Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Life Isn't So Easy!

There is no other way to say this but…getting old SUCKS!  I’m not only speaking in regards to the physical body issues we have as the years flash through our eyes, but the stress we deal with that would never phase us when we were younger. 
So many things have been going on in my life, many that don’t exactly affect me, but affect a person I care & love, and even strangers I’ve never met in my life.  It’s hard seeing close friends go through marital problems, learning about a mother of 2 that took her life, a friend’s colleague that was involved in a murder suicide and to top it off what just happened in Boston.  I wish I could be one of those people that brush these things off and think “thank God it didn’t happen to us”, but I’m not.  I take on every possible stress, analyze it, nonstop think about how I can fix it and just simply make it my problem.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like being the one people feel compelled to talk to, value my opinion and know they can confine in me.  I want to be that friend/sister/daughter/wife/mom that can be pulled in every direction to help everyone that’s hurting one way or another, but seriously I need to stop taking it so personal.
The last 10 days have been super hard on me.  Stress level aside, I think this weather is causing me some crazy migraines.  When I get these awful migraines day after day I find myself getting depressed and feeling utterly alone.  I pray to god to help me through them and actually find myself wishing my mom was here to take care of me.  It’s hard when you find yourself taking care of everybody else, but when it comes down to you needing help you feel entirely alone.  “Alone” in the sense that no one truly knows what you’re going through and how unfair it is that you were chosen to suffer these “severe migraines”.  There’s only so many days that I can stay positive until I seriously unravel and see no light at the end of the tunnel.  I thought I saw this on Monday, but I was right back to where I started on Tuesday.  I find myself just taking my migraine medication as a precaution at this point hoping I can mask the symptoms because I want to move on.  Dear migraine, I dealt with you last week…I’m over you this week.
Anyway, I really needed to just get this off my chest and hope that this little therapy session with myself via my Blog will help me keep it moving.  I’m extremely blessed for my awesome life and ALL the people who are in it, praying life gets better in every sense and look forward to getting older being a little easier!  HAHA!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Baby Sister

Its so funny to me when I say "baby sister", I mean we are basically the same age, but I am slightly older so I guess she's technically my baby sister!  Wow!  The years are flying by, especially now that we both have two kids and are married "old" ladies!
I can't tell my sister enough how proud and happy I am for her.  She's got two beautiful children, an amazing husband who is awesome at surprising her with such fun ideas and making her feel special.  When I pictured Natalee's life this is exactly how I imagined it!  I've never seen her smile so much and each time I talk to her she is full of exciting stories but more importantly is one of the most positive people I know.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have such an important person in my life and as my sister.  I can call her about anything, she is always my voice of reason and gives the best advice.  I'm so honored to be her son's godmother and to have her as the godmother of my two kids.  She is like a second mother to my children even living in another state.  There's not a day that goes by that Addison doesn't mention her Tete and that says alot.  I would do absolutely anything for my baby sis, I love seeing/hearing her happiness which makes living apart a little easier.  I can't wait to go out to SC in June (which seems a lifetime away) and continue making the beautiful memories we always do! 
(As Addison would say)