sleep and don’t really fuss unless their hungry or have a mess in their diaper (well, this wasn’t the case with my kids, but we know all about that).  So, I enjoyed every second of just holding her and watching her sleep.  The kids were in love as well.  Brody and Addison wanted to hold her any second they could.  She’s so tiny and so darn cute it was hard to put her down once my arm would fall asleep.  Once again she’s such a good baby and I think Rylee’s adjusting to not being the baby anymore.  It will take time, but she’s going to be an awesome big sister.  I’m sure she’s looking forward to playing dress up and princess with Charlie as soon as she can!  I’m so excited for my sister April who’s now completed her family with 4 girls and 1 boy!  I’m telling ya, having girls just runs in our family!  Rylee and Charlie are super lucky to have older siblings to love and take care of them, my older nieces and nephew have been so wonderful with them which I’m sure makes my sister and brother in-law are extremely thankful!  I can’t wait to see all of them hopefully sooner rather than later!
(Nothing compares to sister love)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Proud Mama!

How can a Mom not take the opportunity to brag about their daughter especially when something really exciting occurs?  Better late than never…luckily Addison was able to get into the Fundamental school that we were shooting for back in October.  Well, after only being there for a month Addison won Student of the Month.  John and I were in shock since like I said she was only there for about a month and she already won such a wonderful award.  I couldn’t be more proud of her and her hard work.  Who would have thought Kindergarten could be so tough.  Addison has homework every night except on Fridays and the weekend, but every night Monday thru Thursday there is some type of homework that is due the next day.  On top of that we have to read 80 minutes a week and besides that she has books that come home that she needs to read to me so I can assess how her reading is going.  I’m so proud that she is trying so hard, through all the tears and “I can’t do it” I’m learning to be more patient with her and encourage her that she can in fact do anything she puts her mind to.  Her reading is coming along great, she’s trying so hard to sound out words and I really think she’ll be at the place she needs to be by the end of the year.  Her teacher says her strong suit is for sure Math, I really wasn’t surprised since that’s totally John.  She loves counting and figuring out how to add things together.  While she struggles and gets frustrated when it comes time to read and write, she’s doing it and really wants to do it right.  That’s the problem we’re having.  The girl wants everything to be perfect, even when I explain it doesn’t have to be, the tears start flowing and she begs me to just spell things for her.  I’ve made a promise to myself to stop getting frustrated and to be more of her cheerleader and encourage her.  We’ll get there, I mean this girl has some major determination; I just have to keep telling her how amazing she is and continue explaining how proud I am.  I  honestly had no idea what we were get ourselves into once she was going to start “real school”, but it’s fun watching her progress and hearing what a wonderful little girl we have from her teacher.  GO ADDISON!!!
(Even Brody was proud of his sissy!)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Life is a Beautiful Thing!

I'm constantly finding myself looking back at my life, especially back from when I was in college just partying away and doing whatever I wanted basically because I was young and stupid. I'm feeling old these days and not in the sense of age, but simply at all the life experiences I've had up until this day. Its crazy how your able to put life into perspective with age and actually celebrate the fun/stupid times you had when you were younger. If you learn from your stupid mistakes I feel life only gets better with age. Of course there are many things that I wish I could change or been more mature about, but if I changed them would it make me the person I am today? I say NO WAY. I thank god everyday for allowing me to have these silly hiccups/moments so not only can I learn from them, but also teach my children from my mistakes. Its hard watching people that are 21 or younger and they feel like "this is my life" and they're upset about it. I want to shake them and tell them "no its have a long way to go". Have your fun, learn from mistakes, but know there are consequences (good or bad) and one day you'll have your moment...reflecting on what you've been through and hopefully be in a more stable state of mind thinking "ok, that really wasn't so bad". I mean most people I talk to tell me they didn't find "their way" until they were at least in their late 20s and I completely agree. I'm going to be 34 and I'm still figuring things out. I was obviously blessed with an amazing husband who has the ability to constantly make me happy even when I'm feeling down or psycho. He's stood by my side through thick and thin and I couldn't be more grateful. I truly believe god has a plan for each and every one of us and I've been more than blessed in so many ways. Of course there's the constant struggle that I complain about in regards to Brody, but its all worth it when he asks me at 7pm to come lay in my bed to "cuddle" and watch Elmo. I really do have the best kids, its my patience that my kids should be complaining about...once again its a work in progress. I guess the funny part is when I was 21 and thought about what my future would look like, this is exactly what I wanted! I couldn't ask for a better life. I don't think I say it enough or even sometimes think it enough, but I really do have the ideal life due to my gracious husband and beautiful children.
On top of having the best little family I have a great relationship with my parents and my siblings. It was beyond awesome to so see everyone, but I must say my heart was over flowing with joy to have all the Ramsden kids together at my dads house upnorth for a Christmas party. Looking around the house and seeing our kids playing together could bring a tear to my eye. Once again this is what I hoped to see when I was 21.
Life is beautiful and I believe you have to just keep it moving. There's going to be lots of ups and downs, but in the end its all about what you've learned from that experience.