Saturday, April 19, 2014

Next Generation of LOVE!

Yesterday we had some friends over for some Easter cookie baking!  I say baking, but it really consists of us buying the pre-made sugar cookie dough and I even threw in a chocolate chip (because I'm crazy like that).  Its always a beautiful thing to get the kids together and watch them create whatever they want, but most importantly memories.  The brothers were there too, but they were too busy fighting with pretend swords and every couple minutes telling on one another.  Watching the girls smile and laugh melts my heart.  They didn't care that after the cookies came out of the oven they just looked like blobs they simply just enjoyed their time together.  I look at these 3 girls who are embarking on turning 7 or who are already 7 and think...this is what life's all about.  I feel incredibly lucky that Addison is having this experience of being with new and old friends.  She is the most loving little girl and enjoys having fun with her friends.  She's the peacemaker if its necessary and the one who is more than willing to give a friend a hug if they are upset. 

This wasn't just about baking cookies, this was about my baby girl looking back smiling and remembering how much fun she had with her friends at Easter.  This is all I ever want for my kids.  I want them to have beautiful memories no matter what we do.  Addison is constantly saying things like "remember when we did this or that with so and so...that was awesome"!  I listen carefully and then go to bed at night thinking...SCORE, I was a good mom today and totally just taught my daughter what life is all about.  This is what I want to continue to install in her until she goes off to college where hopefully she'll end up figuring out what's important and she can make the right choices of what she knows will be important in life.  I have the highest hopes for my kids because every single day I'm embedding the fact that every decision I'm making for them is to help mold the type of adult they will be.  Obviously I want my children to be successful, but the most important characteristic I pray for them to have is humility and love for all people.  I will continue with all my being to show them a life of giving back and how its much more important to help others that need to laugh or need a hug, because John and I will be the ones who are giving them that life of laughter and life of nothing but I love yous.  I'm beyond clear that life isn't going to always be roses and happy times, but once again that's where I step in and we figure out what did they learn from that situation.  It is my mission to make my children's home a place where we can talk about anything and resolve whatever feelings they have so they don't have to live their adult life with too many questions.  I 100% believe depending on the type of home you keep is how your children will turn out.  This is why I have to make sure my kids know there is not 1 thing we can't talk about, they can trust us with anything and as they get old know that John and I will navigate through whatever it is we need to help them feel at peace...yikes I hope this works!