Friday, April 18, 2014

Regression or Progression?

Last night the most lovely girl (she's 33, but since she's younger than me I will call her a girl) came to the door.  Normally I'm rolling my eyes and telling the kids to just ignore them and they will go away.  I was reading a book and really didn't want to get up and see who was there.  Then I was like, crap what if its a neighbor who locked themselves out of their house or car and they need to make a call or something just dreadful (because of course that's how my mind works).  Anyway I answered the door and I'm really happy I did.  The girl was with PBS asking people to donate money to help this awesome station.  Normally I would grab my checkbook and be like here you go, but I decided to decline due to how much I've already been supporting several non-profits.  I was secretly hoping that John was listening in the background and giving me air high fives because this was a huge step for me.  After I sadly declined we continued to talk and she explained that she had just moved to town and was wanting to know more about the area.  I gladly told her how much we love St. Pete and we moved here about 8 years ago and we love it.  She was in shock and I just looked at her like "what did I say"?  Apparently she just moved here from Michigan as well and after we discussed which part I was like holy crap.  She grew up in Rochester Hills and we shared stories about where I lived and how John and I actually once lived in that area as well.  I could sense she was a little nervous and scared about the transition since she came out here on her own and just like me when I moved here we both knew it was nothing like Michigan.  While I've been working on reeling myself in and not getting too close to people too fast I felt compelled to "take her under my wing".  I of course asked her if she had a Facebook account since that's a pretty safe way to communicate and then my phone number.  I mean c'mon, when something like this falls on your lap you can't just ignore it.  She really wants to move to St. Pete since right now she's living with a friend in Clearwater, I didn't want her to feel alone in this new city and I told her I would for sure give her as much information as she needed.  I mean for the first 2 years I had to navigate this city all on my own so why not give this girl a little help.  Once we exchanged information, I of course gave her a big hug letting her know every thing's going to be ok and I shut the door.  As soon as that door was shut John of course came out shaking his head.  He said "I thought you were going to work on not doing stuff like this anymore?"  I explained I couldn't help it since it just felt right.  He thinks I'm crazy, I think I'm nice.

So, looking at the situation I put myself in last night I feel right.  I feel warm and fuzzy and more than anything I'm ok that I just put myself out there to help a complete stranger.  Isn't that what life is all about?  I mean you see someone possibly struggling and having all these questions you can't just turn them away...its just not my thang.  Of course I laid in bed last night contemplating whether I'm starting to regress, thinking "crap...I'm not as strong as I thought I was".  Then the voices in my head and the warm feeling in my heart knew, I did do the right thing.  I mean its not like I'm gonna ask the girl to live with us or anything!  I say cheers to helping a Michigander make her way to becoming a Floridian!